2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

An Eclectic Romp through the Grand Illusion
As the Deep State Disintegrates and High State Integrates

Here’s the latest Believe-It-Or-Not greatest
from my serial ‘comic book’ for adults.
It’s my tribute to Mad Magazine’s
“What - Me Worry?”

  The Deep State is powerless
   in the face of the High State.

 The ordained power of love
is a higher power than the
inordinate love of power.  

    As the power of love surges
    Deep State dis-ease purges
      and the High State emerges.

Worrying is praying for
 what you do NOT want.

Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make it So!


   Here’s some free-style dancing around
  some recent history you may know of.

 My pure intent with this crazy ‘dance’
 is to bring ‘more light’ to dark places.

 This is the natural ascension process
from Deep State to a 'High State' for
‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth. 


 - Tulsi Gabbard has been disappeared!
  - True history of the DNC and the cabal.
- Exposing the real danger of Big Tech.
 - Unveiling a Secret Stargate Program.
- INSPIRATION – The Mystery of Love.


Tulsi Gabbard has been disappeared!

Remember the recent ‘Meet the Democratic Candidates’ event in Big Media when Tulsi Gabbard was introduced? Even mainstream polls reported that Tulsi had the highest rating.

And then the first national debate of leading Democratic candidates was held and Tulsi was NOT included. She was DISAPPEARED!

Obviously, there was nothing democratic about the decision by the Democratic National Committee to disappear Tulsi.

But this is not a left-right issue. It’s a top-down issue. Tulsi is a populist with a very popular message for ending the domination of the public by the ‘MIC’ (Military-Industrial Complex), and ‘BIG TECH’ (surveillance, censorship and population control).

Many representatives from both political parties are bought off by these Big Money behemoths and their Big Bank cronies in collusion with Wall Street minions who have sold out peace and freedom for corporatocracy profits at the expense of our Five Core Constitutional Freedoms – and by extension – our Five Core Internet Freedoms.

So Tulsi had to be disappeared. Nothing to see. Wouldn’t want the public sphere to know where the greatest human threat to global freedom is coming from.

Out of sight – out of mind. Not seeing is not believing. Not believing anything, is not knowing what to think… with plenty of cognitive dissonance to keep us divided and confused.

Tulsi is an attractive face on a populist message to wake up, wise up and rise up for united power to stop the greatest threat of our lives.

It’s that serious folks. You may be aware of Tulsi’s message about the problem with a military-industrial complex that makes a killing by creating and managing endless war.  But few are aware of the danger of Big Tech that Tulsi nails in this short video:

“I will continue to advocate for breaking up
tech monopolies and ending their power
to undermine our basic freedoms.”
If we don’t stand united in this struggle
to protect our freedoms, we all lose.”
~ Tulsi Gabbard

So goodbye Tulsi. Thanks for bringing some ancient Hawaiian Power of Love wisdom to the debate. You pricked the conscience of a lot of us:)

Next time you take on the beast of organized greed and psychopathic love of power, give the corporatocracy cabal a choice between either Web 3.0 upgrade for transparency in the election process , OR the solidarity of condemnation by all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Global unity in diversity is a higher calling than the divisive dialectic of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

For Aquarian Freedom-in- ~ CR


Must watch!
Mind-blowing truth-telling!


August 25, 2019 / Beyond the Forbidden TV
The Dark Agenda and its Roots of Global
Domination by a Few Powerful Families

An interview with Brooks Agnew re: his book:
Charm of Favor: A true story of the rise
of the Clinton Crime Syndicate

Synopsis: 243 years ago, the Founding Fathers declared a new course for the human race. Freedom and Liberty were unalienable rights given by God, not government. Through these rights, the People would control a revolutionary new type of government declared in 1776.
Unsuccessful in war against the Americans, less than 75 years later, the Globalist Elites formed a new Syndicated Party that would remove the power of Congress, and began legislating from secret think tanks. Again and again they tried to destroy America, even going so far as to assassinate its Presidents.
In 1929, they collapsed the money supply, evaporated the Middle Class, and established the Agency Government. Almost immediately, that untouchable government began ruling the country.
In 2001, after 9/11, they changed the world forever. By 2016, the Deep State had become a global consortium of bribery, influence peddling, murder, and subterfuge planning to seize the Presidency itself. But things did not go as planned.
For 30 years, Donald Trump prepared for a unique role he would play. His upset victory in 2016 came at the hands of nearly 100 million awakened Americans who turned the tables on the Deep State. Now, that Deep State is planning another catastrophic attack to win back their power and subdue the most powerful nation in history.
Brooks Agnew details this true story of struggle for global domination in his recent book. The events are portrayed as accurately as possible. None of the names have been changed, in memory of the actual men and women who lost their lives fighting the most powerful and corrupt crime syndicate the world has ever known.

Brooks Agnew website and books:

Related short video - just released:

Sept 7, 2019 / Collective Evolution
Is the DNC rigging the election... again?



 Note the ‘crazy love’ for Big Tech
 at the expense of core freedoms.
Here’s the latest on 5G insanity
with the power elite’s intent for
Full Spectrum Dominance via
Artificial Intelligence and ‘IoT’
(Internet of Things) plus total
control of human resources.

Not recommended for the ‘poor is spirit’
who can’t wrap their head around the
big picture of disruptive progress
from Deep State to High State.

Be aware of the 5G ‘Space Fence’
being forced upon humanity.

