Americans Waking Up Series…
12 years after 9-11

 How Can We All Thrive?

Awakening the Thrive Truth
to Neutralize the Big Lie


Continued from Part  I – "Syria-US" (Serious) Truth:
Follow the Money. Who Profits?



Recent Interviews with Foster and Kimberly Gamble
 on global progress of the
Thrive Movement


   Perhaps a hundred million people worldwide
   have seen the Thrive Movie by now. 

 It went “viral” (mass recognition as worthy)
 with instant downloads and DVD’s viewed
  in homes and community theaters globally.

The Thrive Movement is increasingly growing strong, but how strong?
 18 million people have now seen their movie on the Thrive website.
Perhaps a hundred million people worldwide have now seen the
Thrive Movie and/or segments on DVDs, YouTube, and blogs.

Shortly after the Thrive Movement launched on 11-11-11, I interviewed Foster Gamble
   on Cosmic Love, archived
HERE.  My intent was to focus on solutions, but at that time,
  Thrive was new, and the shock of exposure to core systemic problems was extensive,
  so movement to systemic solutions was met with much resistance as willful ignorance

"People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.
Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering
that is familiar."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

The Thrive Movement's on-going blog with free e-mail updates has awakened
a critical mass of The Family of Man to massive public deception that is
so BIG and so
bold and so often told that people believe many lies
out of fear that challenges their faith in our core social, political
  and economic institutions. Many people just can’t go there.
Other people fall into judgment, finding fault broadly
 rather than rise to the blessing of real solutions
 with their intention and attention on them.

Foster has persevered in fostering THRIVE,
but his biggest problem has been that he has
  not been able to focus much on SOLUTIONS
  because so many people are “obsessed” with
the problem… revolving judgments based on
faithless fear  rather than revolving blessings
   that focus their creative energies with fearless
   faith, hope and love of systemic SOLUTIONS.

Of these three, the power of love is greater
because love empowers fearless faith as
neutralizes hopeless faithless fear.

When someone awakens with an inspiring dream
that represents faith, hope and the power of love,
 we all thrive with their great  inspiration… all ways.

And conversely…
    when anyone hopelessly focuses on big problems,
        it is depressing for those in their sphere of influence.

  That’s why I tried to get Foster Gamble to address
   clear concise global systemic SOLUTIONS in my
1st interview with him.  But he was already getting
   such massive obsession with the big problem that
     there was absence of focus on definitive solutions.

       But the Thrive Movement has matured many of us.
   Foster’s focus has been working through problems
        with increased attention on a well thought-out process
     for involving and evolving self-evident SOLUTIONS.

  In the following Part II interview with Foster
 regarding SOLUTIONS… Part I is
      you’ll get a good overview of the Big Picture:

What would it take for us to thrive? 
Solutions - Foster Gamble:

  Note Foster’s talking points in both videos.

   How the big banks monopolize commerce and the
   military-media-medical industrial complex that has
   grown up around a giant corporatocracy complex.

   Granted, this is psychological ‘shock and awe’
for many people who are already suffering from
   so much cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias
 that prefers the status quo to unknown changes.

  How to face shocking information?

Watch this new video by Foster’s wife, Kimberly Carter Gamble:

 The divine feminine principle of holy compassion is
well-emphasized by Kimberly’s unique contribution
to the Thrive Movement.  It should be obvious that
   the world won’t heal from patriarchal ownership and
     control values on war steroids until there are checks
    and balances via matriarchal virtues that nurture all-
inclusive wholeness for healing with love’s power.

 Thrive SOLUTIONS requires a ‘rebranding’ of the
“Intelligence Community” from that of the ‘CIA’ as
a covert organization serving the subversion of
sovereignty with foreign and domestic terror…
to ‘
CIA’ as ‘Compassion In Action’, to culture
social Conscience in global social networks
with the holy spirit of
-in-action via
TeLeComm with Heartware.

    That’s the ‘Big Shift’ that is needed worldwide now,
  and the vision alone, how that works, can provide
 the catalyst for a self fulfilling prophecy, culturing
 a ‘Whole Systems Upgrade’ in our core social,
political and economic institutions for all of “
United Sovereigns of Earth).

    That upgrade of communication processes will utilize the
  global communications infrastructure of smart phones,
  tablets, laptops and desk top computers for integrating
our individual and collective talents and resources for
  creating a new economics of abundance based on the
 capabilities of mass to mass TeLeComm with .

Such a global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience will
   naturally create the opportunity for Universal Self Care
     as will upgrade the dysfunctional health care system with
   definitive self-correcting standards for holistic analysis,
prevention and treatment of disease… providing new
  standards for a new health assurance industry that will
   provide ‘health assurance policies’ for global Netizens.

So Keep the Faith.  
 Heals All.
All Ways… Always.

 Culturing a Vision of Virtue and Valor for
the Victory of Worldwide


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