Five Keys to Personal Empowerment

This empowerment process focuses attention
with pure intention for retention and
conscious ascension in the 5th dimension
of enlightened  comprehension.

April 27, 2018 / Christopher Rudy


 Is it true that there is a 'Higher Power' behind the scenes?

Are you aware that there are keys to access this Power?

Would you agree that knowledge power is a good thing?

Based on your response, consider these
 Five Keys to Personal Empowerment:

1- Be open to the prompting of the spirit that matters. This opens the door to one's Higher Self - beyond ego. This portal to a High State of inspiration is your 'mediator', 'guide', 'conscience', etc. And this openness to the High State naturally empowers wisdom with the coherent heart of Creator in the all-connected quantum Source Field.

2- Be aware that heart coherence is the foundation for mind congruence. Without heart coherence, one's vision is heartless as in 'DUH' (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).  Heart coherence - the fabric of the holographic universe - actually resonates with the golden ratio algorithm of one's heartbeat (video).

3- Be grateful that heals all. Always has. All ways will. The better the alignment and attunement with the Power of Love, the greater the results, including an attitude of gratitude at the heart of 'holy spirit' as in action. This empowerment principle focuses attention with pure intention for love retention and conscious ascension in the 5th dimension of full comprehension... the abundant gratitude as the attitude at the heart of higher altitude from soaring on thermals of grace.

4- Be energized in your physical body 'temple' for the living spirit of Creator-Source. Make your body a 'chalice' for more light-energy by providing it with nature's most potent cellular superfood for the mitochondria energy factory in every cell of your body and brain. More energy as vital force and mental clarity is a valuable key to personal empowerment victory.

5- Be proactive by looking forward to those conscious evolution revelations that integrate one's spiritual openness, mental awareness, emotional gratitude and physical energy for greater service to the waking up, wising up and rising up of global humanity. is forgiving, not forgetting. Proactive is what foresight does.

So keep in mind how a universal interface
for global TeLeComm will universalize the
   power of enlightened wisdom with .

Make it so as a global process of
self-governing and self-healing
self-elevation as a self-fulfilling
prophecy of your/our 'salvation'.

 For Ascension as this process,

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