An Integral World View

How New Media is culturing higher conscience in the global brain,
moving beyond our stuck state of cultural development
with the unprecedented opportunity for

By Christos Lightweaver, HEARTcom Syndicate
[full moon eclipse, Feb. 20, 2008]

So enough with the problem.  You know what the global problem is.  It's time for an inspiring solution... one that makes sense to everyone who is not hopelessly stuck in half-conscious, non-thinking, unconscious, or otherwise heartless ways.

 Global problems require global solutions for all souls. 
Inspiration provides the "soulution" (in spirit). 
It's a "can do" attitude -- not a half-hearted aptitude
that determines our consciousness-raising altitude...
whether humanity soars on the wings of freedom
or grovels under the boot of tyranny.


Take heart.  There's a way out of this mess.  There's an emerging New World Game.  It begins with you.  It's your consciousness - your world.  It's your responsibility to do better to the extent you know better.  You can soar with a definitive solution or wrestle with the systemic problem. 


You know what happens when enough good people do nothing.  Consider what happens when enough good people agree to unite for higher conscience – the ultimate meaning of survival via the survival of ultimate meaning… ultimate value… and ultimate purpose… FOR THE SURVIVING AND THRIVING OF ALL HUMANITY. 

That’s when happens when we upgrade Net reality with higher conscience -- the New World Game.  The inexorable forces moving in this direction reflect a divine destiny -- immutable laws for surviving and thriving.  The challenge is before us.

Research by biologists and anthropologists agrees on one critical conclusion for Earth’s life support systems.  Both biological species and human cultures that became extinct did so for the same dual reason:


“Overspecialized” on one hand and “Underadaptable” on the other.


Life on Earth is currently facing the most accelerated rate of change in recorded history.  Many books and movies are now scientifically documenting the mass extinction of numerous biological species and human cultures.


A global healing crisis has emerged. At issue is the “stuck” or otherwise “sick” human cultural development on which all of life on earth depends.


It is only through a change in human consciousness
that the world will be transformed.


Overspecialized “special interests” in human hierarchies of power and control are destroying life on Earth.  Underadaptable to what is best for all sentient life, those special interests are destroying our life support systems.  Our air, water, land and food and medicines are saturated with genetic destroyers of a vast variety, ranging from toxic bio-chemicals and pathological microorganisms to EM pollution and nuclear (DU) radiation.


Over the last 1000 years, the human brain has evolved very little as far as the physical components, but the evolution of language and interactive communications media has transformed human consciousness way beyond its biological roots. 


Just as the printing press led to the Enlightenment that brought us out of the Dark Ages, the modern “printing press” (Internet) has brought global cultural development to a new Net reality on the inner as well as the outer. 


As the media visionary, Marshal McLuhan said so well, “The media is the message”.  And that message – with the Internet’s neural networking of the “global brain” – is a self-evident truth… for those with the mind to grasp it:


The new Net reality is re-wiring the neural networks
of both the human brain and cultural development.


This is the core infrastructure for conscious cultural development.
This is the business of evolution for all-connected humanity on Earth.


There can be no definitive solution to the global healing crisis without understanding how the language of consciousness itself can bring a higher conscience to bear on the “stuck intelligence (paradigm paralysis) that is destroying our platform for evolution on Earth.


A reframing of the internal world of consciousness has accelerated with our new external tools for instant-everywhere-interactive knowledge power. 


Technology has also magnified and amplified the overspecialization problem that is underadaptable to needed change.  There are many unthinking human “tools” in our dominant social institutions – like mechanized cogs in the social machinery – who are ”stuck” as part of the problem.  They are paid to be subservient to the dominant model of corporate government that has privatized core social institutions, over-ruling politically incorrect “free thinking” in a corrupt culture of corporatism that terminates your employment if you don’t go along. 

That's a problem when most Americans are foot-soldiers in this "army" -- the corporate model of privatized government which overrules Constitutional safeguards.


"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism
because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

- Mussolini [from “Fascism in America”]


Evolving a solution to corporatism or fascism, whichever you prefer, requires the common sense of a solution – a “common sense” solution.  For those who have the heart, mind and soul to “get it”, they will obviously be inspired to “give it”. 


