Take Heart! Net Reality is Maturing:)

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Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network / June 16, 2015
The future is before us in our new age of instant-everywhere and interactive interNet reality.
This article on the Net Reality Age is a compendium of hot-linked articles and videos that reference conscious evolution highlights since the first of the year. Connect the bright 'dots' for more light.
Ready or not, the Family of Mankind is wising up to our global village capabilities. Rising up goes with the Net reality territory.


The OLD ORDER (paradigm paralysis) is rapidly shifting from disintegration to integration with the conscious evolution capabilities of our new Net reality. A NEW ORDER is emerging - a paradigm shift.
I've written this compendium with 'code talk' for adepts on this list who appreciate multi-dimensional heart-mind coordinates that reflect the coherent frequencies and congruent order of as weaves the fabric of intelligence in all dimensions of the holographic universe.
Newbies on this list, which has been going spiral (upward-mobile viral), may find for the first time that the holographic nature of the Model is the wholEness process at the heart of heartware, and also the infrastructure of the interactive holodeck between your ears... and how this relates to the conscientious evolutionary ascent process now emerging in the collective Conscience of global humanity.
Net reality is where the Internet meets the InnerNet - the inner space at the heart of cyberspace.
That's a LOT for neophytes, but common sense to initiates, and the 'bread and butter' of the 'currency of conscience' for adepts.
The GOOD NEWS is THE VISION (pure intention) that focuses THE VIRTUE (pay attention / attention pays) with THE VALOR (love's retention) for THE VICTORY (conscious ascension).
This is a work in process, beginning with today's New Moon in Gemini that is astrologically "hot" with fiery combustive portents for igniting brush fires in the minds of men... and continuing through Solstice on June 21st and to the Full Moon right before July 4th 'fireworks'.
So the time is ripe for conscious upgrade revelations that represent a global rEVOLUTION in unity conscience with higher standards for culturing social conscience in our global social networks.
Is it true that the Family of Mankind is already uniting with global village Net reality in principle?

Are you aware that a clear vision of an optimal future for all serves to co-create it when applied?

Would you agree that the currency of Conscience can thus thrive at the heart of the Next Economy?
Welcome to the Net Reality Age. Network freely for 'Net worth'. What goes around, comes around.

Onwards and Upwards. Shift Happens:)

~ Christopher

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PS: There will be upgrades to the 4 articles through to Solstice; new material is being added in the 4 archetypal category BRANCHES that represent universal-cosmic law language coordinates for conceiving, believing and achieving the vision, virtue and valor for the victory of our evolutionary ascent.
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