What's Up!

by 'Dr. Christopher' ~ 8-28-2012


 This is exactly the same look you get
 from your friends when you tell them
    'What's Up' with the energies of Earth
     now surging due to Galactic Alignment
   as our Solar System crosses the vast
    ecliptic plane of our Milky Way Galaxy
     in the ‘
Precession of the Equinox’.
              (2 min. animated YouTube video)

It's always a show stopper in social settings.
The typical response is, "What DUH..."

This is WHY Earth is experiencing increasing
solar flares, chaotic weather, earthquakes,
volcanism, global warming, and likelihood
of major Earth changes with PX inbound.

But this too shall pass. Keep the faith
with a little healthy humor.  Why?
Because worrying is virtually like
praying for what you don’t want!

So KEEP IT LIGHT… a little humor helps.

Laughter improves breathing, decreases stress,
reduces heart disease, it’s a natural pain killer,
helps good sleep, makes you feel young, and
is great for relationships.

If you are sincere, bright and playful when
you tell your friends 'what's up' with the
Big Picture of global Earth changes…
the more sincere, bright and playful
ones will naturally ask you,
"What do you mean"?

That's when you hand them your 'card'
or piece of paper with these words:

What's up?  Earth changes coming.  See:
www.heartcom.org/HighNoon.htm ...
to understand why our DNA, conscience,
and world is ascending with a quantum
connection to 'the force'... of 'Source'.

If you google, 'free business cards',
  you can get a lot of them for the cost
  of shipping, and could have a picture
   like this printed on the back (or front):

Galactic Plane… like our Milky Way

Some will 'go there'... and 'get it'.
Some won't.  But love them all
enough to give them a chance
to really get "What's Up".

Just think.  If just one person reading this
forwarded this e-mail to one person who
  forwarded it to a few people with one who
printed the card or otherwise connected
with one person who REALLY got it and
   fully awakened to the cosmic significance
  of this time of miraculous potential for the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

The 'Currents of Higher Conscience' are
always disruptive to public obfuscation.
 Perhaps global enlightenment is truly our
      divine destiny amidst all disruptive change.

May the force of the Source be with you,
 may the currents of Ascension raise you,
and may your allegiance to the Alliance
  bless the United Sovereigns of Earth with
   the golden rule whereby Freedom-in-Love

~ 'Dr. Christopher'

 PS:  The last two weeks, there have been dozens of M-Class
      solar flares, large swarms of earthquakes, forest fires
      are burning across many Western states, and now, a
           giant typhoon is hitting Asia and Hurricane Isaac hits the
         U.S. underbelly where Katrina did exactly 7 years ago.
      All these 'signs of the times' are a wake up call folks.
        Believe it or not, this may be the relative 'calm' before
            it's too late to prepare for what's coming upon the Earth.

     Remember that a 'quantum reality' is surging now...
  and just ONE in the full Power of Love can make
   THE DIFFERENCE that floats ALL boats higher.


Surf the 'wave' for ALL its worth.
Be the quantum power of ONE.


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All Seeing Eye of God Crop Circle at Highclere, Hampshire , UK
reported 21st July 2002

 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light.”

~ Beloved Jesus

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