That enlightened spirit of activist self interest was behind the conscientious common sense that sparked the American Revolution.  It's the same spirit which will reboot Net reality in ways that are most likely to heal our individual and collective conscience.


"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
yet we have this consolation with us,
 that the harder the conflict,
the more glorious the triumph."
-- Thomas Paine (American Crisis, No. 1, 19 December 1776)


I call it “the test that’s best”.  For souls who came into embodiment with pure intent to learn and grow through challenges and opportunity… it doesn’t get any better than this!   Heaven knows that we have challenges and opportunities in abundance.  Those who love freedom and opportunity will rise to the occasion.  That was only about 5% of the American colonists – the patriots who “voted their conscience” with active resistance to encroaching tyranny.


Of course, the cultural warfare in the psychological terrain of the global healing crisis is ultimately spiritual – against “principalities of darkness” – but we mostly see it as informational and psychological “cultural warfare” through the lens of the corporate media matrix – the one-way mass mind programming model that makes people passive and unthinking. 


Interactive response ability encourages responsibility.  It enables Netizen journalism and activism.  It empowers constructive change and neutralizes passive despair.  This new media is the message -- use it responsibly or lose what response ability we have.


The solution for healing our collective conscience becomes self-evident when you understand the above.  Read it again slowly.  The collective intelligence that “rules” cultural development is either ruled by one-way, top-down fascist agendas of militarized corporate government… or it is ruled by the decentralized agenda of interactive two-way and every-which-way intelligence, integrated in a process, in all healthy living organisms, called “homeostasis” (biological checks and balances).


A good solution follows from a well-stated problem:


THE PROBLEM:  The “one-way” model represents overspecialized special interests” with an agenda to cull the population through war, disease and environmental degradation on Earth.  Call them principalities of sinister intent, whatever.  Those forces are inhuman, antisocial and underadaptable to the moral imperative of “humane” (benevolent) cultural development.  To identify those nefarious special interests, you don’t have to look any further than the recent movie, “There Will Be Blood” which depicts the type of humanoid behind Big Oil, Big Pharma, the privately owned “Big Bank” (FED), Big Media and Big-fascist Government.


THE SOLUTION:  The “interactive” model represents the emerging Net reality of the Family of Man in a global village where the compelling need for the golden rule -- of, by and for “self-governance” -- is increasingly becoming a self-evident truth.  It is this self-evident common sense that overrules the special sense of pride, privilege, power and profit behind self-destructive overspecialized insanity. 


The definitive solution to the global healing crisis is indeed a LOVELUTION  process.  It is the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that neutralizes the “DUH” mindset which is underadaptable to the solution because it is part of the problem.


It is the natural evolution of problem solving processes that will “raise consciousness” with new neural networks that transcend one’s world view, much as circumnavigation of the globe began transcending the “flat Earth” worldview with a “well-rounded” vision.


DNA – the cellular “brain” that recent discoveries now understands as a “communications transceiver” – is analogous to the interactive communication dynamics in culture which define and refine consciousness in all our new social networks - our new Net reality.


When the traditional world view is changing, it is always the inspiration of great social masterpieces – in science, music, literature, etc. – that speaks to the evolving “zeitgeist” (spirit of the age) in which we live.   Call it “reinventing culture”, or “common sense trendfitting”, or just “reality therapy”… it always assumes the high road when it addresses the ultimate meaning of surviving with the thriving of inspired thought, feeling and action.


This is how social enlightenment upgrades cultural development.  It speaks to a natural process whereby inspired consciousness coalesces in the collective consciousness… like a latent image being developed in a photographic darkroom. 


The “Big Picture” being developed before the eyes of global Netizens is that we are ALL responsible for the “trend-fitting” of our social conscience along more enlightened lines.  Cultural development depends on it.  This “currency of conscience” is the defining influence in our new dynamic-changing World Game.


