Christopher L. Rudy, CEO
Heartcom Services

Developer of Heartware
to define/refine Web 3.0

Updated August 2015

This is an investment prospectus for developing Web 3.0, a 'toll-gate' position with the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution.  Foresight is your expertise and I honor that with this time-sensitive first option.

This may be the strangest investment proposal you've ever seen, but it could also be one of the most profitable. Think Bill Gates before Microsoft, the Internet before Netscape, or Zuckerberg before Facebook. Each was an idea that found it's time.
Consider the megashift trends from the 1970's emphasis on mainframe hardware (IBM) to 1980's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to 1990's emphasis on netware (Web 1.0 Netscape), to 2000's emphasis on Web 2.0 with interactive social networks (Facebook). Now witness the last decade's trend to integrated palm-top hardware, software and netware as a mobile platform for interactive Web 3.0 TeLeComm with Heartware (HeartServe).

A Universal Interface for Mass-to-Mass
TeLeComm with
Standards for Heart Coherence and Mind Congruence.

New standards for interactive mass-to-mass "TeLeComm" (emphasizing the TLC), will define and refine major global markets, upgrading core social and economic institutions.
I've been modeling market applications since 1974 when I addressed ten federal agencies on Capitol Hill. The timing is 'ripe' now with global economic reset now in process. Closed systems are disintegrating at an accelerated rate while Web 3.0 open systems are naturally fulfilling the megatrend direction of the computer/Internet revolution.
For the last eight years, while producing my radio talk show on BBS Radio, I've published extensively on my Heartcom Network blog to frame the code language infrastructure unique to applications of Web 3.0 Heartware as a process for culturing social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.
Although conceptual traction is limited - like explaining the Internet before the Internet - the natural-universal law-language typology via Heartware is well established with an archived copyright history along with the exclusive processes that define Web 3.0.

CyberEthics Standards for the Next Economy

The universal heartware interface for mass-to-mass interaction integrates heart coherence standards with a 'mind congruence' process via 'light language': consciousness coordinates from upper brain to lower brain, left-brain to right brain, and fore-brain foresight to rear-brain hindsight. This holodeck between the ears corresponds to the holographic universe through a biomimicry model of the quantum computing interface VISION re: Heartware cyberEthics.
With a Heartware app, 3 numbers in sequence - moment to moment - creates an x-y-z coordinate axis field of "dots" (conscience) as a whole or in any part of a video.  Heartware integrates 3-D response in 4-D real-time for a 5-D awareness corresponding to social conscience in a social network.
The Chinese market may in fact be quicker to adopt this universal interface for global TeLeComm because they are more right-brain dominant - more social conscious - reading right-to-left rather than the left-to-right individualistic mindset of Western civilization. This was explained by Lynn McTaggart, author of THE FIELD, when interviewed on my show.
As individuals originate and evaluate videos via Heartware, new videos can be originated to highlight context with meaning as represents the response of the 'field' of consciousness engaged with heartware... showing whether response is coherent or not, and whether congruent (centered and connected) or polarized and fragmented per time-line context.
Depending on individual settings, responses can be private and impersonal or public and personalized with one's video channel that features light languaging skills with E-valuation criteria unique to Heartware cyberEthics.
The leaders of an enlightened Net Reality Age will thus be prescient communicators who represent social conscience, recycling general knowledge with those psychegraphic typology heuristics that generate specific wisdom... with a heart.
I'm appealing to three 'angel fund' leaders because I would prefer a synergy of expertise for fast-tracking development and ROI... minimizing risk and optimizing resources towards a 50/50 private/public partnership that represents the angels of our cooperative nature.
Please contact per interest re: multiple business dimensions with Web 3.0 heartware. There's no sense investing without a clear vision of the business concept, technical feasibility, and market capabilities.
For example, the Global TeLeCare market may well be valued at multi-billions within a year of launch. That link explains why. Someone will do this. Heartware will do it better.
Interactive, real-time, mass-to-mass TeLeComm is also a key dimension of TeLeCommunity (governance), TeLeConscience (education) and TeLeCommerce (economics) - a wholly new paradigm of cyberEthics for culturing social conscience in our social networks.
My recent July 4th blog speaks to this rEVOLUTION of Universal Rights in the public sphere. The Family of Mankind is yearning to breathe free in a global village whereby Net neutrality meets Net reality with cyberEthics opportunity.
Time is of the essence. Global economic reset creates a window of opportunity for the ascent of Web 3.0 open systems amidst degenerating closed systems.
In the continuum of Earth's evolution, may your legacy record that your attainment was leveraged to optimize global transition to a more enlightened future.

For Humanity's Conscious Evolution with More Heart, 

Christopher L. Rudy