"Initiate Status"
     Learning about  as a "Conscientious Solution"


An Initiate is what an Initiate does - initiate the intention to study and apply the disciplines of "greater LOVE" at the heart of a Golden Age.

Initiates are intent on a better understanding of the disciplines (as in disciples), receiving 33 lessons on "the blueprint"; at this level, the discipline is conscientiously involved with THE PROCESS to "flesh out" a 33 line interactive course on the first principle of sovereignty as will culture consciousness and civilization along more enlightened "lines".

If freedom and opportunity at the heart of the Great American Experiment in representative "God-Love Government" is to survive and thrive in our “instant-everywhere” (Internet-connected) global village, the cyberethics of conscientious common sense based on universal virtues (Light and Love) must somehow be “branded” (positioned, packaged and promoted) as a "product" that is, in fact, a PROCESS, for culturing greater love.  The alternative, by default, is on-going war as the warmongers and their mass media minions have clearly argued for with all the fork-tongued, two-faced, political double-speak and serpentine logic that our disintegrating system of “scarcity-base values” (scarcity economics) can muster.  

It's do or die for Light and Love -- time to lock and load those thoughtforms
and organizational processes that will reposition, re-invent or otherwise
resurrect divine law and order with a special
LOVE at the
heart of it.

In a world where time and space have been removed via the Internet,
the choice "of, by and for the people" boils down to
either God government via
LOVE-centric mass TeLeComm
or by default, endless provocateur terror, war and tyranny.

"Get the Vision"

Global unity is facilitated by this vision of “The LOVE Model” (HEARTwareÔ) – a “universal law language” at the interactive interface “heart” of the global Internet’s infrastructure. Properly packaged, positioned and promoted over the Net, this vision of high touch high tech “cyberethics” has the potential to frame civility and raise civilization along more enlightened “lines” that are centred and connected in the frequency of compassion.  The application of this “LOVE-centric” interface at the “heart” of “global village” (Net-centric) reality can provide the “co-operative communication co-ordination” (cultural DNA) that involves and evolves our individual and collective conscience” with a heart.


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Worldwide LOVE Foundation
 all rights well-rounded

heart & mind of
High Touch HEART of High Tech
With a Higher Understanding of LOVE
Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Our God-given Gifts and Talents via Net Standards
For a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net Worth.

 Seize the Vision (L), Embrace the Virtue (O), Make the Vow (V) and Claim the Victory (E)

Understanding the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity)
That frames the
"Language of the Angels of LOVE" (Spirit of the Law)

      "In the beginning, G.O.D. geometrized." - Hermetic wisdom
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