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Shift Update - 2015 Integration

Channeling Awareness in the Internet Age


Consider that articles and books are channels for intelligence.
   We also have radio channels, TV channels, YouTube channels
  and social networks channeling awareness in the Internet Age.

 Omniscience Unveiled: Channeling Jubilee

 The global thinning of the veil is Jubilee.
 Internet search for awareness is now free.
  With the right question you can clearly see 
 how the whole truth frees us from tyranny.

  Conceive it:
mass awakening without pain.
  Believe it: knowing in spite of evil's refrain.
That year is coming with freedom's reign.
  We'll restore the rights of mankind again.

heart, head and hand we must strive
  To bring the great Power of
    Helping the quickening of Jubilee to arrive;
  Conscious ascent so mankind can thrive.

    Sovereigns of Earth will claim brotherhood,
   Forgiving debts ~ replacing evil with good;
    A currency of conscience now understood
   To govern rights of
corporate personhood.
 To Higher Power we must bend the knee.
  The attitude of gratitude gives opportunity.
  With united hearts in a new synchronicity,
Power of Love
will neutralize tyranny.
   This is how mankind can celebrate Jubilee.

   by Christopher L. Rudy

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“Peace cannot be kept by force;
it can only be achieved
by understanding.”
~ Albert Einstein


To comprehend the ‘Higher Power’ of the Creator
through the power of co-Creation is wisdom.

Every thought, word and deed will either
ratify the Constitution of Conscience
for co-Creating with a God of love
or contribute to the
energy veil
as ‘e-veil’ that we call ‘evil’.
Be wise and rise in full
consciousness as

Moment-to-moment we are either
busy being born with thinning
of the veil that separates
us from the Creator
 in heart & mind,
or busy dying with
a sense of separation
and suffering for lack of the
wholEness that overcomes

The business of global conscious evolution
is the evolution of global business with
ethical standards for mass-to-mass
TeLeComm with ‘Universal Law’
G.O.D. form and
frequency frequently.

The Holy Spirit of -in-action
harnesses the Power of Love
at the interactive interface
heart of Heartware for

“Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the 
power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire.”
~ Teihard de Chardin 

The Evolution Revolution ‘Fire’ of Jubilee

   You won’t read about this on CNN or Faux News.
   Those channels serve the matrix of faithless fear
that is diametrically opposed to fearless faith in
  the spirit that matters for overcoming the
evil of 
 programming that is “
Stuck In Negativity” (SIN).

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Jubilee Judgment Time

Keep the Faith ~ See the Good ~ Make it So!

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