Military, Privatized Police, and Vaccines  

NOTE:  Realize that this genetically engineered virus (in vaccines), has been created to mutate very fast in humans, creating a plaque unlike any that our civilization has ever known.  And once it is seeded en masse into the human population, the power elite behind this plot out of hell intend to seize Martial Law powers to put away those pesky patriots and refusniks who just say no to vaccines. ~ CR

General: 400 U.S. Troops Ready to Assist Feds If Flu Virus Mutates
 29 Sep 2009
Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart also told The Associated Press that as many as 400 troops are ready to go to five regional headquarters around the country to assist federal health and emergency management officials if needed as the flu season heats up. Inoculating the military is a key requirement of the Pentagon's emergency plan, as a way to ensure that troops are available to 'protect' the nation. They also will be on tap to provide help [!] to states if problems come up as the flu season continues. So far, Renuart said that between 15 and 20 troops have been dispatched to each of the five regional headquarters, to work with officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state leaders. But the military presence could rise to 80 in each regional office if needed, he said. "If you see the virus begin to mutate or have a broader affect, or pockets where the vaccine isn't available or is less effective," and the local authorities need help, the military would send the additional support, Renuart said. [The CLG has been predicting this for five years. We covered this issue long before anyone else. See: The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and CLG's DoD to carry out 'military missions' during pandemic, WMD attack and DoD to 'augment civilian law' during pandemic or bioterror attack. --LRP]


American Police Force Corporation Takes Over Small Town Police Force and Prisoner-Less Jail
29 Sep 2009 (MT)
This is the strange story of how American Police Force, a little known company which claims to specialize in training military and security forces overseas, has seemingly taken control of a $27 million, never-used jail, and a rural Montana town's nonexistent police force. After arriving in this tiny city with three Mercedes SUVs marked with the logo of a police department that has never existed, representatives of the obscure California security company said preparations were under way to take over Hardin's jail, which has no prisoners.


This could be the WTF of 2009: American Police Force in Hardin
APF officials plan to stay in the area for the next month
25 Sep 2009 (MT)
American Police Force officials showed up in Mercedes SUVs that had "Hardin Police" stenciled on the vehicles. The twist: The city of Hardin doesn't have a police department. Two Rivers Authority officials say having APF patrol the streets was never part of their agenda... Currently, the Big Horn County Sheriff's Department is contracted to patrol the city and APF has no jurisdiction. As for the jail contract with APF, both sides are yet to agree to a deal as bondholders rejected it again on Thursday morning... Officials say the contract 'only' deals with the detention facility and a police training center.


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