2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

Kennedy is IN - Tucker is OUT
And the War on Truth

  Note: This was originally a Letter to the Editor for
local newspapers, but was rejected because of
'editorial policies' (censoring truth narratives).

April 28, 2023 / Heartcom Network

In just this last week, we've seen THREE HUGE EVENTS rock our global village. Yes indeed, the whole world is watching these events closely.

Kennedy is IN... Another Kennedy underdog enters the political race for President, challenging Biden who announced he is running also.

Tucker is OUT...  FOX News fired the #1 reason that people watch Fox News, and their market value dropped almost a billion dollars in two days. Get woke - go broke.

The other HUGE EVENT is the CIA/Pentagon papers leaked online. Those authentic documents expose the systemic Ukraine War deception - just the opposite of reality on the ground. That war is lost. There is no defense against Russian hypersonic missiles. Conscripted Ukrainian men have been killed 7 times that of Russian soldiers. It's the Vietnam War Pentagon Papers all over again.

We're in a war folks. Some call it a truth war, or a propaganda war, or 5th Generation Warfare that targets the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

This is a bizarre time of mass polarization on Earth. The divisive dialectic of crisis capitalism feeds on fear to compel compliance. The Covid lockdowns and censorship crackdowns come to mind.

Fearless faith these days is like common sense. Both are so uncommon that they should have superhero status.

I have to give that status to Robert Kennedy Jr. who openly states that the CIA assassinated his uncle and father. And that Big Pharma advertisers controlled Big Media content that promoted jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless. And that Big Pharma is now making a killing on toxic drugs to treat the toxic jab side-effects.

This is all well documented In RFK Jr.'s best selling book - 'The Real Anthony Fauci - Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health' - that has targeted Bobby for at least character assassination.

If you haven't heard Kennedy's announcement speech in Boston (C-SPAN video) on April 19th, you are missing some HUGE drama now trending. RFK Jr.’s Mission: “To end the corrupt merger of State and Corporate power”.

April 19th is the anniversary of the first battle that began the Revolutionary War: "The shot heard round the world". It was the beginning of the end of empire tyranny in America. Now it's a global issue with sovereignty once again endangered.

Four days before he was fired, Tucker Carlson also called for the end of corporate tyranny, saying it is a spiritual issue and we all need to pray for America. Tucker was outspoken about the rigging of the 2020 election via Diebold election machines. A defamation lawsuit regarding this was settled with FOX paying a fine of 800 million $'s just days before Tucker was terminated.

Perhaps the silencing of Tucker was the 'apology' that was stipulated in the law suit to settle for about half the 1.6 billion $'s demanded... for challenging election integrity in 2020.

Big Media mania is spinning these three huge events furiously. None of them fit the official narrative that "we're winning the Ukraine war", "vaccines are safe and effective", "Biden won the election" and he is the best candidate for President.

So if you think censorship, propaganda and public polarization is bad now... keep your head while others are losing theirs.

I realize that there are people reading this who will say YOU ARE WRONG, YOU'RE A LIAR, HATEFUL, AND SHOULD BE CENSORED.

That is their 'JUDGMENT', one way or the other.

Or as Kennedy recently said...