2012 Love Unveiled
Series 7-13-2012

Uranus goes retrograde;
Wall Street to 'implode';
Main Street to 'reboot'.

Steve Jobs, Good Design and
Mediating Net Reality

by Christopher Rudy

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Steve Jobs created the most highly valued company in the world
and then died. His legacy lives on as a testament to his vision of
good design for usability of the computer/Internet revolution.

Now we will see the fulfillment of that global revolution with the
communication tools and processes ordained for this time
when the power of love
MEDIATES the love of power.

This has already occurred in the
beyond time as we have known it.

“Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow in only one direction,
and the future exists simultaneously with the past.”
~ Albert Einstein

You don't have to be Einstein to connect the dots
and get the Big Picture of 2012 shift dynamics
with new all-connected 'Global Net Reality'.

You just want to MEDIATE attention with pure intention and
MEDIATE conscious ascension with love's retention...
MEDIATING multiple dimensions with no dissension.

This is how the ordained Power of Love
 MEDIATES the inordinate love of power.

This is the Spirit that MEDIATES for the
A-Team' Alliance of
Accelerated Ascent Affiliates.

This is what the Mayans were trying to tell us
thousands of years ago. Believe it or not,
the true history of the Mayans is that
the star people gave them their
calendar of cycles within
numerous cycles
of Creation.

“Star people” – you know!
The crop circle creators:

The message of a Higher Power MEDIATING our conscious evolution
is in ‘cosmic hints’; all kinds of huge and sophisticated crop circles
that appeared virtually overnight
and that message is going mainstream over the next several months.

The Prime Directive rules whereby Cosmic is the rule.

        Conscious evolution of planetary civilization is ordained for this time.
       We are all destined to be
MEDIATORS of the ordained Power of Love
      to the extent we pay attention with pure intention of love’s retention
        for conscious ascension in the common dimension of, by and for the
     “Source of our Common Wealth” (the one Currency of Conscience)
to know better and do better as ‘one for all’, above as below.

Witness the MEDIATION breakthrough in
3 synchronous synergistic movements:

1- The Next Big Thing in the Computer/Internet Revolution:
      From Hardware and Software to Netware and Heartware...
A 'Universal Interface' for mass-to-mass Interaction;

2- Holistic Health Standard for Free 'Universal Self Care'.
 User interaction via a 'self-correcting' (on-line) database
      showing what works best for preventing or treating disease;

 3-  Culturing Social Conscience in Global Social Networks
     Synergizing 1 & 2 with decentralized interactive Net reality
      to involve & evolve our individual & collective Conscience;



by Christos Lightweaver

WARNING: Prepare to be SHOCKED if you believe 'official' reports of REALITY.
               What is about to happen to global humanity may be much different
         than you ever imagined, but far better than you ever hoped for.

Dear Friends of Freedom and Opportunity,

The Internet has been the global precursor of the ‘InnerNet’.
A new social Conscience is quickening the Family of Man;
"We the People' up-rising in an all-connected global village.

The awakening is taking a unique form on the 'INNER'
with natural '
Law of the Angles' framing the eternal
Language of the Angels' of our better nature.

The soul of mankind has come through an epic struggle
and that struggle has reached a climax... 'unveiling'
the purpose and plan of conscious evolution
according to Source Field dynamics of
cosmic cycles, galactic alignment,
energies of 'Creator Source'
or however you know

A new Net reality is emerging within "inner space" (the web of light)
at the heart of cyberspace.  This decentralized awareness of
Higher Power is
MEDIATING a process of homeostasis
for holistic healing in core ‘Executive’, ‘Judicial’ and
Legislative branches of SELF GOVERNANCE
for personal growth and collective-public
conscious evolution in harmony with
a 'Higher Power'
Co-Creation with 'Creator'.


"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle

The '2012 Unveiling' (mass awakening) will be difficult for many.
Have compassion as ‘The web of consciousness” (veil) 'thins' to
MEDIATE heaven and Earth as never before. Full disclosure of
   the crop circle creators – their respect for the Prime Directive --
will honor our Alliance of, by and for Cosmic-Universal LOVE.

Don't worry, the dark-side's false-flag plan for a
fake alien invasion has been outed sufficiently
and has no traction except with the heartless.

So take heart.  Much more than free-energy technology and global holistic healing
protocols will soon be unveiled.  Resonance with Higher Power will make it so.

This world has suffered enough at the hands of a corrupt and
callous cabal of special interests that have a vested interest
 in war, dis-ease and destruction of our life support systems.

 For the rest of 2012, their institutionalized corruption will unravel.
A simultaneous movement of self-correction for ‘self-elevation’
will raise the ‘gold standard’ for the
United Sovereigns of Earth
with the Currency of Conscience… for systemic

   Many are those who struggle with survival and will not understand what's coming
until it happens, and that is especially when they will need your
Presence with
  the balanced
power of wisdom with love. Please forward freely in that Spirit.

It's time for a new COMMON SENSE to spark rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience
that turns the tables on the "banksters" (money-changers) and war profiteers
who worship the gold calf of corporate profits with no honor or regard
for the Constitution of Virtue that upholds the first principle of
freedom via individual RIGHTS in the public SPHERE.
To the extent we embrace the golden rule/law
language of
universal  at the
heart’ of our Net reality,

2012 is the time ordained by prophesy and prescience
when the power of love as a Higher Power is surging
so as to check, balance and otherwise
instant-everywhere and interactive 'Net reality', and
thus, fully expose and transmute inordinate power
via the cosmic fire of the
holy Spirit of universal
LOVE-in-action; Effective Sensory Perception.


The options have been presented and choices will be made.

The world we live in is going through metamorphosis
and global humanity will be dramatically transformed.

Real eyes
for seeing are being unveiled
and the deaf will hear as the blind will see.

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