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2016 Direction of the Prime Directive

Following are recent videos by two of the brightest lights on the planet, Gregg Braden and David Wilcock. After 9 years interviewing people a lot brighter than me on Cosmic LOVE, I know what heart intelligence is, and these two videos have a lot of heart wisdom.

Solutions to Extreme Shift Conditions
~ Gregg Braden

Published June 17, 2016

 Paradigm shift to a global economics of abundance with
systemic holistic solutions that are available to deploy.

Excerpt (29 min+): "There's a new normal emerging, and we're moving into a world that I believe we've all seen in our dreams and know is possible in our hearts. This is the generation that is making the shift from the old ways of thinking and separation and conflict, to the new ways of cooperation and mutual aid and connection.
"This is the generation that makes the shift... this is it! We're living it now. We already have the technology to create electricity for every home with no fossil fuels and no greenhouse gasses. We've had that technology for 60 years. And we know how to heal every organ in the human body
(See Global TeLeCare), and we know how to live in communities that are healthy and sustainable (see Global TeLeComm). We have what we need to move out of the old model of unsustainable ways of thinking, and move into new ways."

The Health of The Planet
~ David Wilcock

Published May 2, 2016
Many enlightened messages. Here's one @ 45 minutes:

What's really going on in the atom and the universe is a harmonic geometry, and science has discovered that this geometry holds the keys to antigravity, free energy, the real nature of DNA, how are bodies are constructed, the energy grids of the Earth, and the same geometry holding together superclusters of galaxies.

Note: This is the geometry of the Prime Directive.
See also, A Glimpse Into 5th Dimensional Reality.

A short 5 minute video sums it up
with pure-hearted inspiration.

   The Holy Spirit Streameth…

(almost 9 million views)

~~~~~~~~~ ASCENT BONUS ~~~~~~~~~

 Hilarion Comes to Infuse Us with Higher Healing Light
  For those Initiates, Lightworkers and makers
  who have read this far, here's a recent 20 min. audio
recording via Ascended Master Hilarian who comes
  to infuse us with enthusiasm for holistic healing light.
Center in the heart of your heart
and listen with that coherence


Here's to the inspired order now emerging as the
 blueprint for a golden age. This via pure intention
  that focuses attention with love's retention for our
conscientious ascension in the 5th dimension of
 'Global Comprehension'.

 All Ways , Always...

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