2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Deep Space 'Eye of God' Nebula

Healing Mass Illusion and Self Delusion

  Full Disclosure is disruptive to mass deception
   and stressful for one's comfort zone 'normalcy'.
 But Earth’s future must reconcile Earth’s past,
   so be aware that disruption of corruption will
find stress relief with perception correction

Be Prepared ~ Shift Happens!

Get Ready for Full Disclosure

 Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS),
 and Quantum Financial System (QFS) is
  coming online during the ‘media blackout’
of the Deep State corporatocracy cabal.

This blackout of open source truth-telling
    deepened last week when YouTube/Google
  went full-out evil – saying they will censor
 any science that challenges their science
 that says vaccines are safe and effective.


 Part 1 – Unveiling True U.S. History

Getting Past the Past… Fully Disclosed
Twilight of the global corporatocracy cabal
How Earth’s Divine Timeline Was
Altered, And How To Restore It
Note: The audio is poorly connected with the
video, so lose the video (close your eyes)
 to hear some real gems.

 Removed 13 hours later by YouTube/Google.
I never had one go down that fast, so it must
 have been so good that it was 'too bad'. -CR

Sept 22, 2021 / Juan O’Savin

  Prepare your mind and heart for an Aquarian future
  by first grasping the true untold history of the world
  - how and why we’ve been betrayed by power elite
     potentates who are ethical infants (moral reprobates)
with a love of inordinate power, prestige and profit
 that would invert, subvert and pervert the ordained
Power of that is our Aquarian destiny.  

Official Trailer:
Galactic Federations, Councils and
Secret Space Programs Webinar

Sept 28, 2021 / Michael Salla
The official trailer for the upcoming webinar on
Galactic Federations, Councils and
Secret Space Programs

More Out of This World News!
Including four short videos:
China Gives Dark Fleet's Antarctica Bases to
Earth Alliance to Build Future Space Fleets
Sept 27, 2021 / Michael Salla
On September 24th, I received a new update about recent      
   developments in Antarctica concerning former Dark Fleet bases
 taken over by China, and how these were being turned over to
 the Earth Alliance as a result of the Jupiter Agreements. This  
 update was released by Val Nek, from the Galactic Federation
     of Worlds - via Megan Rose - who again relayed the information.
More on the 'Med-Beds' at 10 minutes
(End of pharmacidal genocide on Earth)

While down here on Earth,
we are in the midst of a

The battle of ‘light and dark’ is heating up folks,
and Australia is a ‘test site’ for tyranny tactics. 
Sept 25, 2021 / ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net
 Riccardo Bosi, leader of the AustraliaOne Party, makes
an intriguing statement here that is reminiscent of the  

 Q material and things that we've heard White Hats say.

Note from CR:
The 'contest of freedom' on Earth is the Big Drama
  of global chaos and distraction from diversion of an
estimated '70 trillion dollars' into the burgeoning   
Secret Space Program going on long before 9-11.

The truth of all this can be a bitter 'red pill' so...

Sept 25, 2021 / AwakenWithJP
How the CDC Creates Mandates


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