End of the Mayan Calendar Oct. 28
But this too shall pass.

Christopher Rudy, Director
UltraMedics Services

Published October 26, 2011: Scorpio New Moon

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Is it true that destruction of all the corruption
will cause some serious disruption?

Are you aware of 'Galactic Alignment' and the 'Nibiru Fly-By'
as a systemic and coordinated 'cosmic judgment'?

Would you agree that we are now seeing the beginning of
the end of the world as we have known it?

   'Occupy Wall Street' BEGAN on September 16th and has
  rattled the cage of status quo "BS" (Belief Systems).

But this is just a symptom of the mass quickening of ‘awakening’
in the collective
Conscience of global humanity
as the prophesied ‘tribulations’ begin.

It's the END of one cycle and
the BEGINNING of another.

If you're afraid this may be disruptive to your status quo comfort zone...
or if you're angry at anyone challenging your right to be scared...

There's a bigger issue right now.  Get a grip on this reality,
and hold fast –
OCCUPY HEART – because…

If you want to navigate the BIG CURVE in the immediate road ahead,
you need to see what’s coming and steer in the right direction.
If you are proactive and look forward to the curve ahead,
and if you speed up to match the accelerating rate
of change -- which is about to go ballistic
you can ‘keep your head’ while others
are losing itout of control.

Those who keep their eyes glued to the rear-view mirror,
as if the road ahead goes straight from the past,
will miss the curve ahead and crack up.


    Republicans see it challenging the CORPORATE agenda.
      Democrats are attempting to CO-OP it to re-elect Obama.
  Glen Beck calls it a subversive communist movement.
 The 99% simply want
 (a level playing field with fair play of, by and for all).

The 1% do not want a level playing field.
  But there is a Higher Power at work here.

         One truth of this evolutionary turning point in global history
is as simple yet profound as the natural fulfillment of
      human evolution with the computer/Internet revolution...
      a new unity-in-diversity in an all-connected global village
     of instant-everywhere and interactive knowledge power
      that empowers people to do as well as we know better.

     Ask yourself:

Is it true that we already ARE a global village in principle ?
     Are you aware that global 'quickening' is part of the process ?
        Would you agree that NOW is the time ordained to make it so ?

 That which unites us challenges that which divides us in order
to own us and control us for the love of power and profit
at the expense of the power of love at the heart of
servant leaders in service to the 99% of 'US'
who love life, family and service values
more than money or power or the
ego-strutting of power elite
potentates who are
ethical infants.

From that perspective... the power of love serving 99% of
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth)...

Conscience is up-wising due to our new Net reality.
        Global Netizens are uprising to demand equal justice for all.
   All that is less than FAIR is getting exposed as the veil of
           illusion and self-delusion thins with understandable confusion.


It's not only because society gets corrupted when
it can't handle the hard and clear light of truth.
It's also because the Source Field is surging,
  Earth's frequencies are increasing (rapidly),
our DNA and consciousness is affected and

The birth of a New Earth will soon level the playing field.
     New players will find the going tough, but they signed on for this.
   Some of us have 'soul contracts' to survive and thrive in service
 to the thrival of survival communities that will naturally carry on.



Article follows:

Cosmic order in the Universe will not budge.  Earth was created as a platform for the evolution of souls.  That 'platform' has been corrupted in numerous ways that are making crap out of our DNA and genetic integrity, and there's no future in that for humanity if it were to continue. Shift happensJ

Everything is in divine order
whether you know it or like it
or not.

If you have conscientiously followed the brilliant insights of Dr. Carl Calleman -- regarding cosmological time coded in the Mayan Calendar -- you are aware of the synchronicities of the current Galactic Alignment and Dimensional Shift as the Source Field surges with an intelligent 'light' that has guided Earth’s evolution from the beginning of time… and has accelerated conscious evolution dramatically since the computer/Internet revolution began… like cosmic ‘clockwork’… coded in the Mayan Calendar.

This world is a great struggle for souls of Conscience
and that struggle is reaching a climax.

Sooner of later, we're all going to die. Life is terminal in physical form.  Some of us don't agree that we are eternal souls inhabiting dense bodies, but there's no future in that Belief System.  The "poor in spirit" (DUH) will always be with us, but in the larger scheme of things, the art of loving and joy of living has great rewards.

Life's a hoot, and then,
we reboot

There are consequences for not living with loving in the 'continuum'.  Just as cosmic order will not budge, neither will karmic order governing the sowing and reaping that goes around and comes around in cycles... just as the planets and star systems, worlds without end.

"It is love alone that leads to right action.
What brings order in the world is
  to love and let love do what it will."
~ Krishnamurti

CHOICES YOU MAKE NOW will have virtually 'life or death' consequences, and not just in the physical 3-D sense.  How we die is not near as important as how we live... especially now as the great drama of 'quantum shift' goes global in a very physical way.

