It's not what you may think!

by GeoNotes Editor,
Christopher Rudy

Health care reform without a Public Option has hit the wall of public resistance, and the pathological inoculation of the American people has begun via
90,000 immunization providers nationwide. Live H1N1 flu virus in a nasal spray is followed by vaccine shots that whack the immune system with high levels of toxic mercury and squalene, so the virus will "take". 
The real possibility that this live virus will gestate and mutate into mass plague has raised legitimate fears.  If that happens, those fears may quickly morph into a new form of domestic terror with Martial law that makes vaccination
-- under threat of fines or quarantine at internment camps built nationwide by Cheney's Halliburton.

If there is a great dying in the population, do you think that government officials will blame themselves? Or to save themselves, do you think they will deny conspiracy, trot out experts, blame the virus, suspend the Constitution with Martial law, and quarantine those who refuse vaccines?

Executive orders and stealth legislation has prepared all the laws for just such an eventuality.  The long-term agenda to do this is well documented at "Depopulation via Inoculation".  For a brief overview of this agenda read, "Vaccines and the Fourth Reich".

Perhaps the best YouTube video on the nefarious history of the medical monopoly behind vaccines is at

The fruit of this medical monopoly is that -- in the name of health care -- the public is now being injected with deadly pathogens.  Mass media deception runs cover for public treachery.  Obama gets the Nobel Peace prize while genetically engineered plague is seeded in the population. 
New Rockefeller-sponsored legislation is now before Congress that will give government the power to shut down parts of the Internet, censoring free speech as they do in China, in the name of "anti-terrorism" of course.

This is the "final solution" of those who put their power to profit and control above core Constitutional principle.
Realize that the Internet has exposed how the Rockefellers and power elite cronies created the energy monopoly (Big Oil), the medical monopoly (Big Pharma), the banking monopoly (FED), and a communications monopoly (Big Media). They want total control and truth is their enemy.  New technologies for the Great Reboot of global civilization makes their monopolies obsolete... and they are scared shiftless

Their time is short and they want their New World Odor that stinks to high heaven.  Now we see their final solution, but it is their final judgment by civilized people worldwide.

Evil wins only if enough good people do nothing.  Please network this article freely.

Beware and Dare to Prepare,

~ Christopher

  I Am,
   One for All,
   holistic visionary
   Editor, GeoNotes News
   Publisher, HEARTcom Network
   Host, Comic LOVE Radio Talk Show
   Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

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