…responding to new e-mail list posting re: Bible Prophecy and "Wormwood" (Planet X)

Note from CR:  I responded to Gordon's following letter by corresponding with him in a series of e-mails, asking where he was coming from to know so much about Planet X.  I learned that Gordon graduated at the top of his class in High School, college and law school, and since this first letter has passed his FCC shortwave (ham radio)  licensing to keep in touch with other survival communities when the satellites begin failing.  As far as his familiarity with the highly specific Intel he provides... you might say it’s “out of this world”.  And that's all I've got to say about thaaat, as Forest Gump might say. 


Hi Chris,

I wish to thank you for sending me your email. I guess it was an act of god or something so I could make some minor corrections.

Yes Planet X aka Niburu aka Neteru aka The Planet of Crossing aka the Destroyer aka the Winged Globe aka the Dragon Ball is coming.

But, and further research by you will bear me out. [See: "Mainstream Media Acknowledge Planet X in 1983" ~CR]

It is not a star. It is a planet 4x the size of Earth but with 23x the magnetic field. It does not by itself make our Sun a binary star, as it is a
watery planet, with some cloud cover, trailing dozens of moons, quintillions of loose rocks and millions of miles of iron ore dust.

It glows red as the clouds pick up the orange from the huge volcanic rifts lacing the planet. It appears from a distance to have wings as the tail of
moons and rocks are arranged in a double helix that revolves behind it. As the twin strands revolve and turn, they appear from the front to be wings
of a wheeling and turning bird.

It is between the Sun and the Earth now. As it separates from the Sun, which actually it is more than halfway to Earth now, it will gradually increase
in size until it is almost as large, visually as the full moon is now. It will get exactly 14 million miles from Earth, closer than it has EVER been before.

It returns every 3,657 years. The last time is in the old testament, Joshua 10. The plagues of Egypt are the lead up to the pole shift. They will be worse now, this time.

It does go back and forth between the Sun, and as yet unidentified other star 18 times the maximum distance of Pluto from the Sun.

It is in a sling track not an elliptical egg shaped orbit that many think. Remember the toy with a paddle and a red ball and a gray elastic? The ball shoots off the paddle and at maximum extension of the elastic, it springs back only to be hit again as you play.

Planet X comes out of the sky in the direction of Orion and was first spotted by NASA in 1983 and announced, only to be retracted the next day, with a weak 'we are still looking for the missing planet of our solar system' excuse.

So it speeds toward our Sun, slows down considerably almost to a stop, slowly passes the Sun without hitting it, and turns to face back from whence it came, sweeping the Earth with its' huge tail of rocks and dust.

Hydro-carbons/carbo-hydrates. The particles get into our atmosphere, and for a few years the morning dew will dry to a white powder. Those are the
carbon and hydrogen elements from Planet X. It is edible, although not much, it is life sustaining and is the Manna from Heaven in the old testament.

The iron ore dust will feed the plankton and as the ocean turns pea soup green, plankton will skyrocket and ocean fish food chains will burst, returning ocean fish to the main source of food for those who survive near the coasts.

As it turns around, it will look like the red brown eye of the dragon, with a serpentine tail rippling in the daylight sky. That is why every Chinese parade
for 40,000 years has had a dragon ball at the head followed by a dragon tail. It is so no one ever forgets.

Then it will speed out of here and come back in 3,657 years.

This time will be different. As all governments fail, there will be open contact with unselfish aliens. In the next 100 years after the shift, the Earth will
move to its' own next step: the 4th dimension where there will be no unselfishness and no deceit as all the selfish people die off never to come back. This is promised in revelation as the 1000 years of peace.

Planet X is the home of the ANNUNAKI, who came to Earth to mine gold. They are very tall, 12 ft aliens, and very selfish. They are banned from Earth by unselfish aliens now, but they created a defective race of slaves, us, to mine the gold for them. They are the giants and the men from above in Genesis.

Unselfish humans destroyed their planet eons ago and decided to genetically engineer sex and emotions from their bodies and, further , to clone themselves, designing a very advanced telepathic cloned body. They look the same because they are cloned, but each is different and has different abilities and interests, having individual souls just as Earth humans now. Their cloning failed and they were directed to Earth by the council of worlds to examine us. They soon realized they themselves made a mistake cutting out emotions and sex and in that, we are far more advanced then they. But having been designed to not know our own spiritual heritage, they decided to design a non cloned hybrid race into which they and we could incarnate. This is the 'new race' spoken of by so many prophecies. You and I will reincarnate into those bodies. The new race is totally unselfish and in contact with all unselfish beings in the universe.

Yes there are still selfish people even on the 4th dimension, but they will not be on Earth. This is the meaning in Revelation that the evil will be chained for a thousand years.

During the 1000 years we will work telepathically and verbally and physically to build a space fleet and leave Earth forever, traveling to all ends of the universe, to be known as 'THE EXPLORER RACE'.  With all the hardships endured on Earth from the selfish, no group has ever overcome so much, and has so much to give. We will be the future evangelists of the universe, teaching unselfishness and bringing open contact with all worlds to all worlds. No other group could do what we will be able to do.

Thus, those who have made an orientation choice, by intent and deed, to be service to others, will be rewarded with a new world which we deserve, but the selfish do not.

The pole shift will occur at these next opportunities: end of August 2010, end of December 2010, end of April 2011.

From the moment it becomes first visually obvious in the sky there will be 7.3 weeks until pole shift. When the pole shift is less than one week, the north pole will tip over away from the Sun and the northern hemisphere will be in darkness 24/7 for 3 to 6 days. At pole shift, tidal waves up to 700 feet high will sweep most coasts and surge inland up to 100s of miles. After the pole shift, the ice will melt and every tide will be 6 inches higher than the last for 2 years until all the ice melts. Total new sea level 675 feet above present in most places. As in Revelation, 1/3rd of the forests of Earth will burn as the rocks come down as red hot meteorites.

As in Revelation two will be in the field and one will be taken, two will be in the house and one will be taken. This is the unselfish aliens rescuing those who are so spiritual they do not need to live through the tribulation of the end times. They will land back on Earth with unselfish aliens and help rebuild the Earth in record time. As you might imagine, every 3,657 years we have gone back to the stone age and record keeping goes to hell. NOT THIS TIME, although all the service to self people will think so, while the unselfish will begin the new world, new age and new beginning planned for so long.

I could go on, but my fingers are tired and I got up early this morning for my FCC shortwave licensing class.

I hope I have helped you look above your present horizon to see the really big picture. I hope none of this makes you mad at me, as it does some I mention it to.

I live in Maine and have no idea who you are, or where you are, or why you wrote me, but thank you again. I hope you would wish to remain in contact.



[Note from CR:  See also, Gordon's excellent "Zeta Talk Debriefing" and his recent 4-13-2010 article.