Memorial Day - Big Opportunity!

Some see the global problems and say WHY? 
Others see the global opportunity and say

by Christopher Rudy,
   GeoNotes News

There are two 'faces' with the Sun-Moon alignment in Gemini (New Moon) on May 28th. Two realities are facing off in personal relationships and in the global commons that we call the Internet.

The one face is unity in our diversity as a 'dance' of two-as-one in the hemispheres of the brain and East-West hemispheres of the world. This is the face of our aspiring humanity -- mankind as kind men and women who cooperate to coordinate a worldwide web where social conscience is cultured in our social networks. This means more nonlinear perception -- Effective Sensory Perception -- with right brain intuition that KNOWS we are brothers and sisters in a global village where the power of love takes precedence in choices we make. That's the face of Net Neutrality with social enlightenment in social networks.

The other face is left-brain lockstep divisions of our unity, the pathological win/lose paradigm paralysis of willful ignorance we see in planetary predatory policies whereby the rich and powerful win with the inordinate love of power that makes public plunder 'legal' and tyranny 'normal'. That's the face of a totalitarian surveillance state with 'Hunger Games' for the 99%.

The well-rounded face of the one 'Gemini Twin' is a happy face that sees the opportunity for change to spherical conscience in our global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality.

                     THE AQUARIAN MANDATE:

                   In the larger scheme of eternal progression
                   there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
                   and common language for inspired direction
                   centering love within, so when we all enter in
                   we find a unity state with 
one clear mandate:
                   either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

The angular-furrowed face of the other 'Gemini Twin' is a sad face that sees the problem with any opportunity that challenges its victim dictum and paradigm paralysis. That face is ruled by fear and "
SIN" (Stuck In Negativity).

These two Gemini Twins represent the CHOICE of either more light and love in our global social networks, or just the opposite.

The sad face is clearly pessimistic, seeing the linear time line from past to future as a trend that is depressing and deprived of abundant light and love.

The happy face is clearly optimistic, seeing the capability for A MEMORIAL DAY when enough good Netizens worldwide wake up, wise up and rise up to claim THE BIG PICTURE of Global Interdependence with a Cosmic Perspective, Unity Consciousness, Cognitive Shift, Mind Congruence with Universal Awe, an Ecstasy Connection, Heart Coherence, Metaphysical World View, Spiritual Destiny, Planetary Conscience and a Sustainability Imperative Compelling Cooperation; THE OVERVIEW EFFECT:


                                        Choose wisely and have

                                                ~ Christopher

Global TeLeComm

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a more enlightened Net reality.