Autism Comes Out of the Closet


Where are you on ‘the spectrum’?


The Autisic Brain

Autism’s “rockstar” (PhD), Temple Grandin, lectured
  to a large audience of teachers, university students,
   and parents in Bozeman Montana last Tuesday (5th).
- Front Page Bozeman Chronicle article


Chronicle Excerpt: Speaking in her distinctive, no-nonsense style, Grandin said that,
 "Autism is a very big spectrum, ranging from people with severe handicaps to
    high-functioning people like Einstein, Steve Jobs and Mozart. Half the geeks in
         the Silicon Valley are on the spectrum.
The best course of action for mild autism,
   Asperger's, or ADHD is the same. Help the child to understand their strengths.
Focus on things they are good at."

As a long-time geek "BC" (Before Computers), I've focused much of my life on the
  understanding of the 'language of light' as the language of consciousness in order to
    wrap my mind around full spectrum order that heals "full spectrum disorder" (autism).

by Christopher Rudy / March 12, 2013


Grandin became famous in 2010 when actress Claire Danes portrayed her in an award-winning HBO television film.  If you want to be inspired with a real life drama that speaks well for the BIG SHIFT (conscious evolution revolution), then you’ll want to get the Netflix DVD or download called ‘Temple Grandin’.


 As an autistic child back in the 60’s, when few
 adults had a clue what autism really meant,
Temple Grandin learned to utilize her
‘left-brain’ gifts and talents that
gave unique perception of
that which conveyed
our humanity via

"Nature is cruel but we don't have to be."
~ Temple Grandin,
The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism & Asperger's


Temple Grandin developed “effective” (compassionate) methods for handling livestock based on her own experience with autism… and half of the cattle industry in the U.S. now uses her systems from feedlot to processor.


Now Grandin is addressing the even bigger issue of “effective” (compassionate) methods of education in a world that is still cruel for autistic children and for many adults who don’t even know they lack full spectrum wholEness due to ‘spectral autism’… which ‘stigmatizes’ people in many cruel ways.


Education of the heart in formal education
lags far behind
education of the mind
as ‘compartmentalizes” (fragments)
 our conscientious common sense,
replacing it with ‘what to think’
rather than ‘how to think’
with heart coherence.

Buckminster Fuller was another autistic savant with a peculiar genius for pattern recognition of whole systems in nature as applied for 'comprehensive anticipatory design science' in architecture, engineering and the learning process. I studied with 'Bucky' at his month-long 'World Game Studies Workshop' at the University of Pennsylvania (1975), learning that his 'whole systems' concept was actually a model for natural laws governing conscious evolution through good design at the heart of a lifelong learning process.

Bucky discovered that biologists and anthropologists were saying the same thing, that all species and people that became extinct did so because of "over-specialization" (compartmentalized thinking) that is under-adaptable to whole systems in their environment. It's like the divide-to-conquer 'win/lose' mindset of cultural wars whereby the superrich rig society for their gain at the expense of the 99% until systemic corruption profits from terror, war, disease and death of our life support systems, i.e. mass inhumanity to man.

This prime example of disconnect from the prime directive -- to do no harm -- is a good example of the emergency facing global civilization. Now is the time ordained when necessity must be the mother of invention, to find ways to utilize the mother of all networks - the Internet -- to reveal suppressed innovations as can culture unprecedented win/win for self and civilization.

The Family of Man is now defined by a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive TeLeComm capabilities, and a new social Conscience is emerging in our new social networks. The breakthrough potential of our new Net reality has already unveiled the untapped opportunity with free energy technology, holistic health, and interactive social media. It has become increasingly obvious that the 'Abundant Life' is being suppressed by the 1% who have privatized core social institutions and socialized debt for austerity, depression and control of the masses.

Social dis-ease and disintegration naturally
 happens when powerful special interests of
   'win/lose' overrules common sense 'win/win'.

This root cause of this social 'dis-ease' is systemic 'DUH' (Dense, Unconscious and Heartless). The systemic cure for DUH is 'ESP' (Enlightened Sensory Perception). Enlightened 'wholEness' can naturally be cultured as individual and collective Conscience with Enlightened cyberEthics at the interactive interface heart of local and global social network communities.

 Just as a loving supportive home environment
    nurtured the autistic genius of Temple Grandin,
 Buckminster Fuller, Einstein and Steve Jobs,
  so will global civilization become the HOME of
   a creative learning and self-governing process
that involves/evolves our individual/collective
     heart coherence; the heart of mind congruence.
Win/win is the nature of 'full spectrum wholEness' for 'whole systems' integrity.
Such compassion-in-action is the nemesis of win/lose corruption and disruption causing disconnect from the Natural Law framing communication processes that define real community with unity in our diversity.

"In our ability to think about something differently
lies the power to make it different."
~ Marianne Williamson

The power of belief in a Higher Power, is the power of wisdom in the
 Power of Love, and the higher the concept of 'light language' for
, the greater the results with a cyberEthics standard
for culturing
heart coherence via full spectrum wholEness.

For a global evolution revolution of, by and for
conscientious win/win common sense,
All Ways
… Always,

~ Christopher

 PS: Pure intention focuses attention with
         'Full Spectrum Harmonious Order'


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