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 Feb 1, 2017 / Heartcom Network

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It’s right out of the twilight zone...

It’s true. I’m not making this up. But this may sound bizarre. It’s definitely a lot to process. And a stress on one’s comfort zone. Or maybe not. This may make perfect sense to you.

There are a lot of enlightened people
who can see the positive potential
as well of the challenges ahead.

In a nut shell, no pun intended, the brains behind Trump’s election owns one of the most successful hedge funds in investing history, averaging 72 percent returns before fees over more than 20 years, a statistic that baffles analysts, and outranks the profitability of other competing funds, like the ones George Soros and Warren Buffet run.

For a fraction of the action, this team
wants to make America great again.

Jan 13, 2017 / TheRealNews
These guys bet on Trump when he was almost down and out.
 See the print version
HERE. Key points excerpted in this blog.

Keep in mind that this ‘team’ could do a lot of good for
all Americans and our all-connected global village
and champion our well-informed choice
Five Core Global Initiatives.

 "The issue today is the same as it has been
 throughout all history,
whether man shall be allowed to govern himself
or be ruled by a small elite."

~ Thomas Jefferson

 Realize that what is truly good for “America First”
is good for the whole world when the opportunity
for global evolution with open truth, freedom and
justice mirrors and models the ‘sovereignty first’
values championed by the American Revolution.

 “We have the opportunity to begin the world
over again.”
~ Tom Paine’s Common Sense
that sparked the American Revolution

But WHO profits? Is it a hedge fund that has a vested interest in the public? Or the investors? Are you aware that part of Trump's team joined up with the Koch Brothers to lobby and pass the infamous ‘Citizens United’ decision by the Supreme Court?

From Wikipedia:
In a 2010 landmark decision, the Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission for Citizens United. For-profit and not-for-profit corporations may now advertise and broadcast messages of a political nature without limits on how much they can spend and with few  limits on the timing and nature of the messages.[1]

Thus began thecorporatocracy merger of
big business with big government through
   big $ pay-offs: corporate influence peddling.

The authors of that policy are now in power, but the Internet has provided transparency with millions of citizen journalists sharing the truth of all this with billions of global Netizens – about 4 billion currently.

The REAL power is indeed in citizens united,
NOT in the
corporatocracy that has co-opted
 the name without the ‘flame’ of America First.

Money-changers running the show?
The 'walls in the mind' are coming down with the global Internet while Trump is building them - us versus 'them'. We win – you lose. It’s classic divide to conquer that we’ve seen in apartheid Israel – a walled concentration camp under recurrent siege that approximates Hitler’s Warsaw Ghetto.
That’s the antithesis of paradigm shift to global village co-operation. It’s retro. Not moving forward.
Yes, it may have been OK with some who elected Trump, but most just voted against Hillary because they KNEW she was bad, and Trump was a wild-card so they played it. He wasn’t supposed to win, so vote for the underdog.

A lot of marginalized and disenfranchised Americans feel that way: male and female, black and white, straights and not so much.

Trump means business. He says he’s going to deregulate business to help small business. But if he deregulates Big Business, we'll see the same ramp-up of casino capitalism that followed deregulation of banking and led to the giant bubble of ‘fake loans’ and the 2008 economic collapse. None of those crooks went to jail, but I digress.

The Big Media telecoms are lobbying hard for deregulation, but without regulation, the giant telecoms would become wolves and devour the Internet for the stockholders – not the public.

There has to be checks and balances with the new paradigm of cyberEthics at the heart of global communications. That's the new paradigm of 'election reform' which cultures social conscience with intrinsic upgrade of core Internet Freedoms.

So take a good look at the real ‘Trump Team’ folks.
We’re talking ‘inside traders’ with high speed algorithm-tweaked supercomputers and the new science of infomatics with artificial intelligence for data-mining and predictive modeling regarding trends they bet on for a fraction of the action.

But are they betting on a paradigm shift? Or disaster capitalism? Or are they just keeping one step ahead of any change to strip equity out of market moves on the way up or down.

There ought to be law against profiting on the downside… like the insiders who shorted airline stocks right before 9-11. Why give the insiders an incentive to profit from disasters?

Actually there was a law against this going back to the Great Depression. It was called Glass-Steagall. But Clinton got rid of it when he deregulated investment banking. Banksters and hedge funds have thrived on a fluctuating economy since then. They take their cut and the Fed creates more money as more debt.  

But that’s about to change. Paradigm shift is in process. Global economic reset is imminent.

Think about it folks. This ‘Billionaire Brain Team’ provides Trump with a vast network of non profits, strategists, media companies, research institutions and super PACs that they themselves fund, and largely control.

This includes some really sharp people like former Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway. These are people who foresaw a definitive path to the Presidency that is not the same ‘pay to play’ rules of Clinton notoriety.

The ‘paradigm shift’ has new rules
for the Next Economy, and new
 standards create new industry.

REALITY CHECK: The Big Lies of Big Media have hit the wall of mass awakening with ‘Net reality’ as billions of Netizens care to share the truth that liberates social conscience in our global social networks.

The 'Currency' of Social Conscience is
'Self Regulation' for Global Reset:

"We have the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen, as long as we remain honest which will be as long as we can keep the attention of our people alive.  If they once become inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors would all become wolves." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Witness the Global Paradigm Shift Folks

The Internet has sparked awakening of the ‘Global Mind’ with billions of 'US' discovering how the concentration of power with Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Media, Big Pharma and Big War profiteers in collusion with Big Government has succeeded to the point where gross defects obscure actual gain. But our new Net reality is even moreso a natural function of the shift in energies – the Ascent Wave – that is morphing the matrix of consciousness from the inside out.

