by Christopher Rudy /// November 23, 2013

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This image taken November 16 shows ISON's atmosphere with two wing-like features.
For orientation, the comet's nucleus position is shown as a bright spot in the center.
~ Wendelstein Observatory of the LMU/MPS

ISON Has Grown Wings? (3 min. video)


This update has three parts. If you watched the videos at 'Ison News', you are aware of these three things:
1- The Nature of the Electric Universe and the Energy Model of Comets in the Quantum Source Field.
2- On Oct. 6-7th, less than two months ago, Comet Ison "electrified" the entire atmosphere of Mars when passing closer than NASA predicted.
3- On Thanksgiving, Nov. 28th, Ison comes closest to the Sun, getting charged-up like a capacitor before orbiting towards Earth to perhaps 'light us up' as it just did to Mars.

To be more specific:

1- The newly released independent documentary on comet science (1st video at Ison News) is a
     brilliant explanation of the new paradigm of the 'Electric Universe' and comet science as
     discovered the last 10 years by satellites used by NASA and "ESA" (European Space Agency).

Anyone who watches this documentary and connects the dots will understand that the 'dirty snowball' theory of comets is 'old paradigm' if not outright disinformation. Comets are like charged capacitors that store and release plasma energy in the quantum field of an electric universe.  This quantum science makes the mechanistic 'dirty snowball' comet model obsolete.  The implications of this new comet science is PROFOUND as follows:

2- On Oct. 6-7th, 2013, Comet Ison "electrified" the entire atmosphere of Mars when passing closer
    than NASA predicted.
Independent astronomers photographed energy discharges between Ison and
    Mars that electrified the entire atmosphere of Mars, lighting up Mars like the head of a comet, as seen
    HERE (3 min. video) and HERE (21 minute video).

There's a media blackout on this shocking event, unlike anything observed in our solar system in modern history. From October 1st to the 16th, the U.S. government shut down.  NASA had automated video cams of Mars for the public, but they were quickly shut down when Ison 'sparked' Mars with giant plasma discharge lightning bolts... a huge unprecedented spectacular event with immense implications for Earth.  Are we next?

Consider that there was no government shutdown in Europe, but the European Space Agency also shut down their live video feeds of Mars.

The Chinese space-based radar telescope has video images (YouTube) of Ison that shows two giant cigar-shaped objects circling the head of the comet, as you can see HERE (2 min. video). See an enhanced picture of this in the 6 min. video HERE.

There is speculation that these two objects are massive 'starships' utilizing advanced terra-forming technology to direct the path of Ison for the appropriate judgment of humanity according to 'cosmic councils' that govern such matters. Perhaps Earth is about to experience the recent Mars-like event. Is that warranted? Would you agree that the collective will of 99.99% of humanity has failed to stop the plunder and poisoning of Earth for the profit and power of the .01%? 

According to natural universal laws governing the order of the universe, Earth as a whole represents all sentient life, and by the mercy of the Great Law, degenerate devolution desecrating Earth's environmental life support systems is
sometimes stopped with a whole systems reboot.

3- NASA is saying that Comet Ison will be closest to the Sun this Thursday (28th).

This 'truth' was broadcast on a PBS TV special (Nova) three days ago. But they didn't mention what happened when Ison passed Mars.  And they repeatedly referred to Ison as a 'dirty snowball'.  The Nova show was a transparent cover-up that suggested little more than a great light show as Ison gets charged-up by the Sun.  But will Ison disintegrate?  Or orbit towards Earth to 'light us up' like Mars? Or perhaps none of the above?  What do you think?  Are you proactive or reactive and prefer to just wait and see?

Once again, as with Comet Elenin a few years ago, there is hysterical Internet speculation that Ison is actually "Nibiru" (Planet X); a highly magnetic dwarf star that orbits into our solar system every 3,360 years. But Elenin disintegrated when it neared the Sun.  Will that happen to Ison?  If Ison makes it past the Sun, and heads towards Earth, the possibility of a Mars-like plasma discharge is sobering. That's why there is an overt cover-up as is self-evident for all with fearless hearts to hear and discerning eyes to see.


Does THIS VIDEO spell out the timeline?

It's beyond the time for serious preparation on the scale needed to secure the masses with underground shelters unless the hundreds of government Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) have been secretly prepared as civil defense shelters.  But don't count on it. They may be death-traps for the highly orchestrated 'selective judgment' of the 1%.  It's ALL in divine order, no matter how puny our ability to comprehend this may be:)


Is Earth about to experience what just happened to Mars?

Will this cause a 'Whole Systems Reboot' with all the
power grids and computer chips zapped, along with
all communication and transportation capabilities?

Could that be the blessing of the 'Great Law'
before we destroy ourselves with war,
radiation and toxic genetic poisons
in our food, water and the air?

Pray fervently for discernment, direction and protection with the
inner sense - of all that IS REAL - at the heart of innocence
so you/we/all will not be found wanting on Thanksgiving Day.

Shift Happens:)

~ Christopher Rudy

PS: Keep the "FAITH" (Fearlessly Affirming Inner Truth Honorably)
         in order to neutralize "FEAR" (False Evidence Appearing Real).

           In the larger scheme of soul evolution, it's all in divine order. ~ CR

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon


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