Spiritual Warfare as a Chess Game

 Having won chess tournaments in my youth,
I learned enough about the game to win.
It’s the same with spiritual warfare.

Know better to do better.

 by Christopher Rudy,
Host of
Cosmic Love

Those who play chess know that you are winning from the beginning with a good offense; proactive rather than reactive.
It helps to occupy the center of the board as your ‘kingdom’, just as Aikido and other martial arts are optimized when one is ‘centered’ in consciousness.

 If you think of life as a ‘chessboard’
- your world as your ‘kingdom’ -
it helps to know the game!

The ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ rule your kingdom. They are like your higher ‘Self’ in spiritual terms of both the divine masculine and divine feminine principles.  Some would call that the “Loving Father Conscience" (King) and “Loving Mother Conscience" (Queen) within us. Others know hese universal archetypes in bio-mimicry terms of the two brain hemispheres; the linear-logical left brain and the nonlinear-intuitive right brain.

 Quite simply, these archetypes are
 the rule for the chess game of life,
ruling one’s ‘kingdom’ just as they
  rule the space between your ears.

The Queen is the most powerful player in the chess game of life, representing unfettered intuition at the heart of one's conscientious common sense: Effective Sensory Perception.

Intuition is the high-end of the 'brightness' scale'.
The low end is ‘instinct’, processed out of the
 “reptilian brain” (R-complex).

Winning in the chess game of life is a process of conscious evolution... becoming conscious of HOW we are conscious... culturing the 'light language' of Conscience as knows intuitively what is moral and just and pure in heart... a higher standard for conscious evolution... a better way to manage the game from one’s ‘higher brain’, centered in the “pituitary gland" (3rd eye) and “pineal gland" (crown chakra of enlightenment).

Conscience in the higher brain
(your higher Self governance)
 involves and evolves synergy
  between your left-brain’s logic
   and right-brain’s intuitive power
     as 'full spectrum conscious light'.

The King in chess can only move one space at a time whereas the Queen can move any distance in every direction.  Likewise, left brain logic is extremely limited but right brain intuition just knows with more ‘mobility’ as energy-in-motion (emotion).

Each one’s ‘Queen’ has power
 that in ‘excess’ is a weakness.
 If one becomes too emotional
 the result is often devastating.

In the chess game of life, your Queen must be cool, calm and collected (careful) when on the offense, moving defensively to protect the Queen wherever moved. If you lose your Queen, you’ll usually lose the game. She’s that important.

Your divine feminine conscience
is your emotional intelligence
that rules ‘smart’ with a heart.

Obviously, unconditional love in the game of life is not often rewarded when the game is rigged. Look how long it took to end slavery and give women the right to vote. How much longer will it take to liberate the power of love in social networks as will check and balance the inordinate love of power of ‘Unloving Father’ (corrupt leaders) on war steroids. But I digress.

By honoring your ‘Queen’ with
    intuitive direction and protection,
   your game achieves perfection.

Global civilization at this extraordinary time in Earth’s history is also like a chess game… and the archetypal principle of the ‘Power of the Divine Feminine’ is on the move. Many people are now feeling (intuitively) what is going on much more than
seeing developments. The 'inner Queen' is awakening.

 Now is the time ordained when
Conscience is emerging
   in our all-connected networks of
     hearts, minds and souls on Earth.

This will naturally be disruptive to left-brain dominant social institutions wherein the ‘letter of the law’ (profit at the expense of Constitutional principle) compromises the spirit of the law that declares our independence from tyranny in any form.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility
 against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

~ Thomas Jefferson, September 23, 1800,
as inscribed in the Jefferson Memorial

The chess game now, for social media players in the game of life, is engaging in spiritual warfare at the highest level of the ‘Kingdom Conscience’ within us… the InnerNet at the heart of the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet.

The archetypal principles and processes involved
are the same for the individual as the kingdom.

Of course, the role of the Queen is to win with the King, the divine masculine principle that protects, directs, perfects and otherwise represents the divine feminine principle as is unconditionally loving, inclusive, open, welcoming, heart-centered, spiritually focused, supportive and inspirational.

All players in one's 'chess game'
serve the Queen and the '
In the chess game of life, the acronym code words for "KING" is "Keys to INternalization of God-love".

With that 'KING', it's checkmate; you win!

This requires a higher awareness of the power of love as the  'inner marriage' of one's King and Queen with the first three principles of LOVE at the heart of ‘Kingdom Conscience’:

 Free of Fear – Aligned with the Power of Love,
Healing the Leading Cause of Social Dis-ease
Behind Demoralization of the
Power of Love.

 Loyal to Love: Centered in the Wisdom of Love,
Culturing Social Conscience in Social Networks
Heart Coherence and Mind Congruence.

High on Honor: With Love as the Rule, Love Rules,
Inspiring Confidence in Global Conscious Evolution
with Allegiance to the United Sovereigns of Earth.

Pawns in chess and the game of life are often sacrificed for the greater good of the kingdom. But pawns become the most powerful player (Queen) by navigating the opponent’s army to the other side of the board.

We’re all chess players in the game of life.
In the end, both Queen and pawn return
to the same box… for another game.

In the larger scheme of soul evolution, it’s not how much you win or lose, but how well you learn... to play the game…
         Free of Fear, Loyal to Love, and High on Honor.

AFFIRMATION… to be winning from the beginning:
Seize the Vision whereby

CONFIRMATION… fearless faith in the power of love:
      Embrace the Virtue - Kingdom Conscience;

DETERMINATION… loyalty to higher power-in-love:
Make the Vow with Vision, Virtue and Valor;

INTEGRATION… honoring Father-Mother God-Love:
Claim the Victory of and for Your ‘Kingdom’.

For Winning from the Beginning of
Global rEVOLUTION in our
Kingdom Conscience.

~ Christopher

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