Christmas 2015

3 Gifts To Put Under Your Tree
To open over the holidays

 2- God Consciousness - Divine Conscience
     Conceiving, believing and achieving wholEness

  Global humanity is now going through a process of
profound metamorphosis with new all-connected
 Internet capabilities that are defining and refining
   enlightened social conscience in social networks.

This process of collective metamorphosis in the global
mind of more than 4 billion global Netizens is in that
awkward stage when imaginal cells in the cocoon
- like collective intelligence in global Net reality -
are being organized in a holistic systemic way
to represent all of mankind as kind men who
will soar on thermals of grace as the holy
spirit of enlightened -in-action.

Christ Mass Conscience

    The prophesied ‘Second Coming’ of Christ-like love 
   in the collective consciousness of global humanity 
 is rapidly going mainstream with a surge of public
 awakening to the opportunity for a global reset of
all our social, political and economic institutions.

The timing now is ordained for
waking up, wising up and
rising up in worldwide
‘self-elevation’ of a
 salvation nature.

  Life on Earth has arrived at a cross-roads
that will either choose the 'left-hand path'
  of insensate power without moral principle
   or global humanity will act with cooperation
  to reset the course of planetary evolution.

 God is omnipresent via cooperative co-Creation.

The higher our concept of G.O.D.~ Source at
  the heart of our co-Creation, the greater the results for
  Universal Rights in the global sphere of, by & for all of
US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.


3- Five Archetypal TLC Principles and Processes
at the Heart of Global

The Power of Love as Christ Mass TLC
for Global Holistic Healing


   TeLeComm Overview: Part A

  Global TLC Upgrade
  (upward spiral going viral)

    - Management: TeLeCommunity
Part B

 - Media for TeLeConscience
Part C

  - Medicine via global TeLeCare
 Part D

 - Marketing: TeLeCommerce
  Part E

Jesus' Christmas Message of Encouragement,
Hope and Joy to the World
(video / 20 min.)

Merry Christmas!

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