"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon

by Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News

The opportunity facing planetary evolution is far greater than
may be seen in all the ominous Signs of the Times.
Earth is a platform for the evolution of souls,
 global testing for each soul on Earth,
and that testing is reaching a
 grand finale climax...
deep shift.

~~~ article follows ~~~

Let's be honest folks. If you're up on the "Signs of the Times", you are either busy preparing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically... or you have a "death wish" that is dumber that dumb  May you pass this huge test with honors.

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.

If you see the full implication of what's soon coming, you're staring at both a horrible and glorious future -- both hell and a golden age to follow.  Think about that -- how terrible and wonderful that will be.  This is what will happen when civilization crashes and then "reboots".  Our worst fears will come upon us, and our fearless faith will be tested on the way to a golden age.

"Understand, then, beloved, that those who truly love will not fear
the embrace of Christ or the challenge of Death and Hell."
~ John the Beloved via E. C. Prophet, Vol. 33 No. 24 - June 24, 1990

An excellent definition of insanity it to do what you've always done yet expect different results.  Put that in context of the "Signs of the Times".  Are you doing anything different with that knowledge?  Is it true that cataclysmic Earth changes are imminent?  Would you agree that every other thing you think is important, from politics, to the economy, to healthcare, is just rearranging deck chairs on the TITANIC?

Get over it folks -- all the cussing and discussing over systemic corruption, tea parties and economic reform is a massive diversionary tactic that keeps your eye off the ball -- the biggest story never told for obvious reasons:  no one wants to believe it, the corporate media wants to suppress it  (to avoid panic), and the power elite can't finalize preparations on their shelters if the economy and civility breaks down. 

If you have the heart of a spiritual warrior for truth and great love,
consider the following introduction in both audio and video.

"The following 8-minute drama begins to explain why earthquake activity is
 now reaching unprecedented levels, why a recent NASA warning of coming
solar scorching has gone unpublicized, and why the wealthiest and most
powerful people in the world are about to descend into underground cities,
constructed over two decades with our money, but without our knowledge."
YouTube video at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CER7KxU0VZA&feature=email

Amateur astronomers and some people are watching PX (Nibiru) worldwide.  You should be watching for Planet X every day. At sunrise, it is to the left of the Sun, and at sunset, to the right. It is so close to the Sun that it is hard to see, but people are taking photos of it. On the day that it gets far enough from the Sun to be plainly visible to the entire world, it will be approximately 7 weeks from the shift (sourced below). One week before the shift the north pole of the Earth will roll away from the Sun and the northern hemisphere will be in total darkness until after the shift. All bridges will collapse, dams will collapse, roads will be clogged, and you will not be able to leave any area for any other area. As it gets closer this summer and swings between the Earth and the Sun, everyone will begin seeing it and feeling it as Earthquake activity and volcanism goes ballistic.

There's not much time to prepare folks.  It is too late when total chaos erupts.  Preparations now will be priceless when it is too late to prepare.  Consider the seriousness of the portents with fearless faith.  Many families are already preparing to move to survival communities this summer, but shelter spaces are limited and food reserves are getting harder to get.

The date 2012 is a "limited hangout" in psy-ops parlance.  Just enough half-truth to inoculate you against the whole truth.  The movie 2012 was a classic in that regard -- so extreme and "over the top" that most people either just blow-off the subject as "just a movie", or otherwise put off the scenario in their minds for a couple of years. 

No public official will tell you the truth of this without massive public outrage, but the unofficial experts on this subject are saying that there will be a cataclysmic pole shift within approximately 7 weeks of Nibiru's mainstream visibility. 

The whole truth is for you to discern.  At "Signs of the Times", I've included one article by a reader on this list who is very specific with "above top secret" Intel on severe Earth changes and pole shift that will likely occur during three time windows over this next year.  To quote Gordon:

Planet X, Niburu, as the Sumerians called it, was first spotted by NASA entering the solar system from the direction of Orion in 1983. It is 4x the size of Earth, with dozens and dozens of moons trailing behind it in a huge two strand twisted rope like double helix. In the tail are trillions of rocks and clouds of iron ore dust. It passes through the solar system every 3,657 years and is due to turn around, cause polar shift on Earth, while the tail sweeps across the Earth bringing noticeably increased 'meteor' showers.

I am not making this up. I graduated at the top of my HS, college and law school classes. I was selected as a possible future astronaut and got a grant from the National Science Foundation to study astronomy and space science, and astrophysics. I have worked for the UN on a Code of Moral Conduct for Transnational Corporations, and the Environmental Board of the State of Vermont. This is also a time of separation between the selfish and the unselfish. This is a test and your life is on the line. You should be living at least 100 miles from the coasts and at an elevation of at least 200 feet. All governments, economies and rescues will fail. So, ask yourself, are you doing what you want, are you with the ones you should be with, and are you living in a safe place?


