Heal Thy Self for a Healthy Self
How Heals All

April 19, 2019 / C.L.Rudy
It's well known in the annals of metaphysical lore that truly divine love heals all. And the higher the concept of  - in pure geometry form and heart coherent frequency - the greater the results for holistic healing holy spirit as -in-action.
Healing as Practical Spirituality
The power of for holistic healing of one's body-mind-spirit 'holy trinity' is not a mystery when known. Enlightened holistic health may be uncommon, but pure intention still focuses attention with retention in a common sense dimension of healthy comprehension.
Conceive it and believe it to achieve it.
The words 'whole', 'health' and 'holy' all are derived from the Anglo-Saxon root word 'hal' which means 'sound' or 'whole'. So when you have a sound mind and healthy body, the 'whole' or 'holy' spirit dwells within you.
is a Process of Becoming Whole
- Affirmation - 'I Am' - in the image and likeness of holistic health. See yourself doing what optimizes wellness, peace of mind, elimination of toxic feelings, assimilation of healthy food, and exercise with the Spirit that matters.
Make your 'Affirmation of Faith' in holistic health through visualization exercises - what you want to see - with the pure intention to AFFIRM IT.
- Confirmation - 'I Can' - with the 'can do' spirit that does what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do. Achieving a high state of holistic health is more about attitude than aptitude; one can soar like an eagle on thermals of grace, or scratch with the turkeys on bugs of begrudge.
Consider your 'Confirmation of Hope' as a 'can do' with meditation exercises for heart coherent spirit that centers attention in affirmative ways to CONFIRM IT.
- Determination - 'I Will' - with the compassion that defines, refines and 'shines' the whole, holistic and otherwise holy spirit of love-in-action.  The higher the frequency of this 'holy spirit' (violet frequency), the more frequent are the benefits with gifts of the holy spirit.
See your 'Determination of Charity' for holistic health as an opportunity to serve others - enlightened 'Self' interest - to be charitable with the healthy-holy spirit that affirms and confirms your Will to DETERMINE IT.
- Integration - 'I Do' - with the key to integrity as integration of all the -- keys - the components to the 'capstone' () - for a full-spectrum of a more enlightened healthy-holistic-holy nature... to INTEGRATE IT.
This is what makes us human - integration with the angels of our better nature - with the Faith, Hope and Charity that harnesses healthy energy through affirmation, confirmation and determination for integration of 'I Am', 'I Can', 'I Will' and 'I Do' for holistic healing, blessing and sealing with more enlightened in our lives.
All Ways ... Always,
Producer and Host of BBS Radio's
Cosmic Show (12th year)

Full Spectrum

"All you need is ...
All you need is ...
All you need is
, ,
is all you need."
~ Beatles song, Love Is All You Need
upgraded with for a
high state of holistic
 and holy health.