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This is a question I was asked and answered on a UFO group in The planet that is coming through our solar system and that is now halfway from the Sun to Earth, and which is about to cause pole shift, is called Niburu. Niburu is the home of the Annunaki, the giants in the Bible in Genesis. Zecharia Sitchin wrote a series of books about them based on the translations of cuniform tablets found by the thousands in the ruins of ancient Sumeria, now known primarily as Iraq. The tablets describe how Niburu comes through the solar system every 3,657 years, and the records of the Sumerians relate over 300 returns going back over 1 million years. The tablets describe how these extraterrestrials mined gold on Earth, the Moon and Mars, and after several hundred thousand years, decided it would be better to create slaves to do the work: Adams and Eves. Scientists know that all humans on Earth came from one mother in Africa about 400,000 to 600,000 years ago. The Annunaki are 12 foot tall giant humans who are very selfish. They are not coming to Earth again, but understanding our history on Earth is but a shadow of the truth without the Annunaki.

These are the things that are about to happen:

Planet X will cause a pole shift that will result in 600 foot tidal waves, and the deaths of 60% of the population of the world.
When all the ice in the wrong places melt, the oceans will rise over 675 feet above present sea level. New lands will rise and old lands will sink
The new north pole will be off the eastern tip of Brazil.

Within two years of the pole shift another 30% of the present world population will die from starvation and disease. About 600 million will be left 5 years from now.

Unselfish aliens will land and help unselfish humans rebuild the Earth in open contact with ETs and without any other Earth government being allowed to form as it is a tool of the selfish.

Within 100 years the Earth will become a fourth dimensional planet with only unselfish humans on it. The selfish will die out completely.

A new alien-human Earth-human hybrid race will be born that will have IQs of 300 and live 400 years with telepathic abilities and communication
The new race will build a fleet of space ships of very advanced design and leave Earth en masse in 1000 years to become the "Explorer Race"
All present governments and elites know what is about to happen and they hope to remain as kings on Earth. They will not tell you what they know.
You are expendable unless you save yourself. Money and possessions will mean nothing. Survival communities will be based on sharing and bartering.

There will be no more religions or governments or militaries or wars. The unselfish will have to protect themselves from the selfish until the last of the selfish die out.

I refer to some of these issues in the answer below. I also refer to the fact that right now, today, you can yourself contact unselfish ETs and begin to prepare to survive and flourish.

Whether or not you care about or even believe in ETs, the times are tough but going to get tougher. But the times in which possessions are more important than people are about to end, and the times in which the selfish rule and control you are about to end as well. In a sense, this coincident disaster will bring a new world. You didn't really think it would be possible to make things right without getting rid of what is wrong, did you?

Human alien assistance, food and materials will be offered to the unselfish. All decisions will be presented fairly to all and each shall have an equal say and an equal vote. The future will be ours, it is our planet. But we are about to be welcomed by world after world of unselfish ETs who look forward to showing us the world that has been kept from us intentionally by the selfish leaders for millennia.

This is the time to analyze if you are where you should be, with whom you want to be, and doing what will help you and your loved ones make it in a world that almost goes back to the stone age for a few years, and then springs forward technologically speaking, and spiritually speaking, thousands of years.


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Subject: Sitchin's Linguistic Abilities & Selfishness of Annunaki
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 22:40:38 -0400
From: Gordon James Gianninoto <>

Jill, Good Question!

Cuniform was resolved in the early 1800s by German and English archeologists. Sitchin does speak several languages, and is quite familiar with cuniform. I don't know that he is fluent in cuniform, but by now I would expect he is. However, the tablets, the majority of them, were translated 100 years before Sitchin started to write his first book. Therefore it is definitely not like as if there is Sitchin or nothing. Most of the more important tablets are in museums, primarily the British Museum in the UK. Some are lost, and some are misclassified, but the truth is that one tablet does not contain much. The totals are in the tens of thousands. Sitchin did most of his research by looking up translations from libraries. And there are some other experts on Sumerian tablets out there. Now all of that does not particularly help you if you have a question, but it does allow you to do some original research and confirm translations or events.

I will give an example: most of the books of the dead, in different cultures, have been interpreted as the preparation for the 'journey to heaven'. In Gilgamesh, he enters the process and goes through various tasks which have entirely been translated in other languages as a non technical philosophical discussion of rites to be performed to get to heaven. Actually, using your knowledge of astronauts and liftoffs and therefore trips to space = journeys to heaven; you will see that Gilgamesh is actually entering the launch area and preparing for a trip into space. It has absolutely no relationship to death or philosophy or heaven. It is: enter the clean room, put on the space suit, plug in the oxygen, connect the radio, go through last minute checks, and blast off.

So, knowing about the space age as you do, reading translations made in 1850 and reprinted through the years as the academic interpretation, leaves out entirely the probability that non technical people were describing highly technical space launch check lists. Now that I have told you that you can read page after page of translations and realize, 'of course it is the preparation for a space launch'. No question.  This is what Sitchin did, and it is a good thing because it will be obvious to you too, but no one else had ever thought of that.

As to the Annunaki being selfish. I would say that a group who created mankind to be smart enough to be good slaves, but not smart enough to know that all races, even from space, have eternal souls, and that the Annunaki were not gods, is selfish. For example, when Joshua went to them to find out if they would help him invade the fortified city of Jericho, they agreed in return for all the gold and silver in the city. After Joshua slaughtered every man woman and child he 'collected and gave all the gold and the silver to the eternal host". How anyone can read that section of the bible and not know it referred to the selfish extraterrestrials, the Annunaki, is beyond me.