“In the concept of constant inexorable change, the most valuable assets of man are his utterly abstract, weightless ‘ideas’ which permit his swift recognition and adjustment to the ever changing pattern.  The most valuable ideas are those which not only comprehend the change but also the trending of change in order to anticipate the next important change events – as does the good driver of a car, pilot of a plane or captain of a ship – thereby enabling the safe and satisfactory, dynamic, forward, transformative processing of man in evolutionary universe.” – R. Buckminster Fuller


Developmental psychology has tracked the trending of human evolution from the tribal stage to the integral consciousness now being cultured by the new instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality emerging in our global village.


Historical structures change but mindsets maintain myths and superstitions running the cognitive structures and values that define consciousness.


The pure intent to make this world a better place has always moved culture and consciousness forward.  All our global problems have now become local and visa versa.  The will for change via pure intent – a moral compass – provides direction for the pure intention of good will to make things better.


Traditional world views, modern world views and post-modern world views are now being transcended by a more holistic integrative world view that is open, interactive and inclusive rather then closed-minded, one-way and exclusive.


The process for defining and refining a more integrated world view makes common cause with former world views at all personal, local, national and global levels. By translating its universal values of “common cause” to these respective levels of habitualized conditioning, self-correcting values heal counterproductive habits that are stuck.  Personal and planetary evolutionary ascent is enabled.


Beyond traditional “IQ” (cognitive pattern-recognition abilities of the left-brain), modern psychology now recognizes “EQ” (emotional intelligence of the right brain) as having abilities distinctly different and in many respects superior to IQ.  The popular 90’s book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goldman documents research that shows how the folk distinction between “head and heart” represents distinct aspects of neurological development.


This neurological development is defined both biologically and culturally with women conditioned by both "nature and nurture" to be more right-brain dominant, even as men are traditionally conditioned to be more left-brain dominant.  This “reality” – all stereotypes aside -- has been popularized in books like John Gray’s “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”.


The fact is, people can not only be smart emotionally, and smart cognitively, but also smart as a function of the co-creative synergy of these left and right brain abilities.  It’s like one’s computer that has both “read-only memory” (like the left brain), and “random access memory” (like the right brain).  The operating system of the computer does the switching between these two types of memory… depending on what “software program” (the computer's mindset) you have running.


The mindset program you have running between your ears – your perceptual habits of believing, thinking, feeling and acting -- is how you process from left-to-right, or from “right to left”.  Men tend to “feel” with their thinking just as women tend to “think” with their feeling.  Each one’s “operating system” is a function of the “brain-switching process” that defines your world view and behavioral style.


The ”global brain” is not just a metaphor for all-connected Net reality. Earth’s two hemispheres operate holographically like the two hemispheres of each individual’s brain.  Eastern languages evolved to read printed symbols from right to left whereas Western languages evolved to read printed symbols from left to right.


Eastern cultures have traditionally had more “spherical” (non-linear) consciousness, which is why the Eastern mind was long considered inscrutable by the Western mind. Western culture, especially in the U.S., has championed individual rights, but their Constitutional protection has been eroded to the extent private rights have been co-opted by private corporate rights.  Monopoly capitalism dominates the West and socialist communism dominates the East, especially in China.


The development of U.S. social institutions has also naturally evolved
to mirror the polarity nature of brain functions re: “left” and “right”.

The “Republican” party has evolved to represent status quo interests to the “extreme” – a lock-step logic of corrupt “patriarchal” (male-practice) values of a “father-knows-best” version of monopoly capitalism… on war steroids.


The “Democratic” party has likewise evolved to represent status quo interests to the “extreme” – a lock-step logic of “matriarchal” values of a “mother-knows-best” version of socialist communism… on war steroids.


My point being is that both the “private ownership and control” values of monopoly capitalism, and “public ownership and control” values of socialist communism, have taken over both Parties “at the top” – the tentacles of militarized corporate government that have infiltrated and now dominate both parties.


The continuation of this “bi-polar disorder” is not sustainable.
The sustaining of a healthy platform for life on Earth begins
when the public agrees on a common sense way to
culture higher consciousness in our collective conscience
as will define, refine, combine-synergize and shine
more "light" via our new all-connected Net reality.


