March Event Update:

Bumps in the Road Ahead
Spiritual bumps, mental bumps, emotional bumps,
physical bumps and financial bumps.

Things are moving very fast.
If you read THE EVENT,
you know this is "BIG".
Life-changing for all
to say the least.

Continued from "The Event" (Part Two)

March 14, 2018 Update

Massive Solar Storm That Will Slam Earth
THURSDAY Could Knockout Power
March 14, 2018 /
 The storm could knockout satellites, disrupt power
and spark stunning displays of Northern Lights.

IN BRIEF: High frequency solar winds are activating the magnetosphere of Earth, the quantum field, and our consciousness... THIS WEEK!

O-Point Frequency - Unity Conscience
Is Bumping Up... and Above All,
This is a Spiritual Test!

The current times are materialistic and unrealistic spiritually. Like false flags, fake news, and junk science, pseudo-spirituality has become the 'comfort zone' of the status quo. Everyone wants to believe they are spiritual at core. They are. But materialism denies that reality. And without spiritual reality, all social norms are degraded - lackluster - yet considered normal. That normal reality is about to have a spiritual 'bump up'.
America is going to it's knees,
one way or another.

Like it or not, Trump is a lightning rod for disruption of corruption. That's why he was elected by the public.

Hillary Clinton Was And Is Running A Global
Financial Criminal Syndicate

~ CIA Whistleblower Keven Shipp
March 12, 2018

Trump has exposed pedophile-ridden corruption of the Deep State 'swamp' all around him. As many of you are aware, child sex trafficking is very prominent in Deep State circles, and arrest of perps is proceeding.

The Deep State is Terrified of Their Arrest
March 11, 2018 / Clif High / Financial Market

The Deep State 'swamp' is the corporatocracy. Corporatism has co-opted Congress. Legislation is written by corporate lobbies that bribe Congress critters with re-election funds or black-mails them via CIA/Deep State collusion with their corruption. I've been reporting on this for years.
Along comes the Internet, and the whole world knows that 9-11 was a false flag for Zionist Neocons. The only way they could pull it off is Zionist ownership and control of the six giant media conglomerates controlling 97% of the news... until the Internet blew the lid off the cover-up.
Trump is surrounded by Zionist Neocons but has a core team of 'White Hats' in the Pentagon and CIA who KNOW that America is losing the war for the hearts and mind of people worldwide. Global empire hegemony is disintegrating because global Internet TRUTH is integrating. Even Christians are realizing that their religion has been infiltrated by political Zionism every since the Scofield Bible was edited, funded and promoted to compromise Christian Evangelicals with Zionist doctrine.

The Deep State political ideology called ‘Zionism’ is not to be confused with the religion we know as Judaism. Since Zionism is deeply entrenched in the Trump administration – video here – it is important to understand the following 10 minute video:

Source: 'Really Graceful'

See also: Secret History of Zionism (59 min video)
   and Zionism In America by Robert Steele

Numerous signs indicate that global economic "reset" (transformation) is imminent. The globalist bankster-FED-Wall Street ponzi-scheme is imploding. It has to. The Rothschild and Rockefeller cabal of ownership and control of the Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big War and Big Brother Surveillance Government have been exposed as BIG TIME EVIL by the Internet worldwide.

Thanks to the Internet, people worldwide KNOW that clean-free energy technology and quantum healing technology - unveiled via the not-so-'secret' space program - are being suppressed by collusion of the 'Big' corporatocracy cartels mentioned above.
All that BIG EVIL (Dark State) is aligned against Trump. He won the Presidency because he told the truth. All the compromised Deep State Democrats and Republicans hate him. The Zionist Big Media are trying to discredit him. The big lies are so BIG and so bold and so often told that 'useful idiots' everywhere parrot the lies and distortions as truth.
Truth is now under serious attack on the Internet. Note in this video how Zionist front groups like SPLC are censoring conservative social media.
Purging mass deception requires spiritual perception. The conscientious evolutionary ascent of Americans and global Netizens requires that we first come out of illusion and self delusion.
The heart of the beast is Rockefeller's medical-industrial complex that masks as 'care'. It's killing us - for profit and control. The best expose' I've seen on this is the brilliant video of Jon Rappaport HERE from two days ago. If you watch to the end, you will understand WHY chemical warfare against the population is practiced through vaccines, fluoride in public water, toxins in food, and chemtrails in the air... and HOW this is part of the Rockefeller eugenics agenda of population reduction AND to weaken resistance to population control.
This had to change. It's killing us, devitalizing us, depressing us. It has to stop. Something better is waiting. So forewarned is forearmed.
Bumps in the road ahead!

Systemic economic collapse and reboot is on the near horizon. Few are those who know what's coming. Fewer are prepared. So please forward to your loved ones.
As the ascended Forest Gumption might say,
"Spirituality is what spirituality does.
Shift happens!"

- A Huge Opportunity -
Continued HERE


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