Here in the old testament is a never identified  'eternal host'. First of all they were not eternal. But Joshua and the jews thought they were. Second, they did not mind if thousands of innocents were slaughtered for their valuable metals. Third they wanted the jews to be their hired killers. What about that is not selfish?

New evidence is coming out all the time that the jews did not leave their promised land in the first place because they had to but because they wanted to. New evidence is showing they settled in northern Egypt as craftsmen and instantly became valuable to the Egyptian Pharaohs. New evidence is showing that they were not slaves and not held in slavery, and that when they wanted to leave, all of a sudden many projects of the Pharaoh would come to a screeching halt. They made their escape during the last [comparatively minor] pole shift. If you bought a new pair of sneakers and walked from Cairo to Jerusalem it would not take you 40 years, but under a week. Does that make Joshua and Moses the dumbest leaders ever? The spiritual leader and the general were idiots? No, no one could see their hand in front of their face for 40 years because of all the volcanic eruption dust and fires. Thousands of people and possessions and animals had to move without knowing what direction they were going. A huge spaceship hovered over them and guided them by day and night, and it still took 40 years. Somebody was jerking the jews around for his own purposes. Was he refining the 'chosen people' or using the people he chose to be in charge.

I always say that it is the same below as above: the good, the bad and the ugly. Certainly no one can deny that some of the most selfish souls in the universe are walking around on Earth. In space it is a mix of a minority of very selfish, a majority not particularly aligned either way, and a large number, possibly 1/3rd, of unselfish, just as on Earth. The Annunaki were prevented from getting intergalactic technology by unselfish aliens. They are still on the 3rd dimension mining the dark twin of the Earth, after having given up gold mining on Earth and Mars. On Mars they are the ones who left the planet without an atmosphere by draining all the water into the interior to wash the gold and metal ores. The ruins on the Moon, Mars and Earth are from the Annunaki, a race of giants, twelve feet tall, who bred man and then took humans as mates. The offspring that survived were the humans with the bloodline of the gods, the men of renown who lived longer, much longer, than ordinary humans.

Enoch was one such man, Noah another, and Moses another. Enoch had a light come down from heaven and take him away for a year whereupon he returned and handed his son a book, a diary of 365 days or chapters, and told him that he liked heaven and was returning. Another light came and took him away and he was never seen again. No ordinary 100% human was ever offered the life of an extraterrestrial, but he was, and he accepted. If there is one book not accepted in the bible, it is the Book of Enoch, in which he viewed all the Annunaki mining cities, and pyramid construction sites from the air before he went into space. He also described the Nephilim or the watchers as fallen angels. All of that was too much for the new religion, Christianity, and they did not want to bring up the issue, although to this day the Catholic Church has a network of telescopes around the world studying the heavens and the Catholic Church is the only religion to state that if there are ETs, they too must be children of God.

It seems that after the Jews got to the promised land there were no further reports of Annunaki, and that was 3,657 years ago. It does seem unlike them to stay away, to be separated from their slaves and all that as yet un-mined gold. They must be banned. And their past acts are a good reason to ban them. Perhaps, as might be reasonable, there are some lesser unselfish or even unselfish Annunaki. It would make sense there were at least a few. But obviously they would be a small minority with no voice.

It is Edgar Cayce who brought up the idea of Karma over lifetimes, and illustrated it with examples. For instance, Nero tortured and burned Christians. Then he was born healthy in the USA and crippled in an accident and for the rest of his short life cared for by nuns. He demanded to be healed and when he could not order Cayce to heal him he just died. I wonder if a slave lord who came to Earth to rule as a king would then have to be born as a slave to balance that Karma. I do believe in reincarnation and the fact that there has to be a point; and the point for me is the orientation choice.

By choosing to be empathetic, following the golden rule, and balancing karma, one finally achieves the freedom to take the next step to a higher dimension. When the Earth achieves the next step, after the pole shift, and becomes a fourth dimensional planet, the Annunaki will see it wink out and wonder where it went. If you are in the group that makes it to the fourth dimension, perhaps you as an angel or spirit guide can work with the Annunaki until they get the point that it is not the selfish who [win] advance to the next label, but those who choose to be in service to others.

To me, religion is false and a method of controlling people. To me the creator is probably some form of light or energy or both, and not a vengeful male sitting on a throne. I have no doubt there is evil, but, to me, focusing on it brings it into your life. Calling for help from the unselfish, getting it, and applying it, to me is the path to the higher level.

So there is an answer to your question, probably more than you thought could be answered, but in all my years of experience and thinking and studying the subject, this is what I think. I call on positive, unselfish souls to help me be a better person, and so far, so good. I have not had any energy attacks because I do not take even one moment focusing on the accomplishments of the evil or selfish. The law of attraction means that like attracts like and you become what you visualize. If you hate and focus on evil, guess what happens to you? You bring it on yourself. Be careful when you make the call for help, for if, in your heart, you are selfish, only the selfish will answer your call. So try a little more every day to be kind, to be helpful, to be accepting and generous. Not stupid or anyone's doormat, but constructive and positive. Try it on for size, that service to others. Use your unique talents and make a contribution no other soul can make. Look at the times, the circumstances and the opportunities and take your own next step by helping someone else take theirs. In that, I promise you with all that I know, you will be speeding along into a great and wonderful future. By stopping and being full of negativity, you stop your own progress and indulge yourself in the worst aspects of a past you cannot change. By being full of negativity, you attract it to you like a magnet. In these last sentences I am speaking directly to the most rule bound and critically negative members of this group, not you.