Snow comes early to Paradise Valley even as the trees turn colors and 
 leaves fall along with tourism to the Big Park, reopened after shutdown.
 As the ObamaCare debate continues amidst public austerity measures,
public demand increases for change we can believe in. Health freedom
  as 'freedom from sickness' naturally thrives with well-informed choices. 

When we know better, we tend to do better.

Better than health insurance is health ASSURANCE
by 'Dr. Christopher'

Over 33 years, I've developed and managed three holistic health centers with intent to discover what works best to build health and prevent disease.  From my perspective, I'm appalled at what has happened to public health care, but I'm optimistic because the Internet is creating a global opportunity for 'Universal Self-Care'.

Question: What happened to: ”An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure.”?
Public health care has been privatized for profit.
    Corporate law puts stockholders 1st with demand for profit.
     A pound of treatment is worth 16 x's an ounce of prevention.
    There's little money in prevention but big money in sickness.
       It's human nature that we take our health for granted until we
    lose it, and then we'll pay just about anything to get it back.

   Is it true that the U.S. health care system is more expensive and less
effective than other health care systems among advanced nations?

      Are you aware that the Commonwealth Fund ranked the U.S. dead last
        in health care quality among these countries, but is the most expensive?

       Would you agree that this warrants CHANGE we can all believe in?

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that
 makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Buckminster Fuller

Common sense would say that well-informed choice is the foundation of health freedom, and that the new global Internet infrastructure now has the capability for free, on-line health assurance policies with 'Universal Self Care'.

  There are more than 2-billion on-line Netizens globally
who could connect to Universal Self Care with their
smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

Imagine what that will look like; informed choice that is highly personalized for your blood type which defines your genotype and your metabolic type with definitive information regarding what type of diet, supplements and lifestyle disciplines will most likely be helpful for any set of disease symptoms.
It should go without saying that the economics and politics of health care has become far more complex than the evidence of what works best for optimal health. Obama was elected with promises of upgrading the health care system with a 'public option' for single-payer government insurance like other models of universal health care. But Obama quickly changed his tune once elected, and the public option was eliminated.

ObamaCare legislation was largely written by the powerful lobby firms that represent the medical-industrial complex, a conglomerate of big business interests in collusion with a big government and FDA protection racket that runs interference for GMO food (Monsanto),
Big Medicine (Big Pharma), Big Insurance, and the burgeoning health crisis in America.

This giant self-serving conglomerate has so much money and power that they've become indifferent to the public-serving virtues that value people above profits, and prevention above pathology. Corporate law is well established with precedence ruling that,
           "Stockholders come before the public whenever profits are at stake".
                    ~ Red Lion Decision: Henry Ford versus the Stockholders

This conflict of interest, "Corporate Law Vs. We The People", is eating like a cancer in the body politic. Cancer is like a plague in America. Cancer centers are thriving, with rapid growth of cancer centers being built nationwide. Hospitals are expanding to keep up with the demand in degenerative disease. 97.5% of what we call 'health care' is in fact disease care. There are far more people making a living off disease on an on-going basis than dying from it daily. 

Highly organized corporate profiteering on public sickness
making a killing, literally.

At least 9 of 10 American are oblivious to how or why federal government has been taken over by a power that does not have the public's health at heart. Most people cannot and will not imagine that those above them are their enemies. It is as if we would imagine that we the children are being poisoned by our own parents; it is inconceivable.  So the 1% who profit from the growth-stocks of the medical-industrial complex remain undetected and are not removed. 
This 1% is destroying the health of Americans like a parasitic cancer devouring the host, yet
we do nothing. Why? For 99% of us, there is a huge disconnect between reality and what we think it is, as this short video brilliantly demonstrates:

"All we need to do is to wake up and realize that the reality in this country
is not at all what we think it is."

