Monday Musings ~ Post Equinox

by Christopher Rudy,
 Host of BBS Radio's
Cosmic LOVE
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Here's a review of Equinox articles that address
the zeitgeist of conscious evolution on Earth
at this extraordinary time of transformation.

March 20, 2015
Equinox / Solar Eclipse / Super Moon
(triple window for paradigm shift wake-up)

Facilitating Conscience Currency
For the Future of the Internet and
The Next Economy

Will new FCC rules facilitate the currency of conscience for the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution? After previous emphasis on hardware (70’s), software (80’s), netware (Web 1.0 / 90’s), and Web 2.0 social networks (2000+), heartware (Web 3.0) is emerging.
My previous article on FCC Rules for the Internet went into the limited capabilities of the FCC, specifically in regard to infrastructure upgrades for social networks (Web 2.0) and the evolution of global Net reality with Web 3.0. This article focuses more on Web 3.0 as the Next Big Thing - culturing the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy.
I realize that this article is a stretch for normalcy bias that resists if not resents out-of-the-box paradigm shift, but status quo paradigm paralysis is virtually killing us. Here's to a new normal. Shift happens:)

Continued with in-depth conscious evolution upgrades at:
Facilitating Conscience Currency
For the Next Economy


Equinox Triple Play of Cosmic Events

The Equinox is a bi-annual event of equilibrium when day and night are equal in both the North and South Hemisphere. The Sun rises due East and sets due West. You could call Equinox the "bi-polar pause" (balance) between North-South pole swings. Until the next Equinox six months from now, the wobble of Earth's poles will cycle toward the Sun for Spring & Summer in the Northern Hemisphere... but the South Pole cycles away from the Sun into Fall & Winter. 
A Solar Eclipse is occurring during this Equinox. This coincidence of the Moon eclipsing the Equinox Sun is extremely rare by itself... like a cosmic one-two punch that can knock out your 'lights' if your intelligence is overwhelmed or otherwise 'eclipsed' by excessive emotional sensitivity of an inordinate dissonant nature. 
The Moon's effect is greater as a 'Super Moon'.  This is when the Moon's orbit is closest to the Earth. That's when the moon has a greater influence on the tides (ocean levels) of Earth as well as the 'tides' of one's "water body" (emotional sensitivities).
CONCLUSION: The combined synergy of these three cosmic events is greater than the sum of their powerful influence separately. The effect on global conscious evolution at this critical time of social transformation will play out in THREE CRITICAL ARENAS:

Continued with 'Public Power, Wisdom and Love'

Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer/Internet revolution.
   An elder generation has witnessed the Big Shift from the 70's emphasis on giant 
hardware (IBM),
   to 80's emphasis on desktop
software (Microsoft), to 90's emphasis on laptop Web 1.0 netware 
(Netscape), to palm-top Web 2.0 emphasis on interactive social networks (Facebook). And now,
    billions of global Netizens can contemplate the opportunity of integrative Web 3.0 with 

World Crisis => Global Healing

 Mankind has ‘free will’ so anything is possible.
Overcoming world crisis with global healing
begins with enlightened exposure of the
solutions with expanding awareness
 of a ‘
TeLeCommunication Process
that will seize the vision of virtue
and valor for the victory of our
conscientious intention and
attention (
TLC retention)
for personal/planetary

Full Spectrum Conscience
at the Heartware Heart of
Global TeLeC

The Future of Global Net Reality with Web 3.0

Global dynamics with the computer/Internet revolution has succeeded to the point where a general enlightenment of almost 4 billion global Netizens has resulted in awareness of devolutionary forces that would profit from the creation and management of war, disease and death of our life support systems for Earth. That devolutionary force is the fruit of highly organized corporate policies (Corp Law) that puts the corporatocracy before the public when profits are at stake.

“Treason doth never prosper: What's the reason?
Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”
~ Ovid

All conflict is caused by miss-matched expectations, and you can see the world crisis today as a classic conflict between new paradigms of communication, community and come-into-unity processes that have hit the “walls in the mind” (paradigm paralysis), commonly called “D.U.H.” (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless) that is propagated by the mainstream media matrix of giant media conglomerates which control about 97% of print, radio and TV ‘news’.

The Media is the Message
(book by Marshall McLuhan)

The message of the one-way, centralized and ‘top-down’ media matrix is ‘We’re the authorities – trust us.  There is no ability to respond to our one-way message – just accept it.  You’re not responsible - we are.   We’ll broadcast what to think – believe us. You don’t have anything to say, and can’t say it anyway, so get along by going along with our ideological group think. If you question, disobey or challenge the authoritarian reality show we program as ‘news’, you are extremists, conspiracy theorists and potential terrorists guilty of thought crimes’.

