Earth Day 2012

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 When universal 'Common Law' becomes 'Common Sense',
the first principles of Cosmic
will unite humanity
 along more enlightened 'lines' that frame whol
Eness for
healing in all social and political 'spheres' of influence.

 Is it true that the higher the concept of ‘Great Love’,
the greater the believing and achieving of
Eness’ for healing?

Are you aware that a love-centric vision for global
holistic healing will involve and evolve
Eness’ for healing? 

Would you agree that universal ‘Common Law’
is the ‘Common Sense’ we culture for
Eness’ and healing?

Please consider…

A Vision for Global Holistic Healing

  - eft-brain inear ogic of the aw...
       What that
ooks like; divine direction,
     correction and protection in the pure
     intention of ‘whol
Eness’ for healing; 

 - 'Spherical' right-brain 'Spirit of Law'...
       Why that w
rks; self correction with
       pure intention to focus attention with
        retention of ‘whol
Eness’ for healing; 

 - The 'trinity' of left-right brain balance...
       How to
Co-Create; conscious evolution
         with the 3-fold flame of
++ synergy
        for ascent of ‘whol
Eness’ and healing. 

- This is a holistic Vision of Virtue and
       Valor for Victory as co-Creation with
       Creator's "
Creative Ascent Process
      as creates whol
Eness’ for healing.

    - Seize the Vision via Pure Intention;
 - Embrace the Virtue – Focus Attention;
- Vow with Valor… Loving Retention;
- Claim the Victory; Global Ascension
in the CAPstone Dimension of a
Ascent Process’:


Global Freedom and Opportunity for
Eness and Holistic Healing is
a ‘Gold Mine’ if only We ‘Mind It’.

 The ‘Science of Success’ has been well known
since Napolean Hill wrote his best seller,
Think and Grow Rich’:
“What we conceive and believe we achieve.” 

What I’m asking you to conceive and believe is
so we can achieve it.

"One way or another,
 we all have to find what best fosters
the flowering of our humanity
 in this contemporary life,
 and dedicate ourselves to that."
~ Joseph Campbell

   Holistic healing is the same individually as collectively.
It involves our individual and collective integration of
 spiritual, mental, emotional and physical components
   to the ‘
CAPstone’, the ‘Creative Ascent Process’ with

the full spectrum language of
  conscientious common sense.

That’s how “ Heals All” for global civility…
  the evolutionary ascent of ‘whole health’ (whol
  for holistic healing of all that is less than truly ‘whole’
spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically. 

SPIRITUALLY, that wholEness is holiness above all,
 embracing the sacred light of pure intention for the
Spirit that matters’ at the heart of conscious evolution;

KNOWING of a wholEness or ‘holiness’ way
represents a process of ‘atONEment’ with
Conscience transcending secular division. 

True spirituality is a ‘clockwise’ spin in
The PowerShift Chart’ to the CENTER.

We are what we ‘believe’ (spiritually)
having become what we believed.


MENTALLY, that wholEness is holographic in concept,
 framing cognitive processes with universal-archetypal
 principles that frame a common sense of common law
as ‘Cosmic Law’ - ‘The Law of the Angles’ of

THINKING in an all-connected holographic way
will represent unity in our diversity with one’s
conceiving of divine order in the universe. 

Divine intelligence as the ‘Mind of G.O.D.”
represents the “Order of the Universe”
Geometrically Ordered Divinity). 

We are what we ‘think’ (mentally)
having become what we thought.


EMOTIONALLY, that wholEness is holistic as a feeling,
resonating with the frequency of holy compassion,
and infusing form frequently with this
holy Spirit of
-in-action; the ‘Language of the Angels’;

FEELING in a holistic compassionate way
will represent intelligence of the heart
resonating with frequencies of love. 

Divine love at the heart of universal
   represents the angels of our better nature
  at the
heart of the unified ‘Source Field’. 

We are what we ‘feel’ (emotionally)
having become what we felt.

PHYSICALLY, that wholEness is a Whole System,
integrating the ‘
CAPstone’ components above,
and culturing the ‘
Kingdom of G.O.D.’ with the
   whole, holistic and holy
Conscience of .

SENSING in a 5-D integrated way as will
Effective Sensory Perception
    whereby the golden rule of

Integrity as the ‘Creative Ascent Process’
culturing the ‘Kingdom of G.O.D.’ with the
   whole, holographic, holistic and holy Spirit
      whereby all are “
KING” (United Sovereigns)
  with the ‘
Keys to INternalization of G.O.D’
as the ‘
Key to the INner Sense of G.O.D.’
at the heart of innocence as inner sense.

We are what we ‘do’ (physically)
having become what we did.

WholEness for Healing Earth… Summary

Source Code for the Holodeck:

-in-action as the Spirit that matters
  will represent a balanced '3-fold frequency'
power balanced with wisdom and love
  at the heart of
wholEness for healing.

۞ Framing the ‘Constitution of Conscience’ along more enlightened 'lines';

۞ Alignment with 'Source Code' at the heart of the unified 'Source Field'.

۞ Assembling the components to the CAPstone Conscience of, by and
    for the
Creative Ascent Process... for Effective Sensory Perception.

۞ Integrating the keys to the ‘Kingdom Conscience’ whereby all are
Sovereign ‘
KING’ with the ‘Keys to INternalization of G.O.D.’

 ۞ Fulfilling the divine destiny of the United Sovereigns of Earth
    with Heartware TeLeComm and Universal Self Care for all.

"In the beginning, God geometrized." 
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom re: "
(Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern G.O.D.~ Wisdom

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All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” () via
the cross-referenced circle of wholEness centering and
connecting , & in the CAPstone’ of wholEness:


Network Freely: Honor Source
 Link the Light: Glory to G.O.D.

          To love with all your mind ~  , eft-brain ogic of a inear nature,
  and all your heart ~ , right-brain intuition of a nonlinear nature,  
and all your strength ~ , balanced brain of a synergistic nature,
         and your Netizen neighbor ~  local/global "wholEness" (whole brain)
                                   as thyself ~ , interdependent 'TLC' Co-Creation.