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Earth Shaking Changes & Global God Vision

by Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

May 3, 2015

PREFACE: Seismic monitors show severe Earth changes worldwide while billions of devotees of Buddhism seek God Vision via the ancient Wesak festival of the Full Moon in Scorpio. But few in the West neither understand nor appreciate how the lack of God Vision is behind the secular devolution of Christianity, Judaism and Muslim faiths to endless war inversion, subversion and perversion of world peace in universal love - the heart of God Vision.

--------- Article follows:

It wasn't just Nepal.  While mainstream media focuses the mass mind on the human tragedy in Nepal, the global story is volcanoes erupting with earthquakes worldwide: Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ecuador and Mexico, Chile, and Costa Rica to name a few.
Tectronic plates are shifting just as surely as human evolution on Earth is shifting in deeply entrenched ways. It's ALL connected in the unified quantum field in ways that quantum science and modern psychology are just beginning to comprehend.

Note the glaring absence of mainstream corporate media reporting of this GLOBAL situation. Even in the U.S, there are severe geophysical Earth changes that go unreported in the mainstream media.

The Yellowstone caldera has been going active with rising magma and increasing tremors. Major earthquakes in the Madrid Fault have occurred. And there's this BIG under-reported news:

4/30/2015: VOLCANIC ERUPTION OFF WEST COAST UNITED STATES! Oregon Undersea Volcano Now Erupting

     "A new volcanic eruption is now confirmed to be taking place off the West Coast of the United States. The new undersea volcanic activity is occurring approximately 300 miles off the shores of Central Oregon, along the Axial Seamount, where a fresh fissure has formed, producing new undersea lava flows, and seismic activity.
     "This undersea eruption FOLLOWS a
series of earthquakes at dormant volcanoes along the West coast in California, and Nevada, as well as several large steam plume events from Hot Springs, Cold Springs, and dormant volcano locations.

And yet the MSM tells us 'all is well' - nothing abnormal going on. And that the economy is getting better even while it is unraveling in profound systemic ways I've previously reported HERE and HERE.
Earth shaking changes are here folks. It's not just in the physical terrain. There's a severe 'tremor in the force' in the emotional realm of the 'Global Mind' - the quantum field of Earth as a torus field WHOLE which represents the collective unconscious of global humanity... now waking up with fear and trembling. There are consequences for insensate evil called 'good'.
Big changes are thus happening SPIRITUALLY. There is a massive increase of social conscience in the social networks of the worldwide web. This mass awakening in the 'Net roots' of the Global Mind is the greatest fear of 'Church' and 'State' powers that are uniting to create a 'One World Religion' -- a "UN for Religion" (UNreligion) as you can read HERE. To quote: "Wasn't there a bit in Revelations about a one world religion as a signal of the end times?"
True spirituality has always been the nemesis of "BS" (Belief System) that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk... giving just enough 'religion' to inoculate the masses against true spirituality that would wise up and rise up against the abject propaganda of Church and State to CONTROL rather than LIBERATE our God Vision... Unity Conscience... Common Sense for ALL of "US" - United Sovereigns of Earth.
Those who are more 'enlightened' on this list will appreciate what Wesak means to billions of Buddhists on Earth, many now in the U.S. and Europe, who are in solidarity with this peaceful religion that is so closely aligned with the spiritual precepts of 'God Vision' as were US Founders who had the prescience to focus our 'Capstone Conscience' through the Great Seal of the United States; the ‘All-Seeing Eye of God-Vision’.
The deeper truth behind geophysical and spiritual 'Earth changes' will not be reported in the mainstream media mind control matrix. It's too disruptive of commercial interests that depend on 'normalcy bias' to maintain their short term profits for control of the physical – and spiritual – resources of global humanity.
For those who read to the end of this article, including the true history of Wesak following, I'll share the deeper truth of the year 2015 as 'Judgment Time' for global humanity... at the risk of losing credibility with about 10,000+ Netizens depending on how this post is 'syndicated' (forwarded) by social networks and blogs I network with.


Ancient 'Mount Rushmore' for Buddhism

Giant Buddha Phenomena Explained

As many people on this list know, May 3rd of this year is the peak of a 3-day ‘window’ of rarified cosmic energy – the Buddhist festival days of Wesak – when the full Moon is in resonant alignment with, and amplifying, the quantum field deep space sector of Scorpio as focuses archetypal energies of God Vision... mindful of the divine in form and frequency.

According to historical traditions for thousands of years going back to Gautama Buddha, Buddhist monks have made pilgrimages to a remote Himalayan valley at this time where they witnessed the ‘miracle’ of a giant Buddha appearing in the sky with rings of brilliant color.

Is it possible that the same ‘Higher Powers
behind the on-going Crop Circle phenomena
  made a holographic projection in their midst?
 Check out:
Strange Holograms in the Sky.

See the article by Leadbeater, Miracle of the Giant Buddha, which documents the amazing history of Wesak we never hear in the West.

If you ever wonder why there are giant statues of Buddha across the Far East, imagine the return of monks to their remote villages after witnessing the ‘cosmic’ visitation of Buddha at Wesak… and how it inspired devotion to budding (Buddhic) God Vision with great monuments of remembrance.

Remember, the reoccurring ancient Wesak visitations of Buddha was long before the phenomena of crop circles went mainstream, and my experience researching this subject while interviewing leading Crop Circle filmmakers on Cosmic LOVE has clearly shown me that we are being closely ‘monitored’ on Earth, and that a Higher Power is respecting our free will with non-interference… and yet will only let humanity go so far destroying the Earth and each other before we reap the whirlwind of karmic recompense.

