2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

THE CRISIS - Our Children Under Attack

Nov 3, 2021 / Christopher Rudy

When it comes to our children,
the truth must come out!

The US has become a battleground with vaccine mandates decimating many families and communities coast-to-coast.

Large corporations, hospitals, firemen, first responders and government at all levels, including the military, are coercing people to take the shot or lose their job, income, pension, and security. Take the shot or else.

This is a form of domestic tyranny. Vaccine resistance is being treated like domestic terrorism. And now the same medical authorities who created the panic - promising to "flatten the curve" in two weeks, two years ago - are vowing to vaccinate 28 million American children in the following weeks.

When it comes to our children, the truth must come out!

Children have the strongest vital force and natural immunity: 99.9% survive coronavirus. The FDA's approval of mRNA therapies for children between 5 and 11 years of age is reckless experimentation - no long term studies. And there's plenty of evidence that death rate from the vaccine will exceed that of the disease.

In the United States, the CDC's VAERS records show that 798,636 injury reports were lodged between October 8, 2021 and December 14, 2020, when the COVID jab roll-out began. Of the total report figure, 53.5 percent of injuries were made after injection with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA shot.

Pfizer’s jab has been correlated with 11,350 deaths, accounting for a disproportionate 67.7 percent of all deaths after a COVID shot in the VAERS database.

While causation is not explicitly confirmed through the VAERS reporting system, neither can it be presumed that all side effects are reported. Indeed, a Harvard study in 2010 found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS, suggesting that the 11,350 reported deaths could represent a million actual deaths. Do the math.

Big Pharma virtually owns Big Media which is NOT telling the public that, 1- VAERS is now reporting far more death and harm than any other vaccine campaign in history, 2- Doctors are reluctant to report death-by-vax, calling it death-by-COVID, 3- Side-effects from the vaccine include flu-like symptoms attributed to COVID variants, 4- Auto-immune disease with AIDS-like symptoms is a vax side-effect, 5- Hospitals are paid bonuses via government ‘Emergency’ (CARES Act) funding for each reported COVID death, and for toxic and invasive treatments that are killing people.

Inexpensive and long-proven remedies that work for COVID are being ignored by AMA doctors who lose their license to practice medicine if they don't adhere to expensive hospital protocols for COVID such as toxic Remdesivir with '26.9% mortality' (NIH) and mechanical ventilators with '50-97% mortality' (NIH).

So according to the National Institute of Health - which Fauci runs - these combined deadly NIH protocols for COVID are killing a majority of patients - chalked up to 'COVID' - and incentivising hospitals with bonuses from the 2 trillion dollar CARES Act for each 'death-by-COVID' postmortem.

Children are dying in England at a rate 62% higher since the introduction of the injections that they call ‘vaccines’, but are not vaccines as traditionally known. You can go the Moderna and Phizer websites to see that they are very proud of their new improved ‘gene therapy’ biotechnology that changes body genetics in ways that are no longer human, called ‘transhuman’.

This ‘transhuman’ category is such a ‘thing’ that the Supreme Court even got involved - documents here and video here - ruling that genetically modified humans have no rights because they are patented property, like GMO hybrids that can't reproduce. Population problem solved. Civil rights hijacked 'legally'.

This is the huge elephant in the global media room that is ignored because this whole debacle was never about controlling the virus, but rather controlling people who are just going about their law-abiding business.

So believe the medical-media mantra that vaccines are "safe and effective" at your own risk… or your children’s risk. They’re going for the children now.

Without well-informed consent, we are little more than lab rats in a vaccine ‘experiment' (no long-term trials). Doctors who got that wrong – acting under similar ‘emergency powers’ – were hung by the neck until dead after the Nuremberg trials.

The Nuremberg Code 1947 – includes such principles as informed consent, absence of coercion, properly formulated scientific experimentation, and demands beneficence towards experiment participates.

Medical misinformation is indeed a problem, but it's counterintuitive to think there's some massive vaccine conspiracy to reduce population and human rights.

No one wants to the believe that obedience under medical Martial law has created a holocaust of global proportions.

Or would ever harm our children.

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