I do not know the exact date, but it will be at the end of August, end of December this year, or the end of April, August or December next year. That is because there are 'magnetic trimesters' and the Earth is in the grip of Planet X's magnetic field now. The Atlantic will rip wider, and the Pacific collapse narrower. Follow the news. No one thinks the Earth changes are normal, but will they tell you why? 


In the plane of the solar system, all the poles of all the planets point upward, but Planet X is coming through horizontally as if its north pole were a flashlight, pointed first at the Sun, and now Earth. As it approached the Sun, it agitated it and caused it to erupt wildly in the bottom of what was 'supposed' to be a solar minimum. That caused all the planets to warm up. NASA contrived the theory of global warming caused by CO2 to explain what was happening. The only problem with that was that all the ice on the Moon and Mars was melting, Jupiter had 3 red spots [storms] instead of the 1 that had been there for the last 350 years and also Neptune and Uranus changed hues of blue. So if running SUV engines on Earth was the problem, how come all the other planets were warming up? Now, Planet X has passed the Sun and is halfway to Earth. So the Sun which is supposed to be in a solar maximum is unusually quiet: almost no sunspots. That is because the south pole of PX is facing the Sun and sucking up all the particles and aiming them at Earth.


Do you think for one moment once the world realizes 7 weeks before, that this is going to happen, that anyone will actually go to work? They ALL will be taking their families and heading for the mountains. Chaos, total chaos will reign as all communications fail and everyone is left to his own devices. Criminals and psychos will be on the loose. And where do you think you are going to go, then?


I found out all this information on my own. I am not the greatest expert on this, but based on all that I know, what I am telling you is true. I can't save you and I can't even help, other than warn you. I have been sending this information out to the major media for 2 years. And not one word is ever put on the news. No questions are ever brought up. The closest the media has come is movies on disasters, and documentaries on extinctions, asteroids, Earth spin slowing, tidal waves, volcanoes and earthquakes. HINT HINT HINT.

The Sumerians called Planet X "The Winged Globe" because it looks like a bird wheeling in the sky with the twin strands of the moons, rocks and dust appearing like wings. Those representations are 12,000 years old. Now NASA has satellites taking photos of the Sun every 10 minutes and, guess what?, there, next to the Sun is the 'winged globe'.  That by itself should be enough to cause massive discussions, but NASA has refused to even discuss the subject. Police chiefs have been told they will have to shoot their neighbors, and they are resigning in droves. CEOs are resigning in droves and building mountain hideaways. Has anyone else mentioned this to you? Well, I am, and here is the proof. Look at these photos. (plus more specifics, CR)


This is the time to analyze if you are where you should be, with whom you want to be, and doing what will help you and your loved ones make it in a world that almost goes back to the stone age for a few years, and then springs forward technologically speaking, and spiritually speaking, thousands of years. ~ Gordon

"You didn't really think it would be possible to make things right
without getting rid of what is wrong, did you?"
~ Gordon

Your most important preparation

Anchor your perceptions in the Spirit that matters.  If nothing else, the life of your soul depends on it - Great Love.  A great testing of souls is imminent with the "Great Purification" that is foretold.  It will test everything your soul has learned.  You won't take anything else with you, past this life.  If you're a slave to illusion now -- preferring insanity to awakening -- you probably haven't read this far... so if you're still reading, consider what's at stake for the evolutionary ascent of your soul.

The ultimate meaning of survival as the survival of ultimate meaning

There are obviously no human solutions to human problems.  Only divine solutions will resolve human problems.

Imperfection sees imperfection.  The insane denial of imminent peril is like a subconscious death wish that will deny the sanity of any preparation.  Conversely, the kind man of God-Love sees God-Love in all mankind... and the divine order that requires the Great Purification.

With divine LOVE as the rule, LOVE rules.  Of course, you can't legislative rules for morality when anti-LOVE (antichrist) rulers have an agenda to sacrifice the mass of humanity for their own survival.  But if we're as wise as those "serpents", we're onto their fork-tongued, two-faced cover-up of what's coming.  The fact that these serpents have been preparing under cover of a news blackout -- while denying us any reason to prepare -- should sober even the most deluded.  But cherished illusions die hard.

A lot of people are going to die, including those in shelters, many of which will be crushed, flooded, disabled, suffocated, etc.  In the longer view, rebellious souls will go to prison planets or otherwise born into a suffering situation that parallels the suffering of others they have created.  Some souls will go through the 2nd death as the Karmic Board "forecloses on the loan" -- the great gift of life that is given many chances to bend the knee to the spiritual path of service to others.

The pure in heart (meek) -- those who champion the power of love -- will indeed inherit the Earth, incarnating into an emerging golden age after The Great Purification.

We all "go to" our just desserts.  It's THE LAW of, by and for evolutionary ascent.  The only "sin" is to interfere with the prime directive that honors the free will of others under THE LAW, whether you call it karma, action/reaction, stimulus/response or simply reaping what we sow.  What goes around comes around. 

"The only 'sin', if you will, is interfering with the growth of a soul,
your own or anyone else's, and the result is DEvolution
with as many more chances as needed NOT to do that."