Excerpt from a September 5th article
 by the founder of GreenMedInfo.com:

What if I told you that the entire biosphere of this planet is about to be blanketed with over 20,000 high frequency radiation emitting satellites (see image above), starting with SpaceX's newly FCC-approved launching of 4,425 satellite into orbit within the next few years? 
If this ill-conceived agenda moves forward as planned, millions more small cell installations emitting 5G (millimeter wave) radiation will be placed near every few homes, in every neighborhood in this country. No one and nothing will be immune to exposure to a form of radiation that has never been adequately tested for safety, but which countless studies already indicate have adverse biological effects. 
The 5G agenda has at least a trillion dollars worth of industry momentum behind it, from sectors as diverse as the Big Tech, agriculture, financial services, and even the military. It's not just about faster connectivity, but total, real-time surveillance and the even more concerning potential for totalitarian population control.

5G: The Agenda for Total Control
Patrick Wood connects the dots in an interview
from the 5G Crisis Summit this last weekend.
He clearly explains the imminent danger
of 5G, AI, and the 'Internet of Things'
for totalitarian population control.


Unveiling the Secret Stargate Program
US Secret Space [Stargate] Program: 
August 2019 / HumansAreFree.com

Excerpt: The invasion of Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies; it had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or any other fabricated reason.”

~ from this following section of the article:

Stargate SG-1 (TV series) received support from the US Air Force throughout its 10 year run on TV. Credits acknowledged the cooperation with the US Air Force and US Space Command and the Department of Defense. SG-1 also had access to the underground facility at Cheyenne Mountain Complex.
Two serving Air Force Chiefs of Staff appeared in the series, General Michael E Ryan and General John P Jumper.
Richard Dean Anderson, the series producer, received special recognition for the positive depiction of the Air Force and the Air Force association.
Whistle-blowers have stated that SG-1 was part of soft disclosure of a galaxy wide portal system. Corey Goode explains that there are natural portal systems and current era portal systems, plus ancient portal systems, built on earth and left behind by ancient civilizations.
In the SG-1 TV show a similar scenario plays out as the team of SG-1 travel through portals known as stargates built by an ancient race of beings thousands of years ago.
The portals are similar to the stargates shown in the show. Corey Goode has also stated that the portals have numerical addresses like they have on the TV show. Earths ends in 606 and Mars ends in 605.
Corey Goode states that the sun is a natural portal and spacecraft use it to enter and exit our solar system. Our natural sun has a magnetic filament linked to every planet in our solar system.
The galaxy is a giant torsion field. Corey explains that originally the wormhole system was developed by the Antarctic based Germans with assistance from Reptilian Extra-terrestrials, these two groups also set up bases on the Moon and Mars.
Emery Smith said there are several dozen traversable wormholes. Natural and artificial portals exist and they look like three sides of an upright door frame.
Iraq is said to have portal technologies and cylinder seals explaining how to use the portal technology.
Henry Deacon (Aka Arthur Neumann) claimed portals were discovered in Iraq. The invasion of Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies; it had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or any other fabricated reason. [CR: That was all mass diversion from a top secret agenda to acquire extremely advanced alien technology for the defense of Earth.]
COMMENT by CR: I've watched the ten year SG-1 series three times, owning the DVDs. This series is a brilliant Sci-Fi cover story for the real deal. What better way to mitigate a shocking reality than to hide it right out in the open as entertaining make-believe; disclosure dismissed as fiction, but soft-disclosure none the less.

The danger of alien intervention in Earth affairs is discussed all through the series. The stargates are the closest thing to a cosmic Pandora's Box the Earth has ever seen. Aliens have been working with humans in secret high tech exchange programs for a LONG time.

In the Stargate TV series, the Prime Directive and cosmic law are explored with the dramatic dynamic of universal power struggles between forces of light and darkness on Earth as in cosmos-at-large.

The REALITY is that a 50 year Stargate Program has brought back extremely advanced technology from the galaxy for the military-industrial-surveillance complex, some of which is being used for 'population control'.

The whole truth of all this – without a 'Big LOVE' (5D) perspective – would disrupt the status quo if not create hysteria (future shock). Without global checks and balances of a cosmic nature, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our worse fears would come upon us;
5G corrupts DNA - the blueprint of life - just as the ordained 5D consciousness shift is the worst fear of power elite psychopaths - the Epstein files.
There are consequences for moral profanity and 5G insanity.
Cosmic Law - a Higher Power - would have to reboot the Earth with cataclysm to preserve DNA integrity for future evolutions... as at the Biblical flood of 'mythical' Atlantis.

It's all connected - the test that's best - whereby we are condemned to repeat the past if we don't learn from it.

Watch Stargate SG-1 Streaming Online
at Hulu (Free Trial)



 From FIFTY8 on Vimeo


Self Governing Self Control
for Authentic Sovereignty

Is it true that we all have issues of
self control and/or others control?

  Are you aware that a High State of
 self-control represents great love?

    Would you agree that the higher the
     concept of G.O.D.~~Source,
the greater the results in the holy
spirit ‘field’ of -in-action?  

 This self-governing self-control is
  authentic sovereignty in the spirit
of Aquarian Freedom-in-

Full Spectrum
 Global TeLeCare,


Supporting the 2019 rEVOLUTION
  with full spectrum holistic health:

 Advanced holistic modalities
 for personal/collective health