2018 Global Upgrade Series

Education of the Heart
The Path to Enlightened Power

The message of Marie Montessori…
to develop the holy spirit of discernment
for life-long learning…  for ALL of us...
 manifesting soulfulness by nurturing
one’s inner child, loving that child,
and teaching that child within;

self-elevation as salvation.

New video – just released yesterday!

Oct 9, 2018 / Marie Montessori

Love the Child Within. 
 Teach the Child Within.
Save the Child Within.

This just released video is an insightful message
on the spiritual nature of the Montessori Method
 for enlightened lifelong learning… for ALL of us.

Imagine the foundation of this with :
Montessori materials as geometric forms
for expansion of ‘
G.O.D.’ consciousness:
Geometric Ordered Divinity / 5-D
   – the
building blocks of linear left brain thinking
– the
sphere of nonlinear right brain knowing 
– the trinity of synergy via ~~coherence
        (balanced 3-fold frequency as in frequently)
– the 4-sided ‘
pyra-mid’ of Self & Civilization.
fire in the middle for an up-rising spirit)

Creative Ascent Process);
Holy Spirit as 5-D

To Establish the Foundation

Full Spectrum

“By spiritual training I mean
education of the heart.”

~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi

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