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Updated Jan. 15, 2005)


This is one of those "unspeakable" topics whose archetypal response is denial because it's just too terrible to consider. Since Earth entered the Photon Belt at the cusp of Aquarius, the energetics and character of the entire solar system has been dramatically changing as described in the first article of the compendium below. 

The X-factor is of course "Planet X" and a good introduction is at . I also highly recommend the e-news from Mark Hazelwood who has two books on the subject.  Website at   Subscribe at .

Modern history is replete with warnings from prophets, messengers, remote viewers, channelers, etc. who foresee a "final chastisement", "great cleansing", etc. if the people of Earth don't truly "repent" with a Love-of-God / God-of-Love (spiritual) turn-around.  It's a simple matter of natural laws of the holographic universe -- those holistic or otherwise "holi" laws whereby we are either "whol-E" in alignment with those universal laws or inadvertently -- according to "Common Law" (natural law of Higher Power) -- nature will fulfill the law "cataclysmically" to compensate for what man fails to do in alignment harmoniously.  It's THE LAW.

Three questions to consider while reading this compendium of posts below: 

  1. Do you believe it is the mercy of a just God that there be a "cleansing" of the Earth before a greater evil comes upon us via scalar wars that could rip the planet apart, nuclear explosions that leave radiation for thousands of years, biological wars that ravage the planet with plague and/or the on-going poisoning of the populace with chemtrails, vaccines, and toxic genetic poisons in our water and food, such as the depleted uranium and genetically engineered food that is making crap of our DNA?

  2. Is it true that that there have been many Earth Changes prophecies that have warned of serious cataclysm for this time... ranging from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Mother Mary... to Gordon Michael Scallion, Red Elk (below), David Shawn Morton and the Great Pyramid decoded to name a few?

  3. Would you agree that prophecy is a warning and that -- like Jonah at Nineveh -- the turning of our hearts to a Higher Power may well be a "do or die" proposition?  Does it follow that the vow for eternal progression on the Path of greater Love is the best hope for salvation of one's soul?  And is most likely to provide the blessing of Providence, come what may?

What we conceive and believe we can achieve to overcome the tribulations of these "latter days".  Personally I believe that a global revolution in Higher Conscience in alignment with Higher Power requires "interdependence" that is "co-dependent on "a-line-ment" along more enlightened "lines" of divine order as frames the Constitution of Higher Power... as in the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometry Of Divinity) that frames the Spirit of the Law of LOVE which is, at heart, the Language of the Angels (holy compassion, loving kindness, etc.). 

There has already been mitigation of many prophecies and by God's grace, the transition to a "new Earth and a new Heaven" will be harmonized as a gentle birthing of the living Christ in the heart and minds of all. LOVE is the Master('s) key.

Winning from the Beginning of 2005,


----------- Comets Inbound / Posts follow:

     1 - Solar System CHANGING - Something BIG Happening

     2 -  More Science on Planet X Inbound... & Preparations 

3 -   Earth and Moon "Unstable" / Comet(s) Inbound    

 4 -  What the Pentagon/US military knows of Planet X   

 5 - Prepare for War / Cataclysm / Red Elk's Great Vision

         6 - Will Planet X "shorten time for the 'elect"? / Info vs. DisInfo

   7 -  Using War as a Cover for Inbound Comet Preparations

 8 -  Kirk: "Raise the Shields Scottie!  COMET INBOUND!"

  9 -  Planet X DisInformation and Tsunami Death Cover-Up


"After a great misery for mankind an even greater approaches.
The great cycle of the centuries is renewed
It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease.
In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks."

---Nostradamus, Century 2, Quatrain 46 (1654)

"And if you think you have seen the end of Armageddon,
I tell you, you have not!

For the worst of Armageddon is yet to come.

And if you think you have seen the end of cataclysm,
I tell you, you have not!
For the ultimate cataclysm is yet to come."

- El Morya via E.C.P. - September 10, 1995

Immediately after the tribulation of these days
shall the sun be darkened, and the moon
shall not give her light, and the stars
shall fall from heaven, and the
powers of the heavens
shall be shaken."
Matthew 24:29

Prophecy is, of course, a warning.  Mankind has free will so anything is possible. Personally I believe that there never was a better time for all people of light to unite in prayer, fasting and the whol-E or otherwise holy spirit of LOVE-in-action.   The process for establishing the WORLDWIDE LOVE FOUNDATION has begun.  By God's grace, enough good people will seize the vision, embrace the virtue, make the vow and claim the victory that warrants divine intercession and mitigates the full consequence of man's evil mis-creations.  For those committed to "more light", easier and faster, It begins with the vision that outpictures the blueprint for a millennial Golden Age in the process.  Details at - CR


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