Fully Present Every Moment

Building momentum with the gift of the present
moment to moment.

2018 Global Upgrade Series

Fully Present to the Global Opportunity;
Worldwide  of, by & for ALL People.

August 1, 2018 / Heartcom Network

Let’s take it from the top;
The Prime Directive.

This is the 1st Principle:
Law ne of 'G.O.D.' as
Geometry Of Divine

   Since the true test of spirituality is practicality,
  the spirit that matters – for manifestation – is
‘stepped down’ via the ‘Law of Two-in- ne’

This is the 2nd Principle as 'Polarity' ~ ;
In biomimicry terms, this is ‘male & female
 as in
linear left brain & nonlinear right brain
logic is 'co-creating' with intuition.
 In the East, it’s the principle of ‘yin & yang’:

    In terms of two core social organizations that
  embody a masculine and feminine balance
   in manifestation cycles from spirit to matter,
   see Global TeLeComm & Global TeLeCare.

   TLC is the 3rd Principle of the Trinity ~ ;
   This is the co-creation ‘synergy’ (symbiosis)
   whereby a male and female procreates and
   Global TeLeComm & TeLeCare co-creates.

     This Trinity of ,  &  is the 3-fold flame of
    ‘divine’ (prime)
Power, Wisdom and Love at
   the heart of full spectrum sensory balance.

 The 4th Principle is the ‘Pyramid’ ~ :
  There are four trines in the ‘pyramid plan’
– the  in the  model –
   and there are four “universal archetypes”
  (Jung re: temporal frames of reference),
  defining, refining, combining & ‘shining’
enlightened ‘common sense’ as “ESP”
(Effective Sensory Perception), as the
5th Principle:

Creative Ascent Process
of, by and for universal 
co-Creation with

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

So BE fully present, the gift
from moment to moment
to build momentum for
 a fresh beginning.

Co-Creation with The Creator is
a Creative Ascent Process for
co-Creation with 'G.O.D.' as
Geometric Ordered Divinity
Codes for

(Keepers of Frequency)

Full Spectrum

For the ‘Power of Love’ at the
heart of global R

As Balanced Power, Wisdom & Love Manifest,
Everything Naturally Evolves in Divine Order.
In our all-connected global village today, the only thing dividing the Family of Mankind is walls in the mind that - like the Berlin Wall - have disintegrated due to the global decentralizing influence of instant-everywhere and interactive social networks, naturally culturing enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks. So divine order evolves via universal-cosmic Natural Law.

Natural Law is self-evident in both positive and negative expressions,
 and just as the bright light of Conscience dispels dimwitted shadows,
so does fully present CHOICE build momentum, moment to moment.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates,
 there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Carl Gustav Jung

 What we think about we bring about.
Energy flows where attention goes.

 Natural Purpose of Natural Law:
Connecting with the Center of
Universe as the Core of Self.

"The first peace...the most important, is that which
    comes within the souls of people when they realize
  their relationship, their oneness with the universe
          and all its powers, and when they realize at the center
   of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its
     center is really everywhere, it is within each of us."

~ Nicholas Black Elk, medicine man, 'physicist'



Different Strokes for Different Folks,
But Same Intent for Relevant Truth.

To Be Fully Present… Here and Now

According to the natural law science of ‘biomimicry’,
 harp music resonates well with the heart chakra just
  as the 3rd eye chakra reflexes well with piano music.

So take heart, SEE and Make it So!


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