Viewed by 11,100,379 people as of 10-24-2013

Are you aware how many Americans have their pensions or retirement savings vested in mutual funds (stock portfolios) where the highest returns are from the medical-industrial complex? Think about that. Disease is the big growth industry. This is why 1% are doing very well at the expense of 99% of us, destroying America's health by investing human resources into the creation and management of disease for profit RATHER THAN the creation and management of health for profit.
There's no incentive for corporate media to expose this profiteering from our demise. Big Media gets billions of dollars yearly in ad revenues from the medical-industrial complex. First we get sick from consuming highly processed, nutrition-stripped, chemical-laced "food", and then the "allo
pathic medical system" (drugs for all pathology) treats the symptoms of disease.

The consequence is toxic side effects for 99% of drugs... compounding systemic disease in the body... creating other symptoms with drugs prescribed for that... until we find half the seniors in America to be walking pharmacies, swimming in a blood soup of toxic chemicals that cause more problems than they cure. The 'system' is killing Americans at an alarming rate as you can read

The point is that mainstream TV is not and will not report this without losing their sponsors...
which is why alternative media forums are telling more of the truth that is censured on TV.

Perception management with mass media mind control
is failing badly. People are waking up and asking:
"Is there a better way we can all agree on?"
Is this the "Big AHA!" we want?

Or did I miss something important on the boob tube:)

So where are the incentives in the public 'health care' system to make us well? 


 A health assurance policy that prevents disease
  makes a lot more sense than paying for sickness
   or betting that 'insurance' will secure one's health.
The least expensive and most effective public health care is in countries with ‘universal health care’ that eliminates multiple insurance middlemen.  Many of these civilized countries not only outlaw the marketing of drugs on public TV, but also outlaw GMOs, fluoride in public drinking water, and most of the vaccines prescribed in America. But in the U.S., the corporate stranglehold on disease profiteering won't even allow GMO labeling to warn us of the danger.
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to
a profoundly sick society."
~ Krishnamurti

The good news is that global health care is about to go through very rapid systemic transformation. The Internet has spawned numerous social networks focusing on self care.  Public access to knowledge power is casting a strong light on definitive solutions for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all disease. 

The same hardware, software and netware technology that spawned Facebook is now empowering informed choice in many health networks. People worldwide are discovering which modalities of self care work best for a vast variety of health conditions.

The future of health care is highly personalized self care based on biological individuality in respect to one's "metabolic type" (blood type) and current health symptom profile.

What's working best for Universal Self Care becomes increasingly self-evident as the Internet database of user-documented efficacy matures in three ways:

What's working best for self care becomes increasingly self-evident as the United Self Care database matures in three ways:

1- User feedback with reporting protocols that clearly define the parameter of results,

2- Practitioner feedback with more extensive analysis and reporting protocols,

3- Efficacy guidelines that represent the full spectrum of health modalities as
    documented by their respective professional associations.

This is the emerging future of Universal Self care that I explain in detail at: Genetic strengths can be optimized and weakness can be mitigated with informed choices that personalize your health assurance.

Health is wealth, but when forced to pay for a system of health insurance without any assurance of optimal health, we surrender health freedom; the result is less freedom, less health AND less wealth for the 99%.

So invest in your optimal health. It's far less expensive to build health in the way that prevents or eliminates 'dis-ease'.

These are very stressful times that require health maintenance.
It's not just your car or house that needs to be 'winterized'.

Swedish Pollen Extract (SXP) has long-established markets in Europe and Asia for not just preventing colds and flu, but also to help prevent serious degenerative disease. Today this extract is widely used in America and worldwide in drip IVs by immunologists and oncologists.  Results-based evidence proves that this natural superfood not only prevents disease but also can cure disease at therapeutic levels.

Common sense would say that building the immune system for health ASSURANCE is far more cost effective -- with only healthy side effects -- than health insurance to treat disease.

Doctors worldwide recommend
Swedish Pollen Extract for optimal vitality, mental clarity, and many health conditions that benefit from a strong immune system.

So take your health maintenance seriously. Prevent disease with health assurance.
Keep dancing like no one is watching. Keep loving like you've never been hurt.
And keep your immune system strong with good diet, exercise and
Swedish Pollen Extract.

To Your Health,


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Re-invent your health; build a new model that
makes the unhealthy model obsolete.

~ C.R.