The 2017 End of Illusion Series

May 25, 2017 / New Moon in Gemini

Open Enlightened Systems Versus
Closed Inverted Systems

Video with Script for Enlightened Initiates

  The big picture of holistic global solutions for
     systemic world problems comes into better focus
   by 1st embracing the vision of the
Avatar Model
 of ‘Universal for ‘Global TeLeComm;
  an interface for mass-to-mass communications
as will naturally neutralize those systems that

   invert, subvert and pervert wholEness & health.

The (Heartware) ‘Avatar’
for Mass-to-Mass Interaction

  In the current ascension process – focusing attention
  with pure intention for retention & ascension
  in multiple dimensions of conscious comprehension -

heart coherence is the gold standard for congruence
  of Spirit that matters on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

   In short, Initiates in synch with Mother Earth’s path of
global enlightenment are best served by a vision of
 virtue & valor for the victory of global enlightenment
  – how that works to neutralize negative devolution –
   rather than focus attention on those dark Deep State
  machinations that invert, subvert and pervert a clear
  and compelling vision for systemic solutions that will
 actualize our conscientious evolutionary ascension.

 This is a deep subject – the Deep State underbelly,
and elucidating the core ‘BS’ (Belief System)
that sustains the scarcity of awareness
with ‘inverted systems’ that are
‘DUH’: Dense, Unconscious
 and overtly Heartless);
an inversion of


Keep in mind
heart coherence
 governs mental congruence.
An abundance of ‘pure intention’ as

coherence focuses attention through that
lense for perception’s correction – with a heart,
as is fundamental for paradigm shift to a higher state.

So for those ‘Initiates’ who have a firm grasp of the
  personal and planetary vision of the
Prime Directive
– with your vow to claim the ‘CAPstone victory’ –
Creative Ascent Process),
be aware of the enemy – identify the opposition to
 be on guard as a conscientious observer of ‘reality’
   as is obfuscated by Deep State social programmers
   who utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) without a heart.


Exposing the dark-side Deep State systems
behind fake news and the false hierarchy.

May 20, 2017 / Lisa Renee /  

This in-depth video (script HERE) explains the systemic problem
with inverted, subverted and similarly perverted systems
that are afflicting conscious evolution revelations
as would naturally upgrade global civility.

Also Note:
‘Cosmic Sovereign Law’ (referred to in this video)
is another name for the
‘Avatar Model’
 a representation of ‘universal archetypes’ (Jung)
with the pure geometry Arch Angles of “G.O.D.”
 (Geometric Ordered Divinity) as a unique Avatar
  for mass-to-mass interaction in social networks.
Realize that optimizing personal and planetary
ascension with an interactive interface ‘Avatar’
 is an abstract concept that’s like explaining the
 Internet BEFORE the Internet. Who would have
guessed what the Internet would come to be?

Mainstreaming the Message of the Aquarian Avatar

The intuitive 'avatar' of good conscience KNOWS
beyond mere belief
what is kind and what is cruel;
what is full spectrum conscience
 and what is separate (individuated)
on some band(s) of the spectrum
or one 'angle' of many angles that
 geometrize one’s unique outlook
as a 'Creator' with an angle on
the coCreation process with
our unique soul contracts
and divine plan in the
image & likeness
 of the Avatar;

The interface 'heart'
of, by and for


A clever way to comprehend the rather
  abstract Avatar is to understand
Artificial Intel avatars)
as the Inverted System article explains
in an "in-depth way" (rather brilliantly)
 as a covert population control system.

Explaining why so much of ‘reality’
gets inverted ON PURPOSE:

The cause and core source of this systemic problem
is largely unknown to the masses, but it’s beginning
to get widespread exposure, as reported in the two
following articles: 

Google Researchers Are Teaching Their AI
to Build Its Own, More Powerful AI

May 21, 2017 / / David Nield 
What could possibly go wrong?  

Mark Sagar on AI Avatars:
 How Humans Will Interact With Machines In Ten Years
By Chantel McGee on May 21, 2017

"The velocity of AI development is ever increasing; today's capabilities will double in 12 months and re-double thereafter in 12-18 month cycles. When an AI avatar can routinely fool a human into believing that it is also human, the door to global delusion is wide open. Technocrats build because they can, not because it is smart to do so."

In the meantime, we can see the lockstep linear logic timeline of a heartless AI ‘BS’ (Belief System) towards “BS evil” (energy veil) that doesn’t factor the cohesive power of nonlinear  for neutralizing divisive negativity holistically.

Note that intelligent development of open systems for mass-to-mass TeLeComm with a coherent Avatar could be as extraordinarily positive as a heartless atificial intelligence future is negative.

Just as open systems with will make heartless closed systems obsolete, so does full spectrum enlightenment naturally neutralize dimwit 3-D density with the language of light-as-consciousness:

The Seven Hats for Conscious rEVOLUTION

This ‘color code’ for the Avatar is an exquisite metaphor for the full-spectrum “White Light” (Conscience) that cultures the currents of Christ-like virtues in the social networks of the Family of Mankind.

At face value, this ‘Currency of Conscience’ may be difficult to fathom, but it is very TIMELY – the surge in the Source Field with the current ascension cycle.

  This SURGE is destined to PURGE
 all that is less than the MERGE of
the angles & angels of our better
 nature… in a ‘G.O.D.’ of

This surging and purging for the merging of hearts and minds is a phenomenal conscious evolution opportunity; the test that best for souls with ascension intention… for atonement… atONEment… unity in diversity… ‘Unity Conscience’ for ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

A technical explanation of this current SURGE can be understood in the recent article by Dr. Carl Calleman: The 36 Day Period of the Ninth Wave – The Purpose of Celebrating April 18, May 24, etc

Dr. Calleman will be my guest on Cosmic Saturday evening at 8pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific time. Details HERE.

Tune in for insight into the Big Shift of the Ages as a revolution in higher consciousness morphs the matrix of 3-D density with ascension intention for perception correction of a 5-D+ nature.


It will be a MEMORIAL DAY when enough good people wake up, wise up and rise up to claim THE BIG PICTURE of global interdependence with a cosmic perspective of heart coherence for common sense, unity conscience and paradigm shift to a metaphysical worldview of universal awe - an ecstasy connection with spiritual insight of, by and for the Prime Directive to co-create with cooperation: THE OVERVIEW EFFECT. 


The printing press made the American Revolution possible.
 And likewise, the "modern printing press" (Internet) is
defining and refining a global village with our new
instant-everywhere interaction as cultures a
new ‘Common Sense’ for all of ‘
US’ as
The United Sovereigns of Earth.

Our global village is struggling with the equation
for bridging a violent, destructive status quo
and a self-corrective path of ‘wholEness’
for holistic healing with self-evident
TeLeComm tools and processes
that will naturally make it so
 - a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That equation is a universal interface
for our ubiquitous social networks,
as a ‘bridge between worlds’
- the -inear-ogical world
 and -nonlinear intuition,
 by involving => evolving
 co-creation with a

Interaction with this interface
serves to represent social
conscience with cultural
 DNA ( codes);
an ‘Avatar’ interface
for qualifying REAL
intelligence with
of real-time

Culturing Conscious Evolution Revelations
for a Quantum Aquarian Golden Age.

To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

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