The whole Earth is in a global healing crisis

Oct. 9, 2009

by Christos Lightweaver,
Cosmic Correspondent

The time we are now in has been called "The Time of Trial on Earth",
   "Judgement Day", "The Time of Great Purification", "The Quickening",
"The End of Time as We Know It", "The Shift of the Ages".
It is foretold that completion of the Precession brings
regeneration of Earth, offering awakening to all open, willing hearts.
Many peoples spoke of these last days of the Great Cycle,
including the Maya, Hopi, Tibetans, Egyptians, Kabbalists,
Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache,
Iroquois Confederacy, Dogon Tribe and Aborigines.
~ from
2012 Unveiled

The Great Law of Cause and Effect warrants that we will individually and collectively reap what we have sown.  The greatest power each soul has is the power of choice, and our free will choices now have global consequences -- a new world of instant-everywhere-interactive Internet connection.  Ultimately we will either embrace the "Great Reboot" of our new global Net reality with the "Language of the Angels" (our better nature), or by default, we ASK FOR the dis-ease, dis-information, dysfunction and destruction of health in our world views, institutions and life on Earth.
The world is a cosmic struggle for the soul of mankind
and that struggle is reaching a climax.
All problems are, at heart, communication problems - how we come into unity with a Higher Power personally and collectively. Heaven knows that many souls have incarnated at this extraordinary time for the unprecedented opportunity of "Mass Judgement" via mass-to-mass interactive communications that culture wholeness, homeostasis and healing in all our core social, political and economic institutions.  The high end of that "Mass Judgment" is discernment with the holy spirit of the "Great Spirit" (LOVE-in-action)
The higher that vision of virtue for the victory of civility in global civilization,
the greater the natural results as a self-correcting, self-fulfilling prophecy.
Mature souls understand that individuals and civilizations rise in harmony and alignment with the Great Spirit of the Great Law.  Conversely, civility in civilization falls when faithless fear creates cognitive dissonance as an out-of-alignment state that disengages the Great Spirit of the Great Law.
LOVE heals all.  Always has.  All ways will.
Lack of LOVE is the cause and effect of
discord, disinformation, dysfunction, disease
and destruction of civility in civilization.
The Great Spirit is unconditional LOVE -- the "" in the LOVE Model -- representing the currency of conscience in the public SPHERE
"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
  ~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution
The Great Law is conditional LOVE -- the "" in the LOVE Model -- representing core Constitutional freedoms as the RIGHTS of all humanity.
"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776
(the most successful political treatise in history
that sparked the American Revolution)
It is the divine destiny of global rEVOLUTION right now -- emphasizing 90% of the word -- to define (), refine () combine () and shine () the  full-spectrum intelligence of, by and for the Inner LOVE Archetypes that culture personal and planetary enlightenment.
It is the marriage of the Great Spirit with the Great Law that
gives birth to full spectral order of an enlightened nature.
There are dark forces in America that have capitalized on terror to aggrandize power since Sept. 1, 2001.  People worldwide are aware of this.  Global Netizens have watched how economic terror was likewise used to further centralize power in Wall Street companies that profit from public debt, endless war and genetically engineered disease. The sick health care system is just one of many symptoms of the systemic dis-ease in the body politic.  It is well documented that brain damage and full-spectral disorder (autism) is caused by vaccines.  Beware and prepare.
As the Big Shift accelerates on the 2011-2012 Timeline
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
the full spectrum
of universal

Great Heals All,

~ Christos

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon