March Supermoon

"Trouble"?  Or "Awakening"?
Or Both?

Foreknowledge is like foresight.
Forewarned is forearmed.

Better than blindsighted is foresighted.
Half of every test is to know
what testing is afoot.

March SuperMoon could bring trouble to Earth

by Albany Weather Examiner, Brent McGrady, March 1st, 2011


On March 19th, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in 18 years, also known as the lunar perigee. One astrologer has coined this event as a "SuperMoon," during which a new or full moon is at 90% or greater of its closest perigee to Earth. This time the moon will be 356,577 km from the earth, which is the 6th closest approach for the moon between 1985 and 2012.

So what is the big deal about this SuperMoon? Many theorists claim that this SuperMoon will bring strong earthquakes and/or storms as well as unusual climate patterns to the planet. You can argue for yourself whether or not the moon is the cause of this, or some other factor.

In history, there were Super (full) Moons in 1955, 1974, 1992, and 2005. All of these years had their share of extreme weather, but was it just coincidence or was it caused by the Moon? It is already known that the moon does have impacts and affects on the Earth such as lunar tides, but does the SuperMoon cause an increase in extreme weather?

So if you are one to believe this talk, prepare now for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and/or major storms and floods. For those who are unsure, the last extreme SuperMoon in 2005 was right around the time of the 2004 Indonesia 9.1 magnitude earthquake on December 26th, coincidence or not? Also, for those weather fanatics, the March 8, 2003 perigee happened just over an hour before the full moon then, which was only days before the March 12-13th Superstorm. So could Albany be in store for another major snowstorm later this month followed by severe floods and maybe an earthquake? There seem to be more questions than answers, so only time will tell what the moon has in store for us this month.

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March SuperMoon could bring awakening to Earth

by Christos Lightweaver, 3-6-11

Everyone knows that the Moon affects the tides of the Earth.  It's also is well known that the Moon affects the 'tides' of the predominant water body of humans - the emotional body -- with a well-documented uptick in emotional sensitivity during the fool moon. 

That 'sensitivity' can feed into the dark side or the light side, depending on where one focuses their attention.  Where one focuses attention -- with pure intention -- is where their 'God' is. And without that purity, the light of Conscience, there is no security.

Without vision -- the light of Conscience -- the people perish.

With vision -- the light of Conscience -- the people thrive.

The dark side of emotional disturbance is well documented with the full Moon, specifically with a statistically higher surge of emergency room visits, police reports of domestic violence, odd behavior in mental institutes, and difficulty for those working with the public.

The full Moon is a time when everyone must choose between the dark side and the light side.

For indigenous cultures throughout Earth's history, emotional perturbations of the full Moon were countered by spiritual practices which centered with the 'Great Spirit'.  Oneness with the Spirit that matters -- Unity Conscience -- naturally neutralizes the negativity of fears and other imbalances that come from the sense of separation from Source, God, Love or however you know the Great Spirit.

In astrology, the sun represents the pure soul (pure intention) and the moon represents the personality (ego's attention). On a full moon, the moon and the sun are at maximum separation, and the reflection of 'solar soul' -- the light of Helios -- activates our emotional body for testing of the personality or ego with more light.

With a Supermoon, there is more light for dark places... and like the currency of Conscience, this can be disruptive to the ego's habit of cherished illusion which willfully ignores that quiet but persistent inner voice of Conscience.

At such a time, it is especially valuable to be mindful of the
first principle of Conscience;

Always LOVE... All Ways!

~ Christos

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