The Christian fundamentalist perspective on this ‘reaping what we sow’ consequences ranges from Biblical ‘Judgment Time’ to Biblical ‘Jubilee’, the clearing of ‘Public Debt, one way or the other… the hard way or the easy way, depending on how we sooner or later get our collective ‘global village’ act together as a united world of a more enlightened nature.

The ‘I Am Presence of 'God’ is where Christian tradition meets ‘God Vision’. It’s an abstract concept for many Christians but it is ‘stepped-down’ for the pure in heart with teachings of Christ-like loving kindness that represents (mediates) the higher concept of God is Love and is forgiving (Love-in-action) not for getting (forgetting Love)’.

Somehow this color-coded ‘light language’ got lost with ambitions of political power and organized religion whereby doctrine and dogma was morphed by big money interests to sanctify endless war for the power and glory of government god... with a small 'g' as in 'godless'.

What was lost in Church and State is the unity in diversity at the heart of all the world’s great religions. What we have in common – heart coherence – is greater than any doctrine and dogma that divides to conquer the sacred with a secular materialism devoid of true spirituality.

Heart coherent common sense may be uncommon, but that gives it more value. True believers in the golden rule/law language standard for the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-LOVE are not fooled easily anymore. The Internet 'genie' is out of the bottle, and Dimensional Shift happens:)

Some radicalized Muslims are like some radicalized Christians who rationalize and justify ‘war on infidels’ (Holy War) to right the wrongs of injustice by the other. But in a global village, we ARE 'the other'. Eye for an eye revenge and retaliation makes the whole world blind.

Mainstream media foments this blindness endlessly, and most Christians are unaware of the politics and economics behind endless war by Zionist Jews who own the 6 giant media cartels controlling 97% of mainstream media AND the privatized Federal Reserve central banking system as I've documented HERE.

The agenda of Zionist Israel has long been ownership and control of the media and banking system to control U.S. policies… to get Americans to fight wars for 'Greater Israel' in the Middle East. But that 'gaming' of the U.S. public is wearing thin. Netizens worldwide get far more truth of what's happening in the U.S. than the boob-tube programmed masses here.

Witness the devastation of Iraq, Libya and Syria, and the fact that most fundamentalist Christians in America actually believe the mainstream media lies behind the ongoing slaughter in the Gaza Strip, Syria and North Africa… as if this was somehow a Christian enterprise for the good of the whole world.

Enlightened Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists know better.  It’s not spiritual pride that they know better, it’s the love in their hearts that deplores the violence against our hearts – our humanity.

In Summary...
There is indeed a systemic 'tremor' in Earth as a whole. The old order CONTROL paradigm is disintegrating even as a new order FREEDOM paradigm is integrating.  For those who understand 2015 Big Shift is the year of integration, the 'Big Picture' needed now more than ever is a vision for integration because the rate of change is accelerating rapidly.

Either we are 'born again' with God-Love Vision,
an upward-mobile spiral in resonance with
in form and frequency... or
by default we are busy dying with
denial, dis-ease, dysfunction
and dis-integration
 our global civilization.

Believe it or not, it's all in divine order.  The test for all enlightened souls, of course, is to take heart in the face of mainstream media cognitive dissidence, disinformation and deception that is maintained by Big Media collusion with the corporatocracy to keep enlightened conscience FROM the public rather than "of, by and for the people".

In the larger scheme of conscious evolution in the Aquarian Age continuum, the mass awakening of global God Vision will go mainstream. As this quantum light surges, dark energy purges. Sooner of later we'll see the end of unabashed propaganda in mainstream media that only impaired God-Vision could sustain!  But I digress with a little Scorpio rant:)

The 'tremor in the force' is like the tectonic plate shifts in the Earth. It's ALL connected in the quantum Earth torus field that corresponds directly with the brain's torus field holodeck between one’s ears as is energized by the much more powerful torus field of heart coherence.
The Dimension Shift now occurring is systemic and a lot of people are afraid of losing their minds... when it fact that is exactly what's happening as lockstep 'linear' (left-brain) intellectual pride (ego) and spiritual pride (BS Belief Systems) are challenged by the 'nonlinear' (spherical) mind of G.O.D. and heart of divine now surging in the collective conscience of kind men among mankind.

That's how the 'meek' shall inherit the Earth... with heart coherence.

So Keep the Faith with Pure Intention - Willing;
   See the Good with
Focused Attention - Minding;
    Wise Up with
Heart Coherent Retention - Loving;
   Rise Up with
Conscientious Ascension - 'Seeing'
 (Creative Ascent Process: CAPstone)

God Vision

In a Unified Personal-Global Dimension - BEing

For Enlightened Full Spectrum
Wesak Blessings To All,

~ Christopher

PS: As for the REAL reason for Earth changes at this time, many people reading this are unaware of the presence of Planet X in our solar system, and the attempt of President Obama to announce this on national TV this last October.  If you didn't hear about this -- reported HERE -- you may wonder why the media would not report it, but it was giant media cabal that blocked this public announcement from the White House.

And who profits? Perhaps things had to get this bad before the 99% are compelled to unite with God Vision for a New World waiting to be born in the likeness of the Spirit that matters - I AM - for gathering the 'tribes' of IS REAL among the I AM RACE (AMERICA anagram) on Earth as in Cosmos.

 Notable quotable on Spiritual Practicality:

 "I do not speak lightly or idly.  Yet I cannot and must not reveal
 all that is to come, but only caution you in the preparedness
of the spirit and the soul and
 the mind and the heart
and, above all, in the physical body.
~ Gautama Buddha (via E. C. Prophet, 2-28-82)


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