Cutting edge “brain-imaging” diagnostics has discovered which areas of the brain “light up” with neurons firing when those brain areas are activated by different processes of consciousness. 


Linear “logical” thought processes light up the left-brain just as non-linear “intuitive” thought processes light up the right brain.  Balanced “creative-learning” thought processes light up both sides, sometimes almost simultaneous, but more often sequentially as in following a “brainstorming” (left-brain) process… or conversely, following an “AHA!” (Eureka) moment in the right brain.


This is a limited two-dimensional explanation until you consider the 3rd dimension – whether you are “brain-switching” out of the “higher brain” (3rd eye chakra of the pituitary gland or the crown chakra of the pineal gland), or whether you are doing your brain-switching from the lower “reptilian brain” (the R-complex) at the base of the brain.


Fear, terror and feelings of insecurity resonate with the instinctual “fight or flight” reactions of the lower brain, whereas faith, hope and philosophic calm resonate with the more proactive and charitable impulses of higher consciousness in the upper brain. 


Western civilization, dominated by militarized corporate government, has utilized terror tactics to drive the populace into the reptilian brain in the same way that Hitler “mesmerized” the German people into subservience, appealing to nationalistic pride as a substitute for higher conscience of a more enlightened nature.


Enlightened social conscience for cultural development
requires an integral world view...
integrating ALL dimensions of “intelligence”.


Just as IQ reflects cognitive development of the left-brain, and EQ reflects emotional intelligence of the right-brain, behavioral psychology has now identified “VQ” as the “Values Quotient” that reflects a higher social conscience – what’s best for all.  Check out the book, “Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution” to discover the defining role that “VQ” will play for all humanity.


Just as IQ and EQ are lowered into the reptilian brain by the “shock and awe” of terror and the unabashed betrayal of the moral high-ground, so is VQ of a higher values nature demoralized by the unabashed hedonism, gratuitous violence, and criminal cover-up of 9-11 – what a crock of corrupt “Belief Systems” (BS)!J  


There is a natural backlash to blatant BS once the mind is enlightened with strong "BS radar".  It requires a strong psychological immune system to resist the cognitive dissonance in mainstream media that is increasingly programming our neural connections with BS worse than propaganda.  Without a gatekeeper of vigilant discernment -- your conscious awareness - the onslaught of culture war is demoralizing and demobilizing – making people passive.  To the extent that dissonance and disinformation is absorbed in the neural-networks of one’s brain – or the global “brain” – conscience is impaired. 


Since there’s a holographic resonance with the hemispheres of both brains – morphic resonance –a more enlightened standard for “normal” is needed.


Values intelligence, representing the beautiful, the true and the good, is the heart of a world view that will most likely provide a moral compass for the direction of human cultural evolution.


Social conscience of a service-to-others nature reflects a more proactive higher conscience whereas anti-social consciousness of a self-serving nature reflects the lower consciousness of the reptilian brain.


These processes of consciousness are the quintessential foundation of self-governance, not only for each individual, but also for the “cultural DNA” -- the VQ coordinates in our communication networks -- that define our collective beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.


It is the Values Quotient that determines our higher – or lower – conscience.  An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their sacred values, their “worth-ship” in terms of HOW they culture conscience.


Healthy mediation processes heal our neural-networked conscience.
Corrupt media processes negate our all-connected global conscience.


The moral imperative of social conscience sustains the pure intent of what is best for all in the public “SPHERE” ()… with checks and balances on anti-social special interests that claim private “RIGHTS” () without social conscience.


This is the moral imperative of integrated intelligence values that involve and evolve the processes of consciousness which define and refine our individual and collective CONSCIENCE.


Put simply in universal law-language “geometrized” terms:


– (IQ) Linear “Logical” (Letter of the Law) via Left-brain processes;

– (EQ) Nonlinear “spherical” (Spirit of the Law) via Right-brain processes;

– (VQ) Values development that reflects higher-balanced brain processes;

– Integrative conscience that defines, refines, combines-synergizes and “shines” higher consciousness.