That may be somewhat exaggerated, but you get the point. Matrix media is a narrow-minded command-and-control hierarchy of power and influence that has neither regard nor option for public feedback.

Conversely, the message and intent of Internet media is interactive, decentralized and ‘bottom up’ in the grass roots (Net roots) of Net reality in our social networks. This is to say, ‘Truth wants only to be free – liberate it.  You have response ability – use it.  We are the majority who want representation – own it.  We are the media – mediate it. Co-Creation IS what mediation DOES’.

Social conscience in a social media network only evolves or otherwise matures if it is free and open to do so. That’s a different “world view” (paradigm) than the mainstream media mind control matrix.

These are two 'bi-polar' paradigms that have created mismatched expectations that are the primary cause of all global conflict. The former matrix media wants top-down corporatocracy control. The later wants non-interference from the new aristocracy. It’s a classic power struggle for the future of Earth that U.S. Founders would definitively have something to say about.

U.S. Founders had a moral compass that challenged the aristocracy of European powers with revolution, but now the core issue facing the Family of Mankind in a global village is conscious evolution.

Global humanity now has a defining choice between old and new paradigms of power, perception and persuasion. The old paradigm of authoritarian power programs us with WHAT to think about everything, whereas the new paradigm of interactive Net reality promotes proactive possibilities empowering HOW to think about everything.

Or more accurately, global Net reality is maturing with checks and balances on the inordinate love of power with the ordained power of love, upgrading core Constitutional freedoms at the heart of Web. 3.0 TeLeComm processes.

Without vision, mass negativity in our collective unconscious acts out with the psychopathology of war, disease and hell on Earth for the profit of the psychopaths who represent our collective “SIN” (Stuck In Negativity). Speaking this truth into the teeth of “e-vil” (energy veil), is not a popular pastime for media matrix journalists these days.

Victory over heartless SIN, dis-ease and mass dying of life forms on Earth is not a mystery when known. It begins with the can do spirit of Aries, the cardinal fire sign that the Sun and Moon entered into on the Equinox. That’s the decisive ‘fire’ that burns through self-delusion and mass illusion to realize (real eyes) both the opportunity with Web 3.0 and the opposition coming from the new aristocracy of corporatocracy that is inverting, subverting and perverting democracy with pathological profits-before-people policies.

Hollywood and the mainstream media provides no vision of the systemic global crisis and healing solution because they are owned by the same interlocking corporatocracy boards of directors that make a killing, literally, on the creation and management of war, disease and dystopia scenarios like the ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent’ movies. That’s the future promoted as ‘entertainment’ and dark-side ‘news’ which presents provocateur terror scenarios as the stock-in-trade of the fear matrix… to keep war and disease stock traders profiting.

This has become increasingly self-evident to enlightened Netizens who now get most of their news from alternative Internet sources, exposing the abject propaganda from the collusion of Big Media with Big Government to monopolize the media matrix with intent for status quo continuity rather than public enlightenment.

Seeing through mainstream propaganda - that many people don’t see as propaganda - is half the problem. The other half, once aware, is seeing the alternative to the illusion matrix of mass media mind control that is out of touch with enlightened reality. That’s when the shift hits the fan of conflict with others who have believed the pervasive propaganda as true.

"None are so hopelessly enslaved,
as those who falsely believe they are free.
The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds
by masters who rule them with lies.
They feed them on falsehoods

till wrong looks like right in their eyes."
~ Johann Goethe

The ‘Big Lie’ of evil called ‘good’ has become so big and so bold and so often told by the media matrix that people believe it. This creates conflict through the most despicable of all divide-to-conquer agendas - by fostering fear and abject terror that numbs the brain and narrows one’s paradigm into reactive fight or flight instincts that often surrender independent proactive thinking to authoritarian nationalistic ‘group think’ that is programmed incessantly these days for World War III.

And why would power-mad globalists want WWIII? Quite simply, they’re losing control. Their economic house of cards, the debt-creation banking system with hundreds of trillions of dollars of derivative debt is collapsing. This predatory system of usury – that uses debt to plunder the masses for the extreme wealth and power of a relative few – has created an empire of debt for the Western world that is imploding due to the alliance of China, Russia, India and dozens of other BRICS nations who are breaking away from the West’s economic control matrix after almost 70 years of American hegemony.

The Greatest Human Threat the World Has Ever Known
by Paul Craig Roberts / March 17, 2015

With the eyes of the world still focused on the recent Fed meeting, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News about the greatest human threat the world has ever known.  This is an ominous warning from the former U.S. Treasury official as he is warning global leaders the world is headed for disaster.

