Changes in the Sun are Changing Us

by Christopher  Rudy, Founder
UltraMedics Services


This is important-hopeful news!  The sun's radiation is dramatically changing in ways that are profoundly affecting our DNA and consciousness. Science now confirms that the matrix of matter is mutating at an accelerated rate.  Our perception of time as we have known it is being 'compressed' with more of an intuitive sense of the infinite and eternal in the here and now. The 'veil' separating us from the Spirit that matters is thus thinning rapidly.  A quantum web of solar light is weaving a new fabric for conscious evolution on Earth.

The Matrix of Matter is Mutating
via 'Cosmic Fire'

Watch this short YouTube video to realize some of the profound implications:

Changes in the Sun Will Change Us, Too 
Uploaded to YouTube on May 7, 2011

Video subtext:  The scientific community has been amazed to discover that there are changes taking place in the nuclear decay rate in particles being emitted from the depths of the sun. This is an unprecedented change, and David Sereda here discusses what we are likely to experience as this process continues. The increase of energy involved will affect everything on earth, including the human body and the human mind. Scientists believe that it is happening because the solar system has entered an area of the galaxy that is affecting our sun --and us -- in ways that we have never seen before. Could the "cosmic sap" predicted by the Mayans be a "cosmic sub-atomic particle?"

[Note:  Watch the YouTube video on,The Quantum Reality of God Within" to discover that it is NOT a sub-atomic physical 'particle' which is mutating matter. That's a slight but definite distinction from the quantum frequencies of a cosmic energy wave nature emanating from the core of our galaxy, resonating through our sun’s energy emissions, and permeating our atoms, cells and DNA.  Conscious evolution is accelerated with this understanding… the reality of a 'spiritual frequency' at the heart of each soul's quantum shift and the transformation of global humanity. ~CR]

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[Note: This is only "terrifying" to those secular scientists whose "BS" (Belief Systems) are severely challenged by the "
Quantum Reality of God Within". ~CR]

Summary of the wealth of wisdom in the two amazing videos linked above:

We live in an ocean of vibrational energy and this quantum field of ‘cosmic energy’ is dramatically changing. The Sun is alive, and it is becoming more alive (active) in ways that science is just discovering. Very weak changes in the electromagnetic field emanations from the Sun have been proven to have a powerful change effect on our DNA and consciousness.

Consciousness can permeate matter in profound ways that science is just beginning to understand… and consciousness is directly affected by the ‘cosmic fire’ radiating from the core of our galaxy (Great Central Sun) through the Galactic alignment (photon belt) of hundreds of billions of star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy… as our solar system crosses the Galactic plane in 2011.

The Internet revolution in consciousness with global instant-everywhere and interactive communication capabilities is a NATURAL consequence of the ‘cosmic fire’ changing our consciousness and technological developments. As the increasing intensity of this ‘cosmic fire’ mutates matter with the Spirit that matters, even the “heartbeat of the Earth” (Schuman resonance) has been dramatically changing, and that frequency has long been a constant until Earth began entering the photon belt of Galactic alignment.

The kingdom of ‘universe’ is within us. 

The miracle of the moment -- when the soul awakens with solar fire -- is a profound understanding of human embodiment between the universe outside of us and the universe within us.  You can see what I mean by watching the amazing (short) YouTube video, "Powers of Ten".

The ‘cosmic fire’ emanating from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy has an intelligence which is activating not only the intelligence of our Sun, but also is resonating with the miniature sun ‘nucleus’ of every atom of matter in the Earth and the cells of our bodies. 

As this Galactic alignment reboots our atoms, DNA and consciousness, we'll all be 'touched by fire' -- the Spirit that matters -- and collectively this translates to a new 'Common Sense' or 'Unity Conscience' which fulfills the larger scheme of cosmic evolution at this unprecedented time.

There is a science to the healthy choices we make now.

Science tells us that sperm counts continue to plummet among humans.  That’s nature’s way of telling us we are not healthy enough to procreate. Cancer is another way that Nature tells us our immune systems are not healthy enough to kill cancer cells which we all get throughout life.

Cancer rates have more than quadrupled with radiation levels more than 100 x’s what were scientifically known as safe in the 1960’s.  Since then, politicians under pressure from commercial interests have increasingly raised the level of radiation considered safe. The deception and scientific fraud, ranging from TSA body scanner dangers to the cover-up of massive multiple meltdowns at Fukushima, is beyond criminal.

The key factor determining why one person gets cancer and another does not is now scientifically known to correspond to the ‘life force’ of the person, measurable in millivolts, as explained in the 1st video at the top. This is a HUGE revelation which compels proactive measures to build health as a vital-life force on a systemic cellular level.

Be prepared, not scared

The key factor for cellular health in the face of increased radiation of ALL kinds is thus a higher level of millivolts (life force) in the cells – keeping high levels of calcium and magnesium to maintain the ‘cellular battery’. The other key factor, besides these two critical macronutrients (2-3 grams of cal-mag per day), is a full spectrum of essential life micronutrients which provide the richest source of vital DNA material for genetic repair and regeneration, i.e. flower pollen extract – an adaptogen which helps the body adapt to stress of all kinds.

The only ‘side-effect’ of Swedish Flower Pollen Extract is that it increases sperm count and sexual vital force dramatically, which is only a negative if you’re trying to avoid fertility or excess sexuality.  The positive ‘side-effect’ is a strong immune system operating on a cellular level where the mitochondria ‘powerhouse’ of the cell generates energy as vital force of a higher millivolt level.

Common sense may be uncommon but the truth will not budge. You CAN build health in the way that prevents disease.

Spiritually, stay positive (pure intention). Watch ‘The God Within for inspiration.

Mentally, stay vigilant (focused attention on the Spirit that matters).

Emotionally, stay balanced (harmony’s retention for conscious ascension).

Physically, stay strong (prepare, build immunity to disease for life extension)

Those four 'dimensions' of your four-cylinder 'engine' need to have good timing and good 'ignition' in each engine cylinder for your vehicle to run well. That's 'car talk' for health maintenance at an optimal level. The 'fire' in these four dimensions of health is the vital force in the cells as can be measured in millivolts... and this is what powers emanations from your heart, lucidity in your mind, and synapses in your hands.

As we 'power up' our vehicles with the fire of vital life force, shift happens and fortunately it's an automatic transmission.  Call it 'intuition', 'conscious knowing', or whatever. It's all a matter of mind over matter and Spirit over mind.  Without heart, we're not smart.  Real power is the fire of pure intention, which is why "the meek shall inherit the Earth" in the following millennial golden age.

The rest will incarnate into circumstances 'elsewhere' (other dimensions for soul progression),
to experience what their lack of kindness has caused others... until they learn their lessons, transcend the faithless fear matrix, or otherwise 'graduate' to higher classrooms for evolutionary ascent
... whether a heaven on Earth in the future or a 'Wonderland' in the here and now.

So fire up your vehicle for the evolution revolution.  It's time for ignition and lift off!  And by the grace of the Great Spirit, you'll go where you really want to go

To Your WHOLE Health,

~ Christopher Rudy, Founder
UltraMedics Services

 "One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters
the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life,
and dedicate ourselves to that."
~ Joseph Campbell