The Net Neutrality Reality We Want

by Christopher Rudy, Heartcom Network
July 13, 2014

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The Net Neutrality Reality We Want

See the Good and Make it So!

DEBRIEFING: Three billion global Netizens are now utilizing Internet technology to network for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality.
A new social conscience is thus emerging in global social networks, and what we do to the world wide web is what we do to ourselves as the Family of Man in an instant-everywhere and interactive global village.
SCENARIO ONE:  The Global Mind wakes up with awareness of the importance of public education -- from the earliest age -- for originating, evaluating and co-creating social media programs, videos, etc. The self-evident truth we've all been waiting for in the Space Age is simply an Internet upgrade of the horse-and-buggy representation system based on five core Constitutional freedoms.  For visionaries, imagineers and cognitive adepts, see first, 'Quantum Source Code' and then, 'The Vision - How This Universal Interface Works'... envisioning applications for demonstration to children, adolescents and adults, jump-starting global awakening to the process whereby global civility thrives with a universal interface for mass TeLeComm.
SCENARIO TWO: The Global Mind wises up with enlightened heart coherent TeLeComm processes that involve and evolve our individual and collective social conscience, utilizing the archetypal law and language of consciousness -- an interactive interface -- that acts as impartial-neutral mediator for Net neutrality in our social networks. This vision of, by and for  SCENARIO TWO will serve as an extraordinary catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy when properly positioned, packaged and promoted through professional programs produced for global Netizens in their respective languages worldwide. See: 2014 Shift News
SCENARIO THREE:  The Global Mind rises up with a common language,
the language of light for global enlightenment. This will naturally proceed with a social interaction process that cultures conscientious common sense -- unity conscience -- as represents the Net neutrality which best serves 100% of humanity and all sentient life on Earth. With more light and love in our global social network communities, the spirit that matters for unity in our diversity fulfills the divine destiny of America's revolutionary heritage with a blazing torch of illumination for all souls seeking the highest and best use of their gifts, talents and resources.
See: Launch of the Alliance
Before Net neutrality leads the way, we must chart the course.
In a perfect universe where universal order rules chaos, the Net neutrality we want is the Net reality achieved when it is well conceived and believed.  That's what we get if enough good people do enough to
make it so!
The #1 mystery of Net neutrality is not a mystery when known. It's how everything is connected to everything else in the quantum field -- the web of Creation -- on Earth as it is throughout cosmos-at-large.
Multidimensional worlds without end.
Last month on Cosmic LOVE, I interviewed Carl Calleman regarding his new book, Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization.  I read this book before the interview and was struck with Calleman's prescience regarding the quantum field, the holographic universe, and how each one's brain field is a 'holodeck' that downloads holograms from the source field.  These holograms are like 'source code' for the order of the holographic universe and Earth's emerging destiny in 2014.  The form and frequency of these holographic coordinates represent the archetypal processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of conscious evolution both individually and collectively - the Heartware Holodeck.
Whether as soul contract or daily guidance,
 we have the power to connect with Source.
At the eye of the hurricane is a quantum torus field with a nexus of harmonious heart coherence; calm at the center of the hurricane.
Outside that center is the swirl of
energies that are intense.
Life is like that. When one is 'in their heart' -- centered and connected with the heart of Creation, the same power of love that centers galaxies and atoms with a coherent field of calm, cool and collected spirit that matters fulfills the purpose of co-Creation through loving kindness in all sentient life through out cosmos.
Creation throughout the holographic universe
   is centered and connected with frequencies of
heart coherence, a golden ratio algorithm of
  one's heartbeat when
centered & connected.
Biomimicry science has shown how the worldwide web we call the Internet is like an extension of the nervous system of global humanity. Just as clothes are an extension of the skin, cars are an extension of the feet, radios an extension of the ear and computers an extension of the brain, so has the Internet connected the brains of global Netizens to create the 'Global Mind' from which the future of global humanity will mature.
Net Neutrality is ultimately a neutral
  connection with impartial natural law
  that governs the brain field holodeck
 and collective interaction processes
 that culture social conscience in our
global social network communities.
So keep in mind the signs of the times. Remember that to be identified with the mind in excess -- the lockstep left-brain letter of the law that kills the spirit of the law -- is to be trapped in time.
Indeed, the compulsion to live almost exclusively through left-brain dominant memory and anticipation is to get out of the fully present NOW of co-Creation with the eternal coherent heart of the Creator.
So Keep the Faith, Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Network with Valor and Claim the Victory.
as the rule for co-Creation,
the Creative Ascent Process