March 20, 2015
Equinox / Solar Eclipse / Super Moon
(triple window for paradigm shift wake-up)

Equinox Triple Play of Cosmic Events

Friday, March 20th, will see an astronomical triple play when the Equinox
 occurs on the same day as a rare total solar eclipse plus a 'Super Moon'.
This is an extremely rare synchronicity of energies in three-fold synergy.

As seen early AM in North Atlantic regions

Christopher Rudy / Host of Cosmic LOVE

Consider the effect of these events separately and together:

1-  The Equinox is a bi-annual event of equilibrium when day and night are equal in both the North and South Hemisphere. The Sun rises due East and sets due West. You could call Equinox the "bi-polar pause" (balance) between North-South pole swings. Until the next Equinox six months from now, the wobble of Earth's poles will cycle toward the Sun for Spring & Summer in the Northern Hemisphere... but the South Pole cycles away from the Sun into Fall & Winter.
2- A Solar Eclipse is occurring during this Equinox. This coincidence of the Moon eclipsing the Equinox Sun is extremely rare by itself... like a cosmic one-two punch that can knock out your 'lights' if your intelligence is overwhelmed or otherwise 'eclipsed' by excessive emotional sensitivity of an inordinate dissonant nature.
3- The Moon's effect is greater as a 'Super Moon'.  This is when the Moon's orbit is closest to the Earth. That's when the moon has a greater influence on the tides (ocean levels) of Earth as well as the 'tides' of one's "water body" (emotional sensitivities).
CONCLUSION: The combined synergy of these three cosmic events is greater than the sum of their powerful influence separately. The effect on global conscious evolution at this critical time of social transformation will play out in THREE CRITICAL ARENAS:

1- POWER OF THE PUBLIC:  The awareness of suppressed clean free energy technologies, has gone mainstream on the global Internet. The futures market for petrochemical power generation thus looks dismal, but that's good for ending the toxic poisoning of our air, water and food. The West's pegging of the U.S. dollar to Big Oil also looks dismal, but that predilection for dirty power without ethical principle has already devastated the Middle East and now threatens Ukraine war with Russia, China, India and the other BRICS nations who have united to advance the agenda of international trade with a gold-backed currency standard. The Western empire power elite domination agenda is thus being seriously challenged, and the concentration of inordinate power in the Big Bank / Big Oil / Big Media and Big Government corporatocracy complex (cabal) is projecting the psychopathology of perverse war agendas to keep clean-free power FROM the public rather than of, by and for the public. See: 'The Rage of the Cultural Elites' (ICH / 3-17-15)

2- WISDOM OF THE PUBLIC:  Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer/Internet revolution. A senior generation has witnessed the Big Shift from the 70's emphasis on giant hardware (IBM), to 80's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to 90's emphasis on laptop Web 1.0 netware (Netscape), to palm-top Web 2.0 emphasis on interactive social networks (Facebook). Now we can contemplate the future of Web 3.0 with heartware.
Earlier this month, the FCC announced it's regulatory power over the Internet, retrofitting the 1934 Communications Act and the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Together they address the one-way non-interactive programming of information through radio, TV and the early Internet. But the current Internet known as Web 2.0 is interactive with blogs, on-line conferences, and global social networks like Facebook. Those two-way interactive capabilities of Web 2.0 are now on the threshold of the next level with Web. 3.0.  That includes real-time mass-to-mass interaction in the way that involves a social network's consciousness -- and evolves social conscience -- with an interactive interface that represents the 'universal language of light' as an exquisite metaphor for the common language of consciousness. Read more HERE.

3- LOVE OF THE PUBLIC:  The ordained power of love has always been the best check and balance on the inordinate love of power, especially when wisdom discerns whether to thrust with power of cohere with love. The more wise dominion with social conscience, the more
kind men among mankind. This is especially true for all people in all nations who are ALL connected now as never before in history. 
How we connect or otherwise come into unity is how we will define our new social network communities. That's a communication process.  It emphasizes our common values that unite rather than divide. That's what Web 3.0 heartware does.  How it works in our new global village of instant-everywhere-interactive capabilities is basically how our five core Constitutional freedoms work when integrated within an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm. Not only TeLeCommunity for self governance) and TeLeConscience for self education, but also TeLeCare for self healing and TeLeCommerce for market mediation globally.  With TLC cyberEthics as the Web 3.0 standard, heart coherence centers and connects mind congruence within one's brain-field holodeck as within a network's holodeck representation through heartware.
With as the frame of reference for qualifying cyberEthics TLC with the Temporal Light of Conscience
at the heart of Web 3.0... rules.

IN SUMMARY, this Equinox triple play of cosmic events is a good time to contemplate our personal & planetary opportunity for enlightenment.  As more people comprehend how all our social, political and economic problems are, at core, communication problems, a Web 3.0 TeLeComm process for facilitating heart-mind coherence and congruence gains momentum conceptually until it manifests with applications for culturing enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.
And just as the balance of power, wisdom and love in your heart resonates with a balanced 3-fold flame in the quantum field, so will a natural equilibrium in social media resolve conflict and generate good will that harmonizes with natural-universal law and light language governing 'The Field' between your ears as in Cosmos-at-large.
So hold the immaculate concept of co-Operative Net reality co-Ordination to provide innovative tools and processes that involve and evolve our individual and collective consciousness for global co-Creation with a more enlightened Conscience.

Happy Equinox?  Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!

~ Christopher

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"Who Shall Awaken Love?"
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