The Western Empire is beginning to crack. It will crack more as the Russian-Chinese alliance unfolds its potentials and when European capitals understand that hegemonic Washington has put their existence at risk in order to try to prevent Russia's rise. The crazed American and British neocons, and their dupes among the populations, comprise the greatest human threat that the world has ever known. The sooner the Evil Empire collapses, the safer the world will be. ***For the articles Dr. Paul Craig Roberts references... Continue reading on page 2 HERE.

The mainstream Western media has virtually blacked-out this global economic conflict to maintain the agenda of one-sided trumped-up media propaganda incessantly demonizing Putin, poking the bear with NATO intervention in Ukraine, and beating the war drums to take out Iran with the same propaganda and fear-mongering that launched the Mideast wars originally.

The sanctions against Iran and Russia are hurting their citizens, not their well-off rulers. This is unjust destructive war by other means against entire countries. Look what the U.S has done to Libya and Iraq. Let’s get past that insanity.

Yes, old paradigms sometimes die hard. We are indeed condemned to repeat failed policies if we don’t learn from them. But first, claim the victory of sanity with a clear vision of global infrastructure for Net reality with interactive TeLeComm that brings TLC to the equation of global conscious evolution.

A positive uncompromised vision of wholeness and healing can truly become the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, it may prick the Conscience of good people who have one, but remember that one in Conscience better serves the majority than any claim to power by rigged election ‘choices’ between two party candidates who are both puppets of corporatocracy.

In these latter days of corruptions rule, we are in the ‘twilight’ between winter’s dark night and Spring’s emerging light. Enlightened social Conscience still doesn’t register with any great compelling and enduring value… yet. But there is no long term security without a return to purity as a conscientious common sense standard of, by, and for ALL people.

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

We all know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely without check and balances. The first principles of Constitutional checks and balances were all compromised when the corporatocracy was given ‘personhood’ under the 2011 Supreme Court decision called ‘Citizens United’. They should have called it ‘Citizens Divided Against The Corporatocracy’. Like the ‘Patriot Act’, ‘Citizens United’ hasn’t lived up to its name; another ‘false flag’ to salute with nationalistic empire fervor, right or wrong.

Witness this short video that demonstrates where things are going if the public doesn't wise up to wolves in sheep's clothing who would devour civilization with nuclear war:

If this video doesn’t prick your Conscience, at least a little, you don’t have one.  Or you’ve switched it off and ‘won’t go there’ as a matter of ‘pain avoidance’; no conscience, no problem. They’re called the ‘living dead’… or ‘soulless ones’. Think Dick Cheney, or the George Wallace of the Middle East, Netanyahu, who recently removed his mask to show the world what a racist apartheid State Israel has become.

This challenges core ‘BS” (Belief Systems) of those who believe religiously what the ONE-WAY media has programmed as ‘reality’ for public consumption, telling us WHAT to think rather than the truth that liberates public enlightenment.

This is what creates the current WORLD CRISIS of conflict between highly organized, top-down, ONE-WAY programming media (for control), and non-organized INTERACTIVE net-roots networks intent on navigating conscious evolution with a heart – beyond the lockstep left-right divide-to-conquer ‘bi-polar dis-ease’ that is out of balance without a win/win solution for the left and right hemispheres of global consciousness.

Now that the FCC has taken over regulation of the Internet earlier this month, the corporatocracy sharks are circling this ‘raw meat’ of an unregulated Internet. Read about the Internet Freedom Act, written by K-Street sharks who sponsor Congress critters who are waiting for the right ‘crisis’ to push it through.

Be aware that any massive cyber attack on America, like the recent one from North Korea, will likely be a false flag attributed to domestic terrorists in league with Russia or other BRICS nations. Desperate deceivers do despicable things to thwart our conscious evolution with the same old terror-for-tyranny tactics of inordinate power at the expense of Constitutional principle.

The true test of spirituality is practicality.
  Pray for the best; co-Create for the better.
Be aware & prepare, spiritually above all.
It’s Your World, Your Life; Wise/Rise Up!

See the Good, Keep the Faith, and Network this Message
for a More Enlightened Global Net Realty.

~ Christopher

  We are living in epic times, where heart science is confirming ancient wisdom,
and that wisdom is resurrecting the remembrance of our human potential with
   Unity Conscience --
Universal Solidarity -- for the United Sovereigns of Earth.  

"Compassion is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things."
~ Thomas Merton
"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things,
man will not himself find peace."
~ Albert Schweitzer


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