From: Iron_Clay <>
Ten signs the US will be involved in the bombing of Iran
February 26, 2006
There are no secrets being revealed here ... this is pretty well known
by all, although you may find some of the indicators, well, humorous,
like number 7 for instance. But if you take them as a whole, they would
indeed tell you something's up.
Also be advised that since these are well known, they're sometimes done
(with no intention of carrying through) just to ratchet the tension level up a
notch or two and see if doing so will pay dividends on the diplomatic front.
1. The U.S. Navy stages a "surge exercise" and moves six carrier battle
groups into the Indian Ocean.
2. A "regularly scheduled exercise" moves Patriot Missile Batteries to
Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. These exercises happen from time
to time, but if they happen when other things are happening...?
3. Movement of B-52 and B1B bombers to the island of Diego Garcia (in
the Indian Ocean).
4. Deployment of F117 stealth bombers and F-22 fighters to anywhere in
the Persian Gulf.
5. Deployment of B-2 Stealth Bombers to Guam, where there are special
facilities for maintaining these aircraft.
6. Lockdown of Whitman Air Force Base (where most B-2 bombers are
stationed) in Missouri.
7. Increased delivery of Pizza to Pentagon.
8. Sudden loss of cell service near some air force bases (from which
heavy bombers would depart). At the same time, there would be sightings
of Middle Eastern looking guys around these bases, trying to get their
cell phones to work, while being observed by what appears to be FBI
9. Deployment of KC-135/KC-10 aerial tankers to Diego Garcia, Guam and
the Persian Gulf.
10. America asks nations neighboring Iran for basing and over flight
Remember, this pretty much all has to happen at the same time for it to
be a real indication that something's up, and, as stated, it may be
happening all for show. Call it international arm-twisting.
The last thing Bush did before attacking Iraq was request the free hand
to pollute the "Air, Land and Sea" in and around Iraq.  Should that request
cover Iran you may not see it again, however if it was for a specific time
and place in Iraq then you may very well see it happen again ...
giving as little as 48 hours notice.
Note from CR: The Afghanistan and Iran war was never declared and legally authorized by Congress - actually unconstitutional. War powers have been usurped by Executive fiat just as the monetary system has been usurped by Fed "fiat currency".  The tail is wagging the dog here with money powers bent on "making a killing" on endless war.  When God government is reverse engineered by "government god", money powers and Wall Street profits rule.  Without checks and balances on the use and abuse of power, the Golden Rule of civilization is disempowered.
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