March 14th, 2011
Heads up:  Radiation coming and Earth Changes

Japan radiation is headed towards America.  That may be the least of our problems. 

A friend just sent me this short YouTube video which got my attention. This woman predicted huge earthquakes more than a year ago!

That video, produced back on Feb. 27th 2010 was very specific about an astrophysicist's predication of more serious earthquakes due to 'Comet Elenin', a codename for Nibiru (Wormwood, Planet X, etc.).

In early February, I archived an article at 'My Web Sites' called "The Power of Love Faces Forbidden News". That first part, emphasizing fearless faith, included a link to the 2nd part on 'Forbidden News' <> where you will see a more specific prediction from another astrophysicist regarding imminent Earth changes.  That YouTube video has since been removed, which I suspected might happen, so in that article I debriefed the contents with his specific reference to two 'alignments' in "Mid-March" and "Mid-September".  The "Mid-March" prediction has come true, at least in part, with Japan's disaster; the March 19th Supermoon is upcoming.

For confirmation of these 'specific predictions', see the information following. Note March 15th ("Beware the Ides of March")

Re: NASA tracking/orbit data for the Elenin Comet is a psy-op cover story for a brown dwarf 2.5 Jupiter mass sizes (Nibiru)


Feb 11 Nibiru between Jupiter and Mars orbits. 2.66 AU from Earth.

March 4 Nibiru breaks through solar ecliptic plane to enter northern hemisphere. 2.26 AU from Earth.

March 15 Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in alignment creating gravity trough and pole shift event. First Conjunction. 2.09 AU from Earth.

June 30 Nibiru crosses Mars orbit. 1.77 AU from Earth.

Aug 3 Nibiru crosses Earth orbit and Earth reaches Nibiru perigee position. 1.48 AU from Earth.

Aug 18 Nibiru crosses Venus orbit. 1.24 AU from Earth.

Sept 11 Nibiru reaches perigee position at Mercury orbit. .70 AU from Earth.

Sept 25 Nibiru equidistant from Sun and Earth. Second Conjunction. .40 AU from Earth.

Oct 2 Nibiru at Venus orbit. .316 AU from Earth.

Oct 17 Nibiru at Earth orbit and nearest position. .24 AU from Earth @ 22.3 million miles.

Nov 14 Nibiru crosses Mars orbit. .47 AU from Earth.

Nov 22 Nibiru, Earth and Sun alignment for third and final conjunction. .57 AU from Earth.

Nibiru will finally be farther from the Earth than the Sun on March 1, 2012 marking 165 days from Sept. 18, 2011 that Nibiru was nearer our planet than the Sun.

--------- final note:

The video at the top regarding "Comet Elenin" mentioned that the name 'ELENIN' was a code name for "ELE" (Extinction Level Event) and "NIN" for "NINeveh" (The Jonah and Nineveh story).

Note that the final 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar ends on the 28th of October, shortly after Nibiru's nearest position to Earth and right before the third and final conjunction of Nibiru, Earth and the Sun. 

Cosmic coincidence?  Or prophecy unveiled? 

Be assured that the only 'news' we'll get on this from the controlled media will be after occurrences like Japan - no forewarning.

Forbidden news indeed!

Connecting the dots to be prepared,


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