New Earth / New Birth

by Christopher Rudy

The quantum energy shift portents in the Source Field have huge potential for 'mass awakening' spiritually and mentally, and the catalyst for this (emotionally and physically) may be a shift in not only the EM fields of Earth, but also, a physical pole shift with massive Earth crustal displacement.

If you've been watching sun and moon risings or settings, you know there's approx. a 30% location variance within a few days.  The earth wobble is getting worse and the jet stream is correspondingly screwy.  More people are seeing Nibiru (Planet X) at sunrise and sunset. Earth changes are accelerating with land masses sinking and rising worldwide. Mainstream corporate media blacks out these reports to prevent panic and disruption of the already unstable economy.

For in-depth pole shift updates, read: (Zetatalk). About 40% of their readers (isp addresses) are from governments of the world, the Pentagon and NASA.

For an event timeline before pole-shift, go to:

Believe it or not, I have two close friends who have each been beamed-up into ET craft multiple times and validate Zetatalk 100%.  Gordon Gianninoto is one of them: Born Connecticut 1948; B.A. Psychology 1974; Juris Doctor 1977; Graduated at or near top of classes in high school, college and law school; Admitted Connecticut Bar 1977; Worked on UN Code Moral Conduct For International Corps in NY, NY; Hearing Officer State of Vermont Environmental Board, and Practiced trial law in Connecticut; Lives in Maine on blueberry farm, no plumbing, heats with wood, wife is psychic and white shaman; Had many childhood UFO and ET encounters but saw first UFO 1964 one mile diameter mothership launching 3 saucers over San Juan PR harbor; First vision of pole shift 1973 in a long and detailed dream, had waking vision of same thing 1988; Realized pole shift would bring open contact with ETs; Had dozens of UFO encounters; Started lecturing on future in 1990, found Zetatalk saying same things 2006; Favorite UFO Community Experience: Spent three days with Dr. John Mack, Dr. Rudy Schild and Dr. Edgar Mitchell in 2003; Been in newspapers, on radio and TV for over 20 years; Favorite new activities: shortwave radio and bee keeping.

Gordon was on my radio talk show, Cosmic Love, about a year ago, and the producer of Coast-to-Coast AM then contacted me to get Gordon on their nationwide show.  He’ll be back on Cosmic Love for an update on Oct. 22nd.

Use your pure intention for discernment… connect the dots to get the big picture… and realize that the corporate media will not report this until they can’t deny it, i.e, when it will be too late to prepare.

Think food reserves, water purifiers and core survival supplies with some of these basic resources at

Many will survive the birth of a new Earth.  Just as you would prepare for the birth of a child, Mother Earth is in travail with ‘birth pangs’ getting more frequent.

Nature has its own agenda. Be prepared, not scared.

"No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little."
~ Edmund Burke