"What is love? Love is whatever brings you to the feet of God,
be it cataclysm, be it the perfume of a rose,
be it the raindrop upon your nose.
Whatever will shake you to the remembrance of me,
saith the Lord, that is love."
~ Lord Lanto, Eastern Master

It is true that the most difficult thing in a dense 3-D world is to remain non-attached to worldly thoughts, desires and 'things'.  That linear 'box' -- contemporary 'reality' -- frames a limited worldliness. But in the larger 5-D+ continuum, space and time are 'non-linear'.  Past and future are synchronous in the infinite and eternal now.  Souls go to where they're coming from.  And the great sorting of souls -- based on the 'registration' of one's frequency of selfless love-in-action (as in frequently) -- will determine whether one's soul goes to the light -- preparing for physical incarnation in 'golden ages' in the continuum -- or whether one's soul goes to a dark place of inordinate beliefs, thoughts and feelings corresponding to lack of love. 

Cosmic Law is universally fair.
If we do what we've always done,
we get what we've always got.

What we 'own' tends to own us.  If we 'own up' to how we've invested our temporal energies -- whether secular or sacred -- and 'man up' to the real urgency of the hour, we become conscious of HOW we've been conscious.  The 'feed-back loop' of "CONSCIENCE" (conscientious common sense) will sooner or later warrant an enlightened 'life review' experience that is self-evident as a love learning process.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

People marvel at the divinely inspired 'breakthrough' that government of, by and for the people pioneered with the Constitution.  At the heart of the Constitution is Cosmic Law -- the Constitution of Conscience.  When we OCCUPY HEART, we occupy the seat of authority that inspired the Constitution.  It's still alive and will never die in our hearts, no matter what insanity spews from the corporate media of, by and for militarized corporate government.

  That profanity is what people worldwide are demonstrating against.
  Thanks to our new Net reality, more people are now aware that our
core social institutions have been privatized by corporate powers
  that profit from war, disease and lies to sustain this mass insanity.

 This self-destructive trend is killing us, and fails to self-correct.
It is
destroying our global environmental life support systems.
 It is destroying our health care systems to profit from disease.
 It destroys public intelligence as would overcome this insanity,

What choice does a Higher Power have but to

How many people marvel at the way that way our five core Constitutional freedoms could be upgraded with installed and operational Internet technology for liberating the United Sovereigns of Earth?  Why is virtually no one in the corporate media telling the public what we ALREADY KNOW... that monopoly capitalism and socialist communism are two sides of the same coin of the Roman law realm of empire tyranny?  Haven't we learned anything in 2000 years!?!

How long, dear reader, before we become CONSCIOUS
of the principles and processes of 'Cosmic Law'?

I don't care whether you are a Christian fundamentalist or a Muslim fundamentalist or a Jewish fundamentalist.  The fundamentals of the golden rule/law of every golden age in cosmic history is the same 'flame' of universal love. 

“If a man reaches the heart of his own religion,
he has reached the heart of all religions.”

~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi.

NOW IS THE TIME ordained for initiation of the next 2000 Age of Aquarian freedom in love, by love and for the service to love as we OCCUPY HEART.

The 'Second Coming' of Christ-like Love
in our hearts and minds and actions
is our divine destiny in the continuum.

We're about to have a second chance, one way or the other.  Each to their own soul contracts.  Search your soul -- do a life review in good Conscience -- and consider the highest and best use of your light and resources for family, community and humanity.

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

Some will 'check out' early in the tribulations to come.  Most of those will not have prepared spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically for what's coming. 


Spiritual prep centers in faith to counter inordinate fear.
It is not the smartest man who can penetrate the veil,
but those who
occupy the heart with pure intention.

Pure intention will only take you where
holy spirit of Love-in-action
will protect and direct you.

Mental prep works a plan NOW and then plans to work.
Urgent matters prick
Conscience now as never before.
   Some will sleep. Some will party. You need to prepare.

Do what you can in good

Emotional prep steel's the heart for 'triage' situations.
Remember the 'eye' of harmonious calm at the
heart of the hurricane.  Keep 'centered'.

Pure intention focuses attention with
love's retention.

Physical prep will focus on food, water and shelter.
With the time remaining, you need to be serious
and congruent as though your life and the lives
of your loved ones depend on it.  It does.

You can't save everyone.  Salvation comes from the word 'salve'
as in 'ointment', and if you don't want to be sorely disappointed
you must anoint yourself first; you are responsible with the
response ability to prepare all four sides of BEING...
'spiritually', 'mentally', 'emotionally' & 'physically'.
Salvation is thus 'self-elevation' whereby
you self-correct and self-direct as a
self-reliant individual that does
NOT have to be babied
and coddled to


This 'time of tribulations' has been long prophesied.
You know, in the heart of your heart, it's time.
Service to others can take many forms.
The choices you make now will be
the real legacy you leave for
the living; for the loving
of life beyond the
grave crisis

Things have to change folks, and the time has come.
The corruption of life on Earth is not sustainable,
and the 'Great Purification' is about to begin.

But this too shall pass with reconstruction.
Earth's rebirth has it's own agenda.


The Power of Love is a Higher Power
that all Golden Ages evolve with.

Give it some time.  The blueprint for a golden age is emerging.
We see it now in random acts of kindness as well as
conscientious acts of service in alliance with
the purpose and plan that masters
of love have always known
and have all ways

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love
has always won.  There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time,
  they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall - think of it, ALWAYS."
 ~ Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India’s Independence

Take Care and Prepare... All Ways,

Christopher Rudy, Director
UltraMedics Services

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