This is the greatest fear of controllers who 
are losing control to general enlightenment.

Have you wondered why the dark-side cabal controllers have pumped IQ-lowering fluoride into U.S. municipal water systems, which is outlawed in most of the civilized world?

Or why the same controllers are pushing more frequent vaccines at lower ages with IQ-lowering mercury and aluminum directly into the blood stream and brains of our children?

Or why these controllers have saturated the air we breathe with chemtrails that dull our minds with heavy metals?

Or why these controllers have inundated our food supply with GMOs that are proven to tear up the guts of insects – their stated purpose – but also tears up the guts of people – leaky gut syndrome – which toxifies the blood and brains of people until they are so sick and tired of being sick and tired that they are too sick and tired to think straight?

Get the picture?

Have you ever considered that mass awakening with contempt for this ‘population control’ has reached a critical mass of rebellion against such a pathological agenda to whack our intelligence?
Are you aware that the deeply entrenched deception of Big Media follows from the intent of corporatocracy to dumb us down?
Would you agree that the Deep State cabal had used every means possible to rig the election with fake news that Hillary would win?
That didn’t work in this election. The public is too well informed by independent news on the Internet. The fake news gambit blew up in the face of Big Media. The Internet exposed Hillary's long history of criminal activities that Big Media ignored.
The ‘rebellion’ that elected Trump was more so because he is a wild card who hopefully will drain the "swamp: – the DC ‘District of Criminals’ who perpetuate a policy of government control that undermine public intelligence for self governing self control.

Fortunately, the Internet has turned around that downward spiral with general enlightenment going viral. But will it take an entire generation to recover?

Are We Getting Dumber?
01-30-2017 / LewRockwell
Recent studies are discovering that each
generation is getting increasingly stupid.

Keep your eye on the ball which is in the court of 'Trump Team'. It’s a different ball game now. The whole world is watching with full intent to put Trump’s feet to the fire of public opinion if he betrays the paradigm shift to well-informed choice that is pro-life for 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Will Trump’s team ‘see the light’
when they feel the heat?

Will the billionaire brains now behind U.S. government privatize public policy for corporate profits that truly benefit the public? WHO decides what are the best hedge fund ‘bets’ for the billionaires running Trumps global ‘reality show’?

Is it true that divestment from old paradigms
and investment in new paradigm initiatives
will optimize our systemic
paradigm shift?
Are you aware of the
Five Trump Initiatives
proposed for his 1st 100 days that promise
an enlightened
paradigm shift GLOBALLY?
Would you agree that well-informed choice
for ALL of ‘US’ - United Sovereigns of Earth
will prosper with enlightened
paradigm shift?

There’s a cautionary note in this ‘Outer Limits’ scenario of brainy powerbrokers using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to call the shots on the U.S.-Global stage.
Under Bush-Cheney, we saw that the Carlisle Group investment fund made a killing, literally, for the military-industrial and Big Oil contractors. But now the growth of the Internet has awakened the Global Mind to the abject madness of blowing up the Mideast – millions dead and refugeed – for the profit and power of the corporatocracy.

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken,
or cease being honest.”
~ anonymous

“Casino capitalism has given people like Robert and Rebekah Mercer [the brains behind Trump Team] riches and power beyond most people’s imagination. But the role of activist billionaires in American politics isn’t new. It’s just become stronger as wealth is concentrated in fewer hands, with the top 1 percent of Americans today holding on to 40 percent of the country’s wealth, and with much of that increase taking place in the finance and energy sectors of the economy. The rise of people like Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers reflects how billionaires have gradually taken more direct control over politicians and the state.”
~ From:

"No provision in our Constitution ought to be
dearer to man than that which protects the
right of
Conscience against the enterprises
of the civil authority."
~ Thomas
Jefferson, 1809

This was never more true.
“Either we all hang together,
or most assuredly,
we’ll all hang separately.”
~ Wise old Benjamin Franklin, right before
ratification of the U.S. Constitution

Perhaps Trump’s team will unite the world
IF they offer
US well-informed choice with
paradigm shift to Web 3.0 cyberEthics at
the heart of global

  In fact, Trump's team could heal the world
  IF they offer US well-informed choice with
paradigm shift to Global
TeLeCare at the
heart of free, online 'Universal Self Care'.

What better way to 'replace' Obamacare
than with the 'public option' to own our
 own health - the RIGHT to abundant life.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." ~ Thomas Jefferson [etched in stone at the Jefferson Memorial]

And as Jefferson so presciently warned us:

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The War on Truth and Global Economic Reset
Feb 1, 2017

Realize that chaos has erupted in mainstream media

Social panic, racial panic, xenophobic panic and economic panic
are all being ramped up by U.S. corporate media panic

This is a classic example of domestic terror war
by pushing our panic buttons.
A Massive Psy-Ops Operation.

The media has had blackouts on protests for years.
Now they cover the ones against Trump non stop.
….. HMMM???

If you really want to know, you'll have to
pull focus and get a grip on the reality
  revealing the same cabal behind 9-11,
the media cover-up, and a history of
FED corruption in U.S. Government
 going back for more than a century.

So welcome a big paradigm shift
  to enlightened social conscience.

And with that vision for victory,
 know the enemy of big shift.

Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!

~ CR