Summer Tips for Healthy Skin

'Dr. Christopher'

Take Care of Your Largest Vital Organ!
Your skin get's a lot more exposure to burns, bites and abrasions in the summer.  Be careful that 'remedies' don't add insult to injury.

What you expose your skin to can be absorbed into the blood stream to effect the whole body.  That's important even if you are not 'thin skinned'.

A lot of well-intentioned people put commercial skin lotions or potions on their children or themselves that are termed 'safe' by commercial guidelines.  But many
of these chemicals, especially in most commercial bug repellents, interact with the sun to form unsafe chemical compounds that can cause real damage to the skin while also being absorbed into the body.

An Aloe Vera plant is great to have around the house for burns and abrasions.
It's easy to extract the gel that has amazing healing properties. But you won't
see TV ads for such common sense.  By now, most people are aware that the commercial health care system is rigged to profit from disease, not prevent it.

Tea tree oil (melaleuca oil), is an essential oil that is excellent for cuts or bites to prevent infections.

Raw honey has amazing antiseptic properties and a teaspoon of honey can be mixed with a quarter teaspoon of Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) for quickly rejuvenating skin from burns or abrasions. Taken orally, this SPX-honey combo goes down easily for children or adults, strengthening the immune system for healing of skin and the body-at-large.

Emotional turmoil affects the skin 'interface' for the outer world. Dissonant solar plexus emotions affect gut digestion and itchy 'angry skin' is one symptom of negative emotions; toxic emotions create a toxic gut, toxic blood and more irritability in both temperament and the skin as a back-up toxic elimination organ.

Many skin conditions such as pimples and body odor are directly related to your gut biology.  Toxic gut problems circulate toxic wastes into the blood stream which the skin tries to eliminate. This problem is compounded by consumption of GMO foods which cause leaky gut syndrome. 

GMOs are embedded with pesticides which tear up the guts of insects that eat them. The mad scientists who created GMO frankenfoods didn't realize that they would also tear up the guts of humans - DUH - until independent studies proved it
as documented in the 3rd video HERE

It's long been known that leaky bowl syndrome leads to cancer since toxic blood circulating from a leaky bowl obviously weakens the immune system which keeps cancer cells in check. But now the liability for murderous GMO fraud is so great, and there's so much money at stake, Monsanto would rather pay millions in 'protection money' to corrupt legislators and regulators than pay billions in law suits for the agonizing cancer deaths of millions of people worldwide.

Although much of Europe, China and the civilized world have now outlawed GMO foods, the U.S. Government protects GMO profits by denying the requirement to label their existence in the food we eat. But I digress.

A good SBO probiotic like Prescript-Assist helps immensely with leaky bowl syndrome and colon health in general.

The combination of SPX with Prescript-Assist works synergistically to boost your immune system and the largest vital organ of your body - your skin.

                                                To Your Health,
                                                'Dr. Christopher

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