The “Values Quotient” (VQ) in our global village is now proving to be the most critical development for integrative social conscience.  It is the cultural DNA that reflects what we want -- our values.  What we “value” is where we put our attention with pure intention… or not.  It’s what we want for ourselves, and ideally, it’s what others want for us. 


Every golden age in history was cultured with that golden rule, and global interactive E-valuation capabilities now require a higher proportion of integrated values above all.


This integrated level of  “integrity -- the “E” in the LOVE model – represents the E-valuation criteria that will reboot E-management, E-media, E-mentoring and E-commerce with higher values intelligence, integrative conscience, and a new Net realty that cultures the New World Game with the beautiful, the true and the good.


Moving beyond our current state of cultural development
with the unprecedented opportunity for

·        Managing local~global Net reality with a social conscience;
(defining, refining, combining & shining “

·        Mediating interactive TeLeComm via enlightened vision;
(uncompromised initiative of agreed-common values)

·        Mentoring TeLeConsciousness with integral TLC virtues;
(involving~evolving the language of integral conscience)

·        Marketing an “Integral World View” for win/win Net worth;
(a wholly New Economy via
TLC-centric TeLeCommerce)


These four color-coordinated “M” (Movement) coordinates frame the components to the “capstone” vision at the heart of the New World Game.  Geometrized as the LOVE Model, they represent the simplest of all formal constructs – pure geometry – for framing the “Law of the Angles of G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) with the “Language of the Angels of LOVE between the lines.


In the context of accelerated change in our instant-everywhere-interactive all-connected world, there is nothing more central to our evolutionary ascent than our valuation of the beautiful, the true and the good… whether for the individual or the Family of Man in our global village.


In order to move the cultural center of gravity forward in history, there must be a way to transcend the stagnation of status quo special interests behind the cultural wars demoralizing higher conscience. 


It’s time for social activists to hang together for this common cause rather than to hang separately.  We all know militarized and privatized monopoly forces in government are eroding core Constitutional freedoms that represent the public’s best interests.  Either we make that monopoly game obsolete with a more enlightened World Game, or we’re toast.  End game for civilization.


Be integrating conflicting world views into a consistent whole that provides common ground with a new common sense of shared values, the divisive nature of cultural warfare is naturally neutralized… and the evolutionary ascent of global humanity naturally progresses.


An integrated world view of a LOVE-centric nature makes the world go round as a holistic, healthy and otherwise holy whole. Please network this well-rounded vision to your sphere of influence.  Global-spherical consciousness is awakening to our divine destiny, and it needs the help of all who know better, are response able, and thus responsible to do better.


- Christos

The world is a cosmic struggle for the soul of mankind
and that struggle is reaching a climax


PS -  When Thomas Paine wrote COMMON SENSE, he appealed to the hearts and minds of Americans, finishing his revolutionary treatise with a call to arms, detailing the guns, gunpowder, ships, etc., needed to declare independence from the empire tyranny of their day.  But today in a global village where our all-connected lives are at stake -- it is the psychological terrain where we must seize the high ground.
This time around – to take these values global -- common sense warrants an integrated world view that cultures the values of civility for global civilization.  The emerging science of morphic resonance has shown that a prayer field of expectation and anticipation is created when hearts and minds agree to unite along more enlightened lines… and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when enough good people do enough to “make it so.”

What ought to be trumps what has been when the collective conscience of humanity get’s the vision (left-brain), embraces the value (right-brain), makes the vow (both brains) and claims the victory (whole brain) with a wholly integrated world vision for oneself as for others.


To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your sovereign neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.


COMMON SENSE TODAY asks no more than Tom’s Common Sense back then.  Only the tactics are different, trend-fitting Net reality to a New World Game.  We need social conscience that reboots social institutions – the Legacy Project.  Lock and load those thoughtforms and organizational models that make corrupt social institutions obsolete.

The “game rules” are the same ones operating holographically between everyone’s ears.  You are already “independent” – a free agent -- to the extent you resonate with this vision of healing conscience for all humanity.

And when you get it – this golden rule/law language at the heart of the new World Game, give it.  LOVE is for giving.  Network this post for its Net worth.  Create the currency of conscience that will make it so.


"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776