- Matthew (August 1, 2007)

The greater the understanding of LOVE as the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) -- framing the "Language of the Angles of Love" (our better nature) -- the greater the results for evolutionary ascension.  And when the electromagnetics of the morphic grid of consciousness reboots with the pole shift, the pure geometry thoughtforms framing Cosmic Law (LOVE Model) will establish the new constitution of the holographic matrix of Conscience for the new holodeck (platform) for global rEVOLUTION.  Someone had to do it

When that goes MAINSTREAM (2nd Coming as mass LOVE Conscience), golden age civilization will be anchored for the remnant.

Lifting the Censor's Veil on Planet X Inbound?  Nah!  That might disturb the already bankrupt economy.

Nobody wants to come forward about this.  I didn't want to come forward about this.  Everyone wants to believe that the world as we know it will continue with not that much change.  Nobody wants to believe we're about to see the end of the world as we've know it.

The most common failing of the "only human" state of consciousness is to believe that the limit of one's knowledge is THE LIMIT of all there is to know.  Fear of the unknown puts a lock on conspiracy theories like 9-11 as an inside job.  Faithless fear prefers denial of fearless faith in Christlike discernment as would make one's own antichrist obsolete... but that disturbs the "BS" (Belief System) comfort zone of our most cherished illusions that government or religious leaders would not conceal such an important truth.

As the veil thins with a consciousness shift through 2012,
cataclysmic change will make the status quo obsolete
spiritually and mentally as well as physically and financially.
Social Conscience will rule in survival communities and
barter with useful survival items will replace paper currency.

You can't believe that government is the solution to problems the government has created if you believe that the government is betraying us, and most people simply prefer cherished illusions to the reality of the biggest cover-up in modern history.  Hundreds of underground cities have been prepared for "COG" (Continuation Of Government) of, by and for the power elite.  They know what's coming.  They know they can't save the public.  So they have prepared shelter for themselves without the knowledge of the public, while stripping trillions of dollars from the economy for these "black" (covert) projects.

If you ever wondered why "Wall Street for the masses" has been stripped of equity by the superrich plutocrats and their sycophant banksters, you now know the "rest of the story" as radio legend Paul Harvey used to say.  This nefarious agenda has motive and intent -- survival of the power elite to come out of their holes in the ground to live and rule another day.  These self-professed "Olympian gods" consider themselves the "chosen ones", and most people simply choose not to "go there"... or prepare in any way.

"The prudent see danger and prepare,
but the simple keep going and suffer for it."
~ Proverbs 27: 12

Once you wise up to the opportunity and your greatest challenge -- your own habits of believing, thinking, feeling and acting in denial of the pending "judgment" -- you claim your power to wake up and rise up, doing what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do.

I realize that many who are reading this COULD prepare but would rather put me in the nutcase category.  But like Gordon, I know that I am accountable for what I know, and the greatest service I can provide is to warn others to prepare -- all ways -- for the global rEVOLUTION or
Conscience Convergence that is humanity's divine destiny.


The big shift to a New Order of the Ages that U.S. Founders conceived as "E. Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, One), has finally come to the point of realization that fulfills the pure intent of the Founders in a global village of, by and for the sacred Spirit of Aquarian Freedom and Love.


"It is as if, through this frequency increase, the cosmic plan is now calling us to wake up and realize that we are here for a reason and that the universe has a plan. This ongoing awakening has generated a fairly widespread perception that the end of the Mayan calendars will bring a "shift in consciousness". Such experiences are of course made sense of in a multitude of different ways, sometimes in terms of divine intervention or astrology, depending on the individual. Yet, they always seem to imply that the universe has a higher purpose. The perception of such a purposeful direction may be the least common denominator for those that will chose to participate in the Conscious Convergence."

- Carl Johan Calleman - Taken from My Vision for the Conscious Convergence, July 17-18, 2010

The Conscious Convergence program is a global collaboration of individuals and organizations whose purpose is to set the intention for, and to demonstrate the fulfillment of unity Conscience, both individually and in their communities. All wisdom and faith traditions are invited to join and help express how our world can transcend age-old boundaries and ideologies to fulfill a greater destiny than our history may imply. The timing for this program coincides with the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar, a system developed by a respected, ancient civilization that presently invites us to align with the divine plan for humanity's greater fulfillment -- to recognize that "we are one, like the fingers of one hand."  Local and global meditations, prayers and activities will be synchronized throughout the months leading up to and following the main event on July 17th and 18th, 2010. This has already been widely networked through thousands of websites and is likely to attract a huge, worldwide participation.

Heaven knows that the power of LOVE in the grand finale to 2012
will bring up all that is less than LOVE for transmutation, and
 as the Conscience Convergence quickens the process,
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
the full spectrum
of Aquarian

"I trust the flow of life and surrender to the Perfect Wisdom and Love of my Divine Presence."
- Lou Bognon - Taken from We Are Here To Learn

"Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon;
 and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."
~ R. W. Raymond

"We must give up the life we planned in order to
 have the life that is waiting for us."

 ~ Joseph Campbell


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