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by Christopher Rudy, Director
UltraMedics Services
The following information is very timely. 2012 will be extremely challenging.

After a long career building health for clients in my three holistic health centers:

1- I've never seen such a breakthrough for building health and preventing disease;
2- It works with natural cell-communication processes to rejuvenate ALL cells in the body:
3- It naturally strengthens the immune system to deal with any stress or the duress of
    "Pre-Apocalypse Syndrome' as I jokingly refer to the 2012 apprehension that...
                                        'The shift is about to hit the fan'.
I believe in this so much, I'm making a special offer...  a free bottle of Swedish Pollen Extract that works synergistically with this life rejuvenation breakthrough.

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I've been trying this stuff for two months. I wasn't sick, but I'm 63.  I had adapted to lower level of energy, and thought I was 'healthy', but now I'm amazed at how much energy I have.  It works for everyone in extraordinary health-optimization ways unique to their condition.

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That may sound crazy or 'too good to be true', but I KNOW the Pollen Extract gives extraordinary support to the immune system, and I KNOW that this ASEA product reboots cellular repair, replacement and overall regenerative health as no other product except the Pollen Extract.

TOGETHER, the result is far greater than the sum of their separate benefits.  No one else can offer this combo, and I'm doing this trial offer so others can know the benefits so many have experienced.

So at least watch the 2 minute intro video HERE if you only have time for that now.

Crazy times warrant extraordinary measures to ride the wave of change.

Mark my words, 2012 will be a huge challenge for all of us.

Support your DNA and immune system now.

Live Long and Prosper

Christopher Rudy


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