Holy Solstice!  Christmas Gift of Gifts

Emerging Blueprint for the Divine in 2009

GeoNotes News / 12 -21-2008

by Christopher Rudy, Editor for GeoNotes News

Winter Solstice occurred this morning.  More "Light" -- the longer days of the Sun -- will now bless humanity with the great challenge and opportunity of 2009.

Good News!  Both Google and Obama are offering big rewards for the "Best Ideas" in the world.  Google is promising millions of dollars for the winnners of the "Top Ten".   Obama is simply promising "recognition" for the best ideas.  You know, the "honor" in serving a government that is rapidly morphing in resonance with an emerging blueprint for a Golden Age.  (Hold the immaculate concept -- all cynicism aside.) 

Even though most of the players in FED Gov. still don't "get it" -- what in God's name to do with the new currency of conscience in our global village.  They're scrambling to find out... configuring on the fly.  Fake it till they make it.

Our political leaders are trying to hold things together by conservatively doing what they've always done yet expecting different results.  But the values of materialism and militarism are failing.  Too many people know too much to sustain failed policies that are obviously bankrupt. 

It is only Americans belief in the currency that holds the economy together.  It is only the world's belief in the U.S. dollar that is holding the world economy together.  The stakes are high.  The expectations are high.  But the confidence game is weakening. 

Something has to change.  Something fundamental -- change at the heart of the system.  That begins with recognition of the "Best Ideas". And the Mother of All "Best Ideas" is the urgent necessity of the hour. 

Have your speakers on when you go to the website that features this story: "The Gift of Gifts in Our Heart of Hearts"Tune into the spirit of the articles there as you listen to the music of "Ave Maria".

This is it folks.  Get with the "program" -- The Emerging Blueprint for Christ Mass Conscience in 2009.  You read that right... or read it again.

This is a comprehensive program that ranges from "Christ Mass 101" through to a "Doctoral Course for World Healers-Saviours".

Hey!  Someone has to do it!   Let's hear it for the best and brightest in our new global "grass roots" (Net roots).  A new Net reality is emerging -- that which is divine for 2009.

What an idea.  Good Will on Earth.  A Plan for Peace.  Work a plan; plan to work.  Kind of like Santa's workshop thinktank for a new interactive communications infrastructure for percolating those best ideas from the Net roots right to the center of power, wisdom and love in collective representation, our collective intelligence, and our heart of hearts. 

What's a global village to do?  Imagine what that will look like.  Read the links after the introduction at www.bbsradio.com/cosmiclove/cosmic_love.php .

More Light.  More conscientious common sense.  More currency of Good Will for the Next Economy emerging this year.

The bailout that will work is indeed emerging.  It's an ethical bailout.  It restores confidence in our self-governing social networks because it restores the currency of conscience in those social networks. 

So many good ideas... and now the opportunity to LOVE them free.  Introducing "cyberethics" at the heart of web 3.0.  The gift of gifts for our social conscience at the heart of our social networks.

More "light" as ethical standards at the heart of our new Net reality.  A New Enlightenment culturing the Next Economy in 2009. 

Joy to the World!  The Aquarian Dispensation is Born!   Great Love on Earth as in Heaven.  And no time like the ?present? ? the gift of Christ Mass 2008. 

Take Heart!

Christopher Rudy, Host of BBS Radio's "Cosmic LOVE"

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