2012 LOVE Unveiled

Full Disclosure Is Going Mainstream

The ‘Cosmic Clock’ Strikes High Noon for
Selective Judgment; Choose Wisely.

 In the larger scheme of our Milky Way Galaxy,
the ‘Cosmic Clock’ of cycles within cycles
regulates Earth and our Solar System
like cosmic ordained clockwork.

 The approximate 25,800 year Precession of the Equinox
 was well known by ancient ones who built Stonehenge,
 the Great Pyramid, the Mayan Pyramids and megalithic
    structures oriented to this stellar Precession worldwide.

 Ancient calendar systems of the Egyptians, Chinese,
         Mayans, Hindu, Tibetans and Hopi Indians, for example,
   referenced the ‘Great Cycle’ of the Precession as the
   larger context of twelve ages of approx. 2000 years…
     that correspond to the signs of the star maps (zodiac).

   Since our solar system orbits across the Galactic Plane
twice in each 25,800 year
Precession of the Equinox
-- known as the ‘Great Crossing’ by the ancients --
  there is naturally a ‘surge’ in the
Source Field on Earth
   as our Solar System aligns with the ecliptic plane of our
        Galactic photon belt: hundreds of billions of sun systems.

 The last time this occurred was
  the rise of ‘mythical’ Atlantis…
    analogous to our current global
  conscious evolutionary ascent
Time Acceleration in 2012
 with ‘thinning of the veil’ as is
    now unveiling revelations
 Full Disclosure.

 Modern quantum physics of the unifiedSource Field
  has shown that spontaneous evolution of DNA and the
  evolution of consciousness is naturally stimulated and
 activated by
Galactic Alignment surge – ‘High Noon’ -
when the ‘force of Source’ is strong and alive in all of
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth) who honor Source.

 By the grace of ‘Source’, Avatars and other Great Souls
     have incarnated to initiate and inspire each 2000 year age
       with exemplification of the ‘Great Law of Love’ in ways that
    speak parables to each age… exquisite metaphors for the
      eternal progression parallel reality for souls in each cycle.

Heaven knows that the higher the concept of universal
conceived and believed, the greater the
results achieved as the cosmic clock again
     strikes ‘

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Notable Quotables:

 Effective Sensory Perception’ remembers the gift.

  As we navigate the last frontier of inner space with
   the cosmic-universal “Law of the Angles of
Geometric Ordered Divinity)
    and a common “Language of the Angels of

heart resonance-coherence with Source),
our perceptions naturally evolve and ascend with
mind of G.O.D. and heart of .

 Effective Sensory Perception’ IS the gift.


                                  ‘Source Sensing’



 For those ‘initiates’ with eyes wide open
who WONDER in awe of cosmic-universal
Source~  unveiled mysteries,
and want more…