Solstice-Christmas Card

From my cabin in Montana

Greetings to Family and Friends! 

 As a ranch hand on the edge of the Absaroka wilderness, my
duties range from fencing and irrigation to shooting varmints.

This has been a busy year publishing '2018 Global Upgrade'
 while painting 4 houses, landscaping, building a porch deck,
   writing for Natural Life News, and swing-dancing for exercise.

 Highlight of the year includes quality time with my three kids
and five grandchildren, plus some wilderness camping with
my Sons Gabriel and Jeremy up in the mountains nearby.  


This has been the 11th year of my Cosmic Show on
BBS Radio – broadcast live to 63 countries. And Wikipedia
  may go live with my online profile soon – preliminary HERE.

  As director of UltraMedics Service, I’ve continued consulting
  clients in holistic health while creating new markets. I’m now
  providing a Super-Immunity Combo with the quantum health
  Trinfinity 8 + Swedish Pollen Extract – two biotech advances
 with an extraordinary synergy of efficacies when combined.

   I’m turning 70 in a few months and so grateful for the love of
 family and the many good friends I’ve made over the years.

This is an amazing time to be alive!

Keep the Faith – Always ,
See the Good – Think Global,
Make it So – Dance Local.