Obama Comes To Montana

Addressing the Health Care Furor

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

by Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News

President Obama flew in to Bozeman Montana yesterday for a public, locally televised Town Hall Meeting.  I watched it carefully.  Interesting drama -- how the President addressed the national furor, rage and crazed behavior over health care.  Of course the furor is over far more than just the sick health care system.  The economy is sick too.  Same core dynamics at play; health is wealth and power without Constitutional principle is sick.

The President cracked a good joke in the beginning, saying that, "Montana has buffalo and elk, but all we have in Washington is bull".  Everyone laughed in perfect agreement that Fed-Gov BS (Belief System) is a bunch of bull.  That's Montana for ya.  A lot of people have healthy "BS" meters here.  Humor goes a long way when someone can see straight through you to your real intention. 

Obama set the tone well for pure intention at the beginning of the Town Hall meeting, and he focused attention on the subject in his unique public-appealing way.  But instead of the sad victim stories that Obama highlighted for emphasis, I would have preferred to hear the President tell us what we need to hear --real solutions -- with those victory virtues emphasized to make it so.

I wish I was there with the luck-of-the-draw to stand up and speak of my experience developing and owning three holistic health centers, and what I learned for healing the sick health care system.  And I would have definitely addressed the mandatory vaccine situation.  No one else did!

President Obama largely framed the debate over health care with the insurance companies as the protagonist, and then he called on someone to speak -- an insurance agent -- who stood up and said that Obama was demonizing insurance companies.  Interesting synchronicity.

That was Obama's window of opportunity to make some good points, and he somewhat did.  But it fell short of the first principle of the Hippocratic Oath, that all real doctors since antiquity have taken seriously... to do no harm

Insurance companies are part of the problem - like a gambling house where the house always wins.  We're betting we're going to need them, they're betting we're not, and we pay them!  Turns out, that's a lousy gamble.  It ties our health to those who profit by denying coverage, and coverage too often profits by treating disease with side-effects that compound health problems, or outright kill you.

That sickness care system called "health care" is sick, arguably harmful, and definitely needs reforming.  It's a stubborn fact that America's health care system ranks 37th in the world in quality, yet is the most expensive.  Dozens of other countries have a longer life expectancy than do the American people.

This will not change if profit incentives continue to emphasize disease treatment more than health building.  Common sense has become the pound of cure that is 16 times more profitable than an ounce of prevention.  Studies show that "the system" is 97.5% disease treatment oriented rather than a health-building system.

Another stubborn fact is that there are miraculous breakthroughs in technology that could easily provide free self-care information online that builds health and prevents disease.  So why don't we provide it when this health-building system could define and refine new standards for health ASSURANCE?

The current system doesn't do better for obvious reasons that few of our elected politicians will openly discuss.  But the public is waking up to this fact, stubborn as it is among true devotees of health freedom.

Obama never mentions that the entire health care system has been privatized by giant interlocked corporate empires largely owned and controlled by the Rockefeller founders of Big Pharma.  The FDA has become the policing arm protection racket for Big Pharma.  All medicine has been monopolized by the Big Pharma drug-pushers who make at least a thousand times markup (huge profit) over that actual cost of each synthetic drug pill.

For the same reason, President Obama never mentions publicly that the Federal Reserve bank is not federal and has no reserves.  As you all should know by now, the FED was privatized by Rockefeller and Rothschilds bankers from the beginning of it's takeover of the U.S. Treasury and banking system back in 1913....  about the same time that Rockefeller was financing 1100 medical schools across the country, a "contribution" from his billions made from Standard Oil. 

Back in 1913, a million dollars was worth a billion dollars now.  John D. Rockefeller was the first American billionaire when there were relatively few millionaires in America.  He used his great wealth to establish the current medical monopoly as "community standard medicine" based on the "allopathic model" of drugs-per-symptom medicine.

Now we see the fruit of that SICK system, with a quarter-million Americans dying every year from prescription drug side-effects.  And that's just the reported deaths.  Imagine the toxicity effect of all the synthetic drugs in the tissues of the body and brain... causing a myriad of diseases with different names and symptoms, but all caused from toxic vaccinations and drugs.  Millions die yearly from those diseases -- a trillion dollar industry that reduces population in almost genocidal proportions.  Is it just a coincidence that eugenics and population reduction has been a long-term favorite agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation?

And what is a favorite solution offered by the SICK health care system?  Mandatory vaccines and more drugs for whatever ails you, subsidized by medicare, medicaid and other government sanctioned drug-pushers.  This collusion of big government with big business is not "socialism".  It's the corporatism that puts profits before people in direct contradiction of Constitutional principles.  This corporatism is what Mussolini called fascism.

When was the last time that your favorite politician, doctor or corporate media mouthpiece told you that?

So you wonder why the mass dying of Americans is at a faster rate than 37 other countries... while charging the most for the privilege?

The incentives in privatized corporate ownership of health care is to profit from disease, not prevention of profits. 

A preventive health care system of unbiased integrity would make the current sickness care system obsolete.  At least, that's what my BS meter says.

Take the incentives out of disease treatment with HEALTH ASSURANCE policies -- that build health --  and people don't get sick as much, recovering quicker with strong immune systems when they do get sick. 

That which builds health not only prevents disease, but also will naturally treat disease at therapeutic levels.  I'm referring to a holistic model of HEALTH ASSURANCE as explained at "The Great Race for Global Reboot".

Obama's Bozeman Montana Town Hall meeting took place 30 miles northwest of Paradise Valley where I live, and Paradise Valley is immediately north of Yellowstone Park where the Obama Family will be vacationing.  Old Faithful is on the agenda.

Faith in a new health care system is what the Obama administration is hoping for.  Hope and Faith are close sisters who will always love each other dearly.  But the economy and health care system are both broke and need fixing.  Charity is the third sister that does the fixing with the holy spirit of love-in-action

Love heals all, and not just the sick health care system.  Love conquers "stupid" -- a backwards system of organized greed and corruption that talks about "informed choice" in health care but has yet to provide a simple, self-evident model of how that will work and what that will look like.

Since 97.5 % of health care is self care -- what we do for and to ourselves -- common sense would say that we need the best information for good choices.  Consider how a system for culturing holistic health will provide HEALTH ASSURANCE policies.  Consider what that will look like.

Please forward this to your social networks - the new "Town Hall Meetings".  Take these points to your own Town Hall Meeting locally.  Print them out on a flyer.  Ask the reader right at the top, "Would you agree that this model of HEALTH ASSURANCE is worthy of implementation for FREE ACCESS by ALL PEOPLE in our instant-everywhere-interactive global village?"

Results-based Self-Care with On-Line Database Standards for
the Holistic Analysis, Prevention and Treatment of Disease.

New standards for a new HEALTH ASSURANCE Industry that:

This model would naturally reverse the incentives of the health care system
from profiting from sickness to preventing it.

Informed Choice Protocols: for the holistic analysis, prevention and treatment of disease;

Results-based Model: for empirical evidence of efficacy re: what works best for your health;

Self-correcting process: a self-perfecting interactive database model that integrates
real world results of the users, providing reporting protocols that indicate which of all
modalities work best for an individual's symptom profiles, whether that be naturopathic,
homeopathic, allopathic, chiropractic or some combination of all choices available.

See details at "Model for a New Health Assurance Industry"
< www.heartcom.org/RaceThree.htm >
with background information at: www.heartcom.org/HealthCare.htm .


Is it true that healing of the sick health care system could begin with a universal system of INFORMED CHOICE?  How inexpensive and easy would it be to provide a free, on-line SELF-CARE service that provides everyone with self-evident database standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease that insurance companies have the option of underwriting to provide HEALTH ASSURANCE? 

Are you clear how this model of public informed choice will make the results-based choices self-evident?  Do you see how a free on-line system can be self-correcting with better empirical evidence of what works best as more people report what worked for their choices via very clear reporting protocols for users?

Would you agree that that this model of self-correcting standards for holistic integrative medicine will make the entire health care system ACCOUNTABLE to the purpose that public health care is supposed to serve?

Based on your response, consider the full implications for change we all want.

This common sense preventive health model is worth a pound of cure, saving potentially TRILLIONS of dollars and MILLIONS of lives while building the health of individuals and families and communities that are all together the real wealth of America.

The downward spiral of public health, and consequent spiraling cost, will naturally turn around when we de-incentivize the current backwards system by optimizing informed choices that will set new standards for a new HEALTH ASSURANCE industry.

It's real simple.  Health building trumps disease profiteering.  Health is wealth.  And the current system of government subsidized drug-pushing is killing mainstreet for the profit of Wall Street.  Worth-ship of the gold calf of money markets has a lot of people vested in more sickness, more dying and bankruptcy of the economy.

Without public health, there is no common wealth.  That used to be common sense, but the most powerful corporate interests in the world are making a killing on endless wars and endless disease. 

That sick system is pathological beyond words, and can only be sustained with mass "DUH" (Dummies, Unconscious & Heartless).

Does the public understand this... that an open system of informed choice in health care would have prevented the monopoly of medicine by allopathic drug-pushers in the first place?  And that such an open system in the public domain -- a free online self-care service that enlightens the people generally -- is the best hope for a fast healing of the sick system?

So why are we hearing "conservatives" on mainstream TV saying that preventive health care doesn't save money?  What kind of cognitive dissonance (non-sense) is that!  Are those "conservatives" simply mouthpieces for the Rockefeller monopoly on health care? 

Are you surprised that the corporate media is linked to Rockefeller companies through interlocking directorates and controlling stock ownership?  Is it true that he who pays the "piper" (talking heads on the news) will call the tune?

When you get past DUH, ask yourself why Obama isn't explaining this publicly.  Are we ready to hear and speak the truth, the holistic truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God?  Are you ready to confront the situation with mandatory vaccines?  Would you agree that the health care dog and pony shows are a huge betrayal of truth if we don't address the VACCINE SITUATION?

The weather was stormy over Bozeman as Obama flew in.  A massive arctic cold front met a massive ocean warm front over the Town Hall meeting.  Too stormy for Obama to helicopter his family to a vacation retreat in Big Sky.  Instead they are driving down Paradise Valley to see Old Faithful tomorrow.

That road goes right by my house on the Yellowstone River that flows out of the Big Park. 

I pray that Hope, Faith and Charity get the best of him as he passes my way.

And to the extent that the Office of the President represents those three sisters in all of us,
we will see the health of the American People and the Republic restored.

Time for a Self-Care rEVOLUTION in Common Sense that will
Finish Globally that which U.S. Founders Began Locally,

~ Christopher


